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We listen to your stories and write happy endings through wood and stone.

Perfect solutions & simple processes

All our processes are tailor-made to put the spotlight on your ideas. So, sit back, let your dreams take the lead from here.

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  • Talk to your designer and relationship manager

    Designer collects your aesthetic and functional requirements to better understand your aesthetic and functional requirements.

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  • First Design Presentation

    In 48 hrs, a customized design solution presentation that includes space planning, mood boards and detailed estimates for your dream home is showcased to you based on which you can proceed by paying 10%

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  • 3D design of your home

    Design Expert develops a 3D design based on your feedback post first presentation.

  • Finalise your design

    Presentation of the 3D designs for your approval, with iterations made if required.


  • We start procuring materials

    Our experts start procuring all materials for the production work to begin at the factory.

  • Get ready for installation

    Our artisans complete working and get ready for installation after 30 days.


  • Dispatching and installing

    All the products are dispatched from the factory and vendors which reach your home and get installed.

  • Quality Assurance Check

    The installation process is completed with a Quality Assurance check.


  • Site Inspection

    Once all the products are installed at the site, we conduct a site inspection to ensure everything is up to the mark.

  • Handover Complete

    We sign a formal handover document and your fully furnished home is handed over along with warranty and service letter.

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Trust our team of Experts


Vetted professionals with diverse experience are selected for your every design needs.

Project Managers

Individuals who take on the responsibility of every minute details of your projects.

Design & Delivery Experts

Trained executives who work with you to bring your designs to life.

Innovators in R&D & Technology

Mad-hatter impersonators out to create things that did not exist before.

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