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“Bonito was the right choice for us, for many reasons. We selected Bonito, on the basis that there should be at least a bit of responsibility, in terms of timelines and quality. We really love the outcome, I would gladly recommend to my friends and family.”

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Mr Bhupendra & Mrs Nisha

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European Style

If your looking for a timeless and luxurious look then European style is something to consider. It’s said that The classical European home decor was influenced by the Greeks and Romans so if you are fond of the home interiors they possess then this European extravaganza is for you. European Style” is a strong style influence and overlaps design styles, such as Tuscan, Italian, Spanish, English and French.

A home for those who seek comfort with style

Mr Bhupendra & Mrs Nisha’s home comes with a tone of whimsical white and wooden work with elegant marble top tea tables where you can feel the classy inside of you come out. Watch your movie in the comfort of your home with a roll-out home theatre.

Intricate work and detailed finishes

Detailed wooden framework across the home brings in a sense of rustic touch to the European vibe. The furniture blends well with the theme as a chesterfield sofa goes back in time to the olden days. A pop of colour is added to the home by bright mystic blue armchairs. Marble countertops and whited tiled flooring make this home what it is.

What customer says about Bonito:

“A majority of of our expectations have been addressed and we believe that Bonito was the right choice for us”

Mr Bhupendra & Mrs Nisha


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