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10 ways to enlighten your home using yellow

Enhance your home by using yellow

The color yellow has much significance in different cultures. In colour therapy too, yellow is a most often cited color. The color yellow is associated with sun and hence it is believed to bring cheer and warmth to earth.

Here are 10 ways to lighten up your home using yellow:

  1. Entrance
  2. Living room idea

Yellow can brighten up a dull atmosphere and looking at anything yellow, be it flowers, walls, curtains or any yellow furniture, can bring cheer and positivity in a person’s mind.

The other feature of yellow is that while it adds brightness to the surroundings, it also perks up mind and thoughts. Yellow is also considered to enhance creativity and thoughts in your home interiors, hence yellow is a must color for a creative person’s home.

Yellow is also associated with light so even a thought of yellow in mind brings a positive spark in us. It is not just one shade of yellow that can do wonders but different shades of yellow such as dark yellow, lemon yellow, daffodil yellow, golden yellow, cream and light yellow.

You can use these different shades of yellow to enhance the look of your home and also bring out the positivity in its members.


1) Entrance:

If the entrance to a home decor is bright and attractive, it automatically gives a positive vibe about the home. If you don’t mind having a bright or light yellow door, you can go ahead with it. Those who feel it as a tad too much, can hang some yellow colored artificial flowers on the door.

If you have potted plants or creepers near your entrance, then you can have a yellow flower plant and you can plant a creeper that has yellow flowers. Try these tips and you will find a dramatic change in the way your entrance looks.

2) Living room idea:

A living room can be considered as the most important room in a home because we usually entertain guests here and whoever comes visiting, it is the living room that he or she first gets to have a look.

Even the members of the family spend a considerable amount of time in the living room. Thus it makes sense to have a living room that oozes cheer and positivity and what a better color than yellow to bring about these changes?

In a living room, the sofa can be yellow in color and one can put pillows of either green or any other light color as blue to enhance the overall look. The walls and other furniture in the room can be of any other color. So just by having a yellow-colored sofa in the room enhances the whole look of the room.

Those who already have got their sofas and do not wish to change it now and yet use yellow in their living room, can have yellow curtains or yellow carpet to give a dose of color to the room.

3) Bedroom in yellow tones :

No matter how many rooms are there in a home, the inmates only love to sleep in their bedroom. Having yellow in bedroom soothes mind and at the same time, spreads a cheer in the atmosphere.

You can go for light yellow bed sheets and pillow covers. You can have colorful curtains in the bedroom with more yellow in them. Or just bring on a yellow colored rug. Even a hint of yellow in a room brightens up a room.

4) Yellow Study place :

A study room is usually used to spend some serious and productive time.

While neutral colors are best suited for a study room, just a hint of yellow here and there can add a spark to the room and help in concentration or working or studying happily.

5) Yellow-colored Guest room:

Usually guest rooms aren’t that decorated and are kept simple and functional, it is all right to add a little color to the room to make it attractive yet keep it simple.

Just throw in few pillows with yellow color or hang some paintings in yellow, or keep some artifacts in yellow color and see how the look of the room changes drastically.

6) Rooms for yellow loving Kids:

What better color than yellow for kids’ room? Paint the walls with yellow and see how your kids will dance with joy on seeing it? Either you can use the same shade of yellow to paint the whole room or you can use two shades of yellow, one light and the other bright.

Yellow color brings in a lively look to the whole atmosphere and it will surely sparkle your kids’ creative mind as well as boost their joy of spending time in their room.

7) Kitchen with yellow:

Who doesn’t love a yellow kitchen? If you haven’t thought about it until now, do it so now and you will not be disappointed to have a yellow kitchen in your home.

Yellow can be used in several ways in a room. Either get the cabinets in yellow, or color the walls with any shade of yellow. You can even get the hand towels or utensils in yellow to bring in the yellow magic to your kitchen.

8) Garden:

While you cannot paint the grass of your garden yellow, what you certainly can do is to bring in yellow potted plants to add a bright and positive hue to your garden.

Yellow flowers look grand and bright amidst other flowers and plants. You can even paint the yards or side walls in yellow color to give your garden a paradise look and feel.

9) Yellow Decorations:

If you do not wish to paint your walls yellow, or if you only wish to add a splash of yellow subtly, then try to get decorative materials and artifacts in yellow color.

A yellow painting or a yellow rug or just a dash of yellow around in the form of a yellow vase or a yellow stand or a small yellow cabinet can improve the look of a home and add a bright spark to the whole atmosphere.

10) Home office influenced by yellow colore:

If you have a home office, then adding a dash of yellow will add to your mood and defiantly enhance your creativity, after all, yellow is considered to boost creativity and enhance productivity.

Some experts suggest that it is not wise to have the entire home office in yellow for it can be distracting, but adding little bit of yellow here and there can definitely add to the look and change any negativity into a positive vibe.


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