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by Sravani Padmanabhuni April 3, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized

Decorating ideas to pep up a small room

It is a fact that it is the decoration of a space that gives it a definite appearance, or the illusion of being too small or big. Simple decoration ideas can make any space alluring.

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If it is a large room, then there are no constraints in decorating it as there is ample space available to pep it up with furniture, upholstery, accessories and other works. It is the small places that raise doubts about decorating it. It is also true that with right decorations, a small room can look as attractive as any other space.

Colors to light up a small space:

When it comes to small rooms, the colors used for painting it can be varied. Bright to light colors can be chosen as per the interest and likes of the resident.

Even the right use of grey shade can add a wonderful element to a small room. Bright colors like orange or purple can add a sparkle to a small space. Bright shades of blue can also make a small space look elegant.

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Another great choice is to go for a light and bright shade of the same colour.

For example, a light and bright shade of yellow or blue can give a dramatising look to a small room.

Colorful Interior Decorating Ideas for a Small RoomSource

While light shades optimize light, dark colors can give a cozy appearance to rooms that have natural light. Whatever color one chooses, make sure that it is used in a creative way. Your room should definitely sparkle.

De cluttering is the need..!!

Too much furniture will make a small room look crowded. So choose the only furniture that is needed. A small sofa cum bed will be a great addition to a small room.


There can also be a small tea table and two small chairs. A small storage unit will help in de-cluttering space. A colourful small-sized carpet or rug will enhance the look.

Maximum use of vertical space

Since a small room has very less floor space, the walls can be given additional responsibilities. There can be artistic or creative stands or units that will look not only attractive but also can be used for storing or placing things.

The colors of these stands can be in contrast to the color of the wall. All the four walls of a room (or 3 walls) can be decorated differently.

Colorful Interior Decorating Ideas for a Small RoomSource

One of the walls can be used for stands or units, then the other wall can be used for hanging photographs. The third wall can be kept plain or painted with a dark color. By making maximum use of vertical space in a small room can give the room a feel of space and peace.

Less Money and More Creativity to Decorate a Small Room

When it comes to decorating a small room, what is needed is not money but some creativity. The theme ‘Best out of waste’ can be used effectively to decorate a small space. Old colourful gift wrappers can be used to add beauty to a small room.

The paper can be cut into different shapes and pasted on cabinets or units to give an attractive look. The old bows on gift packets need not be thrown away. Paste them on the knobs of a cabinet and see how sexy it will look!


These decorations won’t just look great for a child’s room but will also be nice for an adult’s room too. Let your inner child come into the fore while you decorate your small room.

Mugs that aren’t used in kitchen can be used as pen holders. If you love painting then re paint it with some bright colors or decorate it with accessories. Keep any of your potted plants to add lustre to a plain corner.


Make a good decorative piece by using old bangles, stickers or paper plates.

Let the room breathe! -> Let your brain work to add magnificence to a small room

At the end of the day, you are the master and you can decorate the room as and how you want it to be.


One need not be a trained designer or interior decorator to add spice to any room in your house but just let your brain think clockwise and anticlockwise about any space.

You will be surprised at your own ideas. Spend your brain and not money to decorate a small room. The only point to remember – do not clutter. Let the room breathe!