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Urban Minimalist

Ambar Sahar’s soulful 2BHK abode lives up to the adage- less is more.

Designed for

Ambar Sahar

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Bonito Designs





Home attuned to nature

This 2BHK apartment is a no-nonsense, modern minimalist home. It’s classy and comfortable.
At first glance, you’re enamoured of greenery, courtesy of potted plants throughout the house, which evokes a sense of placidity.
Additionally, the interiors tend to reflect her adventurous travels and tales, and these manifest as an aquarium, trinkets, souvenirs, and other memorabilia.

Interiors organized to perfection

The living room provides relaxation and also for watching one’s favourite shows. The plush sofa and 2 macrame pouffes entertain a full house. The dining space also acts as a makeshift hub for socializing. It welcomes conversations, board games, snacking around and more. The statement piece of the living room area is the overhead Olive Gold chandelier. It’s perfectly tempered to feel modern yet aged. The kitchen design is simple and conventional, without looking or feeling dated. As Ambar is focused on fitness, there’s a space dedicated to her workouts. The stylish bedroom captures the aspirational design quotient


What the customer says about Bonito:

“The first time I stepped into Bonito, the experience centre made me feel this is the place. For me, it was the designs, it was love at first sight! There was a very good understanding between me and my designer. Every space in my home, every corner is my personal favorite. I am so happy that I chose Bonito designs for my interiors.”

Ambar Sahar


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