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If only interior designing meant putting few furniture from a catalog around and adding interesting colors to your home; probably everyone would have done it. We go many steps beyond. Being the prime mover in this market; we have moved past the notion of considering interiors to be just a decor addition to your home and entered a realm where we now understand how your home can be turned into an abode where you and your family does not just live; but are able to thrive, rejuvenate and eventually get in touch with their blissful self for a much more meaningful life.

Why Go Bonito?

  • Our design obsession and international experience
    At Bonito, we don’t just turn our customers’ dreams to reality. We exceed expectations. Our Designers & Design Mentors with international expertise strive for perfection in every step
  • 100% control over production and execution
    With knowledge of production and execution that supersedes many in the industry and proof of delivery with 1500+ homes, rest assured on Bonito’s expertise with our proficient team. 
  • We understand you and your needs
    Understanding your personality, lifestyle, design preference and specific needs, we interpret your story, deliver WOW moments through design and delivery 
  • Materials, finishes, brands – we use only the best
    Superior quality materials for the best design output and built with the best brand associations - Hettich, Havells, Saint Gobain, etc with a team ensuring special products at best prices
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Get the design from us and let the magic be delivered by our trusted execution team and partner network.


We Build human-centric designs

Home is where the heart is. And if good design is in your heart - then Bonito Designs is your destination for home interior designers. We understand the perfect balance between creative aesthetics and functionality—the amalgamation of modern minimalism and grandeur. We don't make good interiors - we aim to create exceptional interiors for your homes. Interiors that will welcome you anew every time you come back home.

When you find a place that you know your heart will be at peace with - we come in to fill color in that place. You bring us the empty canvas of a new property, and we take the responsibility to enhance it in your favorite shades. Decorate it with sensible furniture. Take note of how you will be interacting with the home. Give you and your loved ones a forever home for years to come. Come to us - the only interior design company in Bangalore where we put you and your preferences first.

With the best interior designers in Bangalore, we create designer homes that you would love waking up to every day. Our designers are masters of variety. We don't do catalogs. Or templates. We work on inspiration. Inspired by stories about you that you would like to tell your guest. At Bonito, you have the spotlight.

We know that the most important work you will ever do is within the walls of your home. Don't compromise on your dream home and let the professionals work their magic. The next time you search for "interior designer near me" - search for Bonito Designs. Where we Live. Breathe. Design.

Some of Our Completed Projects

Videos You’ll Love

Although there is nothing that matches the experience of being a part of the journey in getting your home done; these videos make an effort to convey the story.


The master bedroom is designed very well making it a place to relax after a tiring day. Puja unit also is well done, with a unique soothing experience. Our Kids too are enjoying their bunk bed, study and the ambience. Safety measures were also well handled. No glass-work, soft headboards and ample cushioning in kids bedroom was suggested by Sagar.

Mr. Aleem,
Happy Customer

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