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Bonito Discover is our attempt at creating a platform of learning around the wondrous world of Interior Design. We, at Bonito, have found that Interior Design is an oft-misunderstood term thanks to unscrupulous contractors or very commercially-motivated design firms. But that’s not what Interior Design is all about. It’s an amazing journey where you discover colours, textures, material, art, technology, engineering, craftsmanship, ideas, and sometimes just pure talent. And who can tell….maybe in the process you might discover yourself!

Bonito Discover brings to you free live learning sessions every weekend to indulge your senses on your path from house to home! No matter if you’re a new homeowner, an architect, a student of design or just someone who loves design - come join in and bring your questions.

Past Events

Unconventional Interiors

Unearth the mystery of unconventional interiors with Interior Designer Sini Anna. Listen to the expert to find out how to incorporate space-saving ideas and unconventional furniture in your new home.

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Ergonomics: The Art of Designing

Learn all about designing your home to fit your needs rather than trying to make yourself adjust to your home. Join Interior Designer Clerin Alex as she talks about the art of designing a comfortable home.

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Know About Divine Spaces

Our Interior design expert Vaishavi Bhatt is here to take you through “All You Need to Know About Divine Spaces ”. Get insights on minimalism, wall designs, use of planters, and much more.

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Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Our Interior design expert Rithu KS is here to take you through “Bathroom Design Trends 2022”. Take a sneak peek into bathroom designs, bathroom tips, easy maintenance and more.

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Living Room Design

Our Interior design expert Adarsh R is here to walk you through “Living Room Designs”. Take a sneak peek into Ideal living room design, Types of elements, Trends in living room design and much more!

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Audience Speaks

Very informative, this will help us to planning at the beginning itself insted of modifications in the later stage.

BS Lakshmikeshav

Thank you for the amazing session....We need one more !!!!


Very well covered sessionVery well covered session


Thanks it was beautiful !


Thanks for the session was very useful especially the biomimicry part

Swaminathan M

Thank you for the fantastic explanation on the moss.


Thank you for answering the questions with well answers ... Very useful webinar being an interior designer


Thanks Liju, you have been explaining very patiently and there is soo much to learn. Hope, you are going to cover everything.


That was really a wonderful session Mr. Liju. Are you the Wall expert at Bonito and will you be involved in the wall effects for every customer?


This is a super informative and interesting session! Thanks!


You guys are awesome. I am learning so much. Thanks


Hats off to the really awesome collection of 'mood images' that you guys show up in these sessions!


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