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Bhupendra and Nisha’s extravagant 2BHK residence embodies contemporary European elegance along with a warm, homely charm.

Designed for

Mr Bhupendra & Mrs Nisha

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Bonito Designs





A living room that’s crafted to immerse one’s senses

This area is designed to be experienced. The premium pastel blue wall pleasantly contrasts the chesterfield sofa along with the white floor rug. The rounded coffee tables with polished marble slabs serve up a great deal of space. Finally, the dedicated home theatre is the piece that steals the show. With a large overhead projector and thunderous surround sound speakers, watching even a short music video or a film trailer feels like an epic sonic-visual odyssey.

Spaces designed to feel premium, polished and picturesque

The neighboring open kitchen with an attached dining area is modern, modular, and made for those who profess their love for food. You’re instantly reeled in by the rose-pink panel below white marble countertops. Mirrors placed on the wall with perfect symmetry and balance add an interesting quirk. The open plan layout helps facilitate smooth movement around the area. The corridor is decked with traditional floral patterns inspired by mandala art. 


What customer says about Bonito:

“Bonito was the right choice for us, for many reasons. We selected Bonito, on the basis that there should be at least a bit of responsibility, in terms of timelines and quality. We really love the outcome, I would gladly recommend to my friends and family.”

Mr Bhupendra & Mrs Nisha


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