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Urban Minimalist

“The first time I stepped into Bonito, the experience centre made me feel this is the place. For me, it was the designs, it was love at first sight! There was a very good understanding between me and my designer. Every space in my home, every corner is my personal favourite. I am so happy that I chose Bonito designs for my interiors.”

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Ambar Sahar

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Bonito Designs





Urban Minimalistic

Urban minimalist interior design merges elements of contemporary, modern, and industrial designs to create a different and unique living space

Ambar Sahar’s Bollineni Silas 2BHK home

This home is according to Ms Ambar’s taste of simple and minimalist surrounded by lots of nature. This home is designed with simplicity, it’s a home with open spaces for organised individuals like Ambar.

The urban way around

Golden hand panels in the kitchen to constricted spaces that were designed for the dual purpose like the dining cum relaxation area, the urban minimalistic home is about creating the best in the space you have. Patterned backdrops in the kitchen and layback areas are all personalised for a homely feel.

What the customer says about Bonito:

“Bonito’s designs they offered was love at first sight. I knew this was the place as soon as I stepped into the experience centre and I never looked back”.

Ambar Sahar


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