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Like a pearl that sets an oyster with preciousness, this home is set apart through the people who own it, who have designed it and the blue shades that unravel themselves in their journey throughout this sea-licious home.

Designed for

Mr. Ashish & Mrs. Shwetha

Designed by

Bonito Designs





The perfect balance between work and play – redefined.

Mr. Ashish Singh and Mrs. Shweta Singh’s Moroccan-styled home is stylish and strong, synchronizing with the power couple’s personality. Named after the ocean creature, Daphne is enriched in shades of blue; sailing with carved panels, curved profiles and beaded shutters. The client’s stylish, smart and modern characteristics vibe with the classy, spacious and smooth details of its interiors.

Open layouts and uncluttered designs make the space look spacious.

A soulful experience can be witnessed in the comfortable living space that is given a Moroccan-style décor, which delivers a comfortable and warm vibe. It also comes with ample seating and a puja unit, which shows off its Moroccan-feature-inspired hand-painted, feather panel.

Patterned tiles, stand-alone mural wall, teal wall embedded with crockery plates and semi-open storage cabinets are contributing to being the home’s heroes.

There is soul in the space – it is a home now.

“ There is soul in the space – it is a home now. The first time we came to Bonito – it was our second try with interior designing and we were disappointed with our previous experiences. When we came to Bonito we were only sure about the color we wanted – and they gave us a theme that we fell in love with. We love the reactions that we are getting from our friends and family – all thanks to Bonito Designs. ”

Mr. Ashish & Mrs. Shwetha


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