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by Sravani Padmanabhuni June 10, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog KITCHEN Uncategorized

Kitchen is one of the busiest areas of a house. From early morning tea to late night dinners and mid night snacking, almost everything is stored, prepared and relished in the kitchen.

And most of the families spend their times together in kitchen or around the dining area. Hence it is important to keep the kitchen clean, neat, tidy and most importantly decked up to make it the most happening zone of your house.


Kitchen has to be managed very well since this is the space where most eatables and utensils are stored, equipment are kept, it has to have a distinct washing and drying zone and must have distinct dustbin and draining space.

With so much stuff housed in it, there’s just little space left in the kitchen which can be decorated. It’s difficult to jazz up the kitchen but not impossible.It begins with the color assemblage used in the kitchen.

There are many ways to change the color scheme in your kitchen and it can really do wonders to your eating zone. We explore some of the most tried and tested ways to color the kitchen and how it affects overall décor of your house. Read on:

1. Neutral colors on walls and rich colors on accessories

This is a classic way to do the kitchen and is most practical as well. Since most Indian households still prefer to go with basic colors when painting their houses, chances are your kitchen will always have a simple look.

When you have neutral tones on the kitchen walls like white, crème, suedethen use rich rather funky colors on the cabinet tops, shelves, chairs, stools et all. The drabness of the walls gets killed by the liveliness of accessories lying around. Check this for instance:


It’s not necessary to use one color on the accessories, try using many but well-coordinated colors. Pick colors that are breezy like pink, mauve, aqua, green. Such colors make the kitchen look peppy, fresh and full of life.

Another practical aspects is that even if the kitchen is housed in a small area, when done up like this it will look fairly accommodative. Nude colorsgive an impression that place is spacious and bright colors add life to the otherwise somber appeal.

2. Add bright colorbased tiles to glorify dull walls

Kitchen walls don’t need to be bare always. Of course you can’t be hanging art piece there but check out the colorful tiles that are easily available these days. These tiles are available in varied colors, shapes, designs, themes and motifs.

Try picking tiles with kitchen themes like fruits, vegetables, dining scene, café scene etc. Check this one:


You can arrange them in many ways, for example you can have them running as a strip in the middle of the wall, then try coloring the two portions of walls in two different colors to glam up the entire scheme. Another way with tiles is that you pick 4 or 6 tiles which when placed together make a complete picture. Example this one:


The best part is that we live in an age where experiments are welcome. You don’t need to have traditional taste in picking tiles, rather be bold. Try the new age designs and colors and any of such tiles would do wonders to your blank kitchen walls. The best part with tiles is that they are easy to maintain. Wash them once a week with warm soapy water and wipe with dry cloth and your kitchen stays beautiful forever.

3. Try abstract coloring options

It’s not always important to paint your walls bright for a lively look. Interesting patterns can be created even with basic shades, in fact even with monotones like just white – which is a very commonly used paint color – with black in check patterns. This can be achieved very easily with tiles.

And you don’t have to work on entire kitchen décor, just use the base color of your décor and use a coordinated colored tile, while rest of the furniture and accessories can remain in the base color.

Using this combination in one portion is more than enough, it will lend a tasteful look to the entire kitchen. It is easy to do and the results are just fabulous.

Here’s good usage example –


4. Color alternate walls differently for classy look

When you set out to change the appeal of your kitchen, you can try a different usage of colors as well. Pick a strong color which compliments the base color of your kitchen and splash it on the alternate walls.


This is a rare usage but when done carefully can lend a sophisticated look to your kitchen, and all that you have done is to color the alternate walls. This bold color in alternate walls adds a glow to your kitchen and even small kitchen spaces can look very classy when done up like this.

5. Highlighting the ‘fifth wall’

If you are asking what is the fifth wall, well your good old ceiling is the fifth wall. Nowadays interiors designers have special focus on decorating the ceiling because a well done ceiling completes the look of an entire house.

Same is the case with kitchen, since the space in kitchen area is limited and you want to use every inch of it for storage purpose you can certainly let ceiling add the drama to the kitchen.

Try adding an element of false ceiling to the kitchen even if the walls and cabinets of your kitchen have been done with nude colors. A well done up ceiling will become the highlight of your otherwise drab kitchen.

Like this example –


6. Beautifying the floor

There is a great option for those who are running on tight budget and don’t want to modify the paint of kitchen walls or add colorful tiles or do the false ceiling – look again at the kitchen floor.

Yes, the kitchen floor can be a great opportunity to add color into your kitchen. There are beautiful  kitchen floor tiles available in the market but don’t choose any one randomly. Don’t pick floral patterns for kitchen.

Instead look for an abstract patterns in kitchen tiles and preferably in bold colors like aqua. A bold color on the floor will add gleam to your kitchen.

7. Add a dash of lights in kitchen

If you want to do minimalistic changes in the kitchen and still alter its overall look economically then here’s the deal. Check the lighting solutions available in the market. There are plethora of lights available that look beautiful and will gradually become the focus of your kitchen décor.

First check the empty space available in your kitchen, is a corner free or is it possible to put up a ceiling light or still can tail lights be added on your kitchen wall. Then you can check for options accordingly. Make sure that the lamp that you chose should be colored, so when the lamp glows your kitchen is light up with beautiful colors.


Our choice of lamp is blue, yellow or orange. These lights can have wonderful effect when switched on with the regular tube light or CFL gleam.

We’ve lined up some of the best known color solutions to you. Take your pick and splash color in your kitchen.