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Human-centric designs that balance creative aesthetics and functionality

A beautiful home says a lot. A reflection of who you are or who you want to be. In your journey of finding the right home, we are your companion in weaving your dreams into reality. Understanding how you will be interacting with the home - we create forever homes for you and your loved ones. We are a team of expert home interior designers in Bangalore that not just create magnificent masterpieces but also offer efficient functionality to make lives comfortable.



Our designers get to know you and convert your desires into reality. We do not impose our existing designs on you, rather we love to explore your imaginative ideas with you and provide great design customization ideas so that you get a home that is an absolute reflection of your personality. Start visualising your home with an initial payment fee of Rs 25,000.



You get to see your dream interiors taking shape on your floor plan in just 12 days from your meeting with your designer. Take a look at the 3D view of the interior designing plans that our designers have finalised so that you can understand how your home is going to stand out after the task is completed.



After you've fallen in love with the designs, our team takes a few more days to bring precision to the 3D / 2D drawings. Next Procurement takes over to obtain materials from approved vendors. Production commences at one of our factories and we'll be all set to start installation at your home in 30 days.



With the materials having reached your home, the installation is executed under strict guidelines by our trained crew. Multiple thorough inspections and quality checks later, we are ready to handover. Welcome to your dream. Welcome home.



Our designers get to know you and make your ideas into a reality. Start visualising your home with an initial payment fee of Rs 25,000.



Our dedicated team of designers and mentors work to get all the details for your home right. The final 3D design cut is shown 30 days after the initiation of design.



Our experts procure all materials for the production work to begin at the factory. Our artisans complete working and get ready for installation after 30 days.



All products are dispatched from the factory, the installation process begins and is completed with a Quality Assurance check. After that, your fully furnished home is handed over.


Designing homes that you will love waking up to everyday

Our designers are masters of variety. We don't do catalogs. Or templates. We work on inspiration. Inspired by stories about you that you would like to tell your guest. At Bonito, you have the spotlight.

Modern Contemporary

Rohan Iksha // Mr. Kumar Gaurav


Modern European

Arvind Skyland // Sukratha Reddy



Swaroop Shah


Zen Nautical

Gcorp Icon // Ramesh & Preethi Menon



Brigade Cosmopolis // Ashish & Shweta



Prestige Jade Pavilion// Bhumika & Chandan


why bonito why bonito
design obsession

Our design obsession &
international experience

Our Designers & Mentors with international expertise strive for perfection in every step. We make sure to keep our team updated with the latest trends so that you can get the designs and materials that are trending and can gather compliments for you from the guests you have at home.

production and execution

100% control over
production and execution

We have a team who helps us in the production of the items in-house that will get installed for the design. By now we have worked on 2000+ homes by offering them a complete process of production and installation for the project.

we understand your needs

We understand you and
your needs

We understand your need and we interpret your story, deliver it through our design. We understand your desires and imagination like no other interior designers in Bangalore and can offer you exactly what you have been looking for in your home interiors.

materials and finishes

Materials, finishes, brands
- we use only the best

Built with the best brand associations - Hettich, Havells, Gobain etc - at the best prices. Our team believes in offering the best quality so that your beautifully designed home can stay beautifully for a much longer time.

don't just take our word for it

Hear it from our customers

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craft your dream home

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Every home has a story to tell

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