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Aesthetically crafted, this home of Mrs. Samiksha and Mr. Hariharan shines both inside and out. This Bonito home – aptly named Aurora – is the humble abode of Whitefield resident Mrs. Samiksha Hariharan and her small family of three.

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Mr. Hariharan & Mrs. Samiksha

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Glitters like gold inside and out

Aptly named Aurora after the bold and vibrant personality of the lady of the house –this is the humble abode of Whitefield resident Mrs. Samiksha Hariharan. The golden tones used across the home complements the impeccable taste of the couple in envisioning their dream abode. The informal living area carries a balance that evens out the energy levels. The cool-toned room has been accented with high-energy pieces that are soothing and at the same time revitalizing with a certain dramatic liveliness. Abundant knick-knacks and accessories are used across the space to set the tone.

The perfect marriage between style and personality with class!

With a more subtle hint of gold continuing into this room, the natural light filtering in lightens up the room. Wooden flooring adds the accent color needed to ground all bare elements of the room. Decorated sparsely with plants and decor pieces, the master bedroom is a retreat of one’s dreams.

What customer says about Bonito:

“I wanted a classy, sophisticated yet simple home – and Bonito delivered! I wanted a clean, non-cluttered home that gives a sense of space because that was very important to me. I also wanted my house to be different. We wanted designs which set our house apart and also give it the character which we can relate with. All in all it has a very premium and exotic look. So it’s amazing how they took our inputs and turned it into unique designs.”

Mrs Samiksha


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