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Modern Contemporary

Balaji and Lalitha’s 2BHK home seamlessly blends modernity with simplicity.

Designed for

Mr. Balaji & Mrs. Lalitha Iyer.

Designed by

Bonito Designs





Pause, observe and revel in its beauty

This dwelling is close to Balaji and Lalitha’s hearts. They reiterate that it is a blessing as it’s surrounded by greenery and in the heart of the city.
The home embodies minimalism and uses a fine mix of textures with soft pastel tones to radiate an aura that is warm and welcoming

Interior designs that are a truly personalized affair

The fact that every single designer item in the house was handpicked by the family after browsing through hundreds of designs, serves as a strong testament to Bonito’s commitment to sheer personalization. Some of the standout pieces across the living room are the artworks, ceramic vases, a round chandelier, green velvet chairs, and a golden rounded art installation. Furthermore, clean lines ensure that the space is not overcrowded. There is a generous amount of room to explore all the spaces in the house, be it the dining area, kitchen, or other rooms. The bedrooms offer space along with a view of greenery and plentiful natural lighting. 

What customer says about bonito:

“The design has come out the way we wanted it, so we have just fallen in love with this house. We wanted a simple, minimalistic, Nordic kind of design. When we went for the design discussion, we just had a faint idea. But I think with Bonito it became meaningful. I would rate Bonito Designs a 9.”

Mrs. Lalitha Iyer


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