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A touch of warmth in a home with an antique vibe

Designed for

Mr. Chandan & Mrs. Bhumika

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Bonito Designs





Fragments of Colonial Era 

Victorian era designs include a mix of historical styles, Gothic revival architecture drawn from medieval influences for decoration. Victorian home decor is rich and lavish in its style and adds a dash of opulence, and romance.

Mr. Chandan & Mrs. Bhumika have a home designed with a rich victorian touch. The decor, wall textures, and patterns merge to create this luxurious 3BHK home.

A knick-knack back in time

Victorian interior design is a style that is romantic, complex, warm, and dramatic. Victorian designs include soft, subdued tones, nothing bright or vivid. This home has dome lighting and a wall clock which will take you back in time. This home is designed with Victorian wallpapers that blend in beautifully with antique decor placed around the house. The bathroom has a sink designed which will remind you of The Titanic interior with knobs in gold and pure white ceramic bowl.

What customer says about Bonito:

Of all dreams that we dream, to build a home that suits our panache is the most recurring yet hard to turn to reality. I write to thank Bonito Designs for bringing my dream home into reality. Their experience, professional approach, and execution speed is commendable. They took detailed notes to understand my ideas and then fleshed out design options for me to choose from. Tirelessly, they detailed every nook and cranny to perfection. The pains they took in helping me select materials, the suggestions they offered, and their commitment to deliver on time is much appreciated. Their attention to details singularly has amazed me. The quality of their work is an experience.

Mr. Chandan & Mrs. Bhumika


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