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by Sravani Padmanabhuni April 18, 2020 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog DIY home decor ideas Home decoration ideas & Tips How to Interior Colour Decoration Ideas And Tips Interiors Decoded

Summer is here, and with its warmth, the season also brings the chance of fresh air, flowers in full bloom, sunny afternoons by the pool, and cool evening breezes. Staying at home this season doesn’t mean that you lose your summertime energy. Your home is the best canvas for your creativity. Our Design Experts’ favorite summer color palettes for Indian homes have vibrant hues and soothing shades. Want to know how the professionals decide upon the perfect color scheme for your unique home? Read up on How you should be selecting colors for your home and decide on a color palette.

If you’re looking to give a quick seasonal update to your home this summer, read along:

color palettes with teals and purple - Bonito designs

Beat the heat and bring in the sense of calm with cooler shades of summer. Think about spending a day at the beach, sunbathing while the waves break on the shore. Or how about rejuvenating yourself with the soothing aroma of fresh lavender? 
These ideas are what inspired our experts. Sea green and lavender shades as a great way of incorporating summer colors to your Indian home. Bring in more florals into your decor. Fresh flowers, floral printed upholstery, or a floral-inspired wallpaper are great. Make your kitchens exciting by using wallpapers in these 8 Creative Ways.

color palettes with blush pink and browns

Who says pink hues are only meant to be feminine or for the kid’s room? Pinkish hues are vibrant and blend well with rich earthy tones of greens and browns to liven up your space. Do your windows and doors have a dark wood finish? Adding a touch of pink or sea green curtains creates a sense of calmness while giving it a pop of color. The best part of this color palette is that it is timeless and goes well in every season.
Painting is a necessary factor for a home. Over time, walls go through wear and tear, and you need to protect them from the vagaries of time. Painting gives it a protective layering and also lends charm and beauty to a home. We tend to focus on interior walls when good artwork is involved. The exteriors of a house that needs the protection of paint from time to time. Read up on How to select the right color to go for while painting your home.

color palettes with browns and reds

Reds, oranges, and gold meld together and are perfect for summer. The colors and warm and welcoming and also exude the feeling of leisure and luxury. Our design experts say you can use this summer color palette in two ways in your modern Indian home. One way is to go for interior design with heavily infused color. Or the other way is if you are looking for a crisp statement. You can incorporate linear elements with sparing flashes of brilliance in your decor. Molten red and orange tones compliment peachy wood-tone panels quite well. 
The size of your home doesn’t matter. It is accessorizing the space that gives it a formal look, or the illusion of volume. Simple decorative ideas can make any space look alluring and different. We also have various tips on Colorful Interior Decorating Ideas for a Small Room that you can read up on!

 color palettes with greens and browns

Our nature-inspired summer color is a great way to create a fun and inviting space. Combinations of greens and brown accents will give your home a free yet rustic feel. Lime and olive green bring that pop of color to your tranquil space. They are also easy to incorporate into your existing decor. Whether it’s a green accent wall or a few seafoam green throw pillows, adding a pop of green has the power to completely transform any space. Paint your walls in a softer hue like off-white. And for those looking to make a significant impact, there is always the tried and true lime green.
Green and wood accent pieces make a room feel fresh, yet rustic. Combine green like the accent wall and wooden coffee table set. It is a great way to bring the feel of nature indoors and the perfect combo to give a home a fresh aesthetic. Green can not only be incorporated through the paint color and accent pillows. Choose from an array of indoor plants to bring more greens into your decor.

color palettes with blue and yellow

Yellows and blues are trendy colors for summer. Blend intricate prints and refreshing statement pieces to create a modern and elegant space for yourself. Blues and more vibrant tones of yellow enhance the elegance, especially if your home has a traditional touch in the interior design. This is particularly prevalent in decor color schemes with a light background, daylight filled and lighthearted in nature. However, the blue and yellow theme works equally well as a muted palette at the darker end of the spectrum too. A background paint of the palest blue sets a light yet calming atmosphere, which balances out the intensity of the other brightly colored elements in the room. The color yellow is associated with the sun and brings cheer and warmth to any space. Read about 10 ways to lighten up your home using yellow.

Styling Your Indian Home This Summer

The key to the perfect summer makeover of an Indian home is in the fragrance, accessories, and material used. Ditch artificial scents and go natural with fragrant flowers in vases by the windows. Practice your hand at flower arranging while you’re at it. Put in a balanced mix of Roses and Sweet Peas to make a unique blend of scents that will permeate the air for a long time. If allergic to pollen, one can also opt for scented candles. Available in scents from flower extracts – they help elevate the mood. Essential oils used with diffuser sticks are more suitable for a closed environment.
Be it your curtains or your duvet or even your throw pillows – big, bold floral prints are in season! But choose only one of them in every room – going overboard may not work for all even though it may look good. Also layering your upholstery with pastels are in this season. Pastel shades such as Aqua, Light Pink, Lavender, and even Light Grey has found their place in Indian homes. For more ideas, read our blog on 5 easy home interior decor ideas for Indian Summers.
The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of a house. It needs the right color scheme to initiate the right kind of atmosphere for your family dinners. Hence it is essential to keep the kitchen clean, neat, tidy, and, most importantly, decked up to make it the most happening zone of your house. There are many ways to change the color scheme in your kitchen, and it can really do wonders for your eating zone. We explore some of the most tried and tested ways to color the kitchen and how it affects the overall décor of your house in 7 Cool Ways To Add Color To Your Kitchen.
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