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by Sravani Padmanabhuni August 18, 2014 In Blog KITCHEN Uncategorized

8 Creative ways of using wallpaper in your kitchen

  1. Coordinate with the cabinets
  2. Small Printed wallpapers in Kitchen
  3. The country look
  4. Plain color scheme
  5. Nice simple symmetrical patterned
  6. Create new theme
  7. Feminine touch
  8. Geometrical shapes

People usually prefer white and painted kitchen walls, which are bright and nice, but wallpaper packs a real punch these days. You need not have wallpaper on all the four walls or all over the place.

Only one wall or little space around the cabinet will give a nice elegant touch to the kitchen.

Using wallpaper in your kitchen would be more fun way of showing ones style statement.

1. Coordinate with the cabinets:

In most of the kitchens, cabinet takes the center stage. The cabinets occupy almost 60% of the space. For those type of kitchens the best you can do is to keep the wallpaper usage to minimal and try to give a visual punch with this small usage.

For smaller space one should avoid using dark colored paper with small prints. These types of design would make the room look gloomy and smaller.

For example in this kitchen wallpaper pattern has been used to match the white cabinet work.

2. Small Printed wallpapers in Kitchen:

Here the beautiful botanical wallpaper creates a sophisticated and elegant touch to the kitchen. This type of small prints is good for large wall space.

This type of print cozies up the place with large space. The color scheme also very elegant with red, green and cream color reflects the morning spring sunny day.

3. The country look:

For different kitchen styles different kitchen wallpaper designs need to be used. The patterns of the wallpaper should match the cabinetwork as well as the kitchen style. Here the butter yellow cabinet is the centerpiece of the kitchen.

This kitchen wallpaper makes a good impact and gels with the cupboard size and color.

4. Plain color scheme:

In a kitchen where the color scheme of kitchen walls as well as cabinets are white and plain then one can use a wall paper with pattern dominant. Black and white kitchen wallpaper will be very elegant for this kind of kitchen.

For example in the below kitchen black and white wallpaper gives a nice look to the otherwise simple color décor. It not only gives a grandeur look but coordinates well with the architectural details of the kitchen.

5. Nice simple symmetrical patterned:

You can also give a nice touch to your kitchen with using wallpaper having nice borders and simple decorative elements. You can match your wallpaper with your ceramic tiles and similarly you can coordinate with the window curtains or chair cushions.

For example here in this kitchen a small symmetrical pattern has been used for decorating the kitchen walls.

6. Create new theme:

You can use different style for the kitchen wallpaper. You can use wallpapers that would emphasize a time period or vintage style.

This theme gives a nice look to the kitchen. You can match your kitchen decor theme and wallpaper accordingly for a historical or retro look.

7. A feminine touch:

You can make a style statement by giving your kitchen a girlie look. Have wallpaper with dominant color as pink and have matching pink color accessories in the kitchen.

This would give a nice feminine touch to your kitchen.

8. Geometrical shapes:

Geometric wallpaper would give a nice retro look to your kitchen. This will add interest to the design without taking over the kitchen decor.

So pep your kitchen with wallpapers that suits your style..! If you have more tips do share with us..! :)Learned about the eight different and creative ways you can use wallpapers in your kitchen right!

Bonus Tips on Creative Kitchen Wallpaper 

Your kitchen is the life of your home. And often where the family gathers for a close conversation over delicious food. Irrespective of your kitchen and dining room being two different spaces or being part of an open floor plan – don’t neglect in decorating this room. One can do wonders with various color palettes meant for a bright and stylish kitchen. But if you do not want to commit to only one color for years to come – wallpapers are the solution! This non-committing furnishing material can help your kitchen attain that fun and quirky look while being easy on your budget. Read on to find out why you should opt for wallpapers for your next kitchen revamp or even if you’re on the way to getting a new kitchen altogether. 

Just as much you need

If you do not want to go overboard with bold colors or patterns in your kitchen, wallpapers can help you cover just as much space as you require. You can fill an entire accent wall with it or only include the empty areas of the backsplash. Or even give a quirky look to your cabinets by applying the wallpapers before installing them.

Unlimited variants

With new-age technology and inspired by a plethora of designers, there is a wide variety of designs available in wallpapers. Even more than what traditional painting or tiles could ever offer when combined. From regular old-school floral or geometric prints to modern abstract patterns – in every shade possible. Apart from the variety in prints, there are also choices to be made among various types of textures. This abundant variety helps you add some much-needed flavor to your walls that might reflect on your food!

Durability and upkeeping

While paint or even tiles might look like the best options when compared to wallpapers, we might disagree. While most paints or tiles come with easy-to-clean and long-lasting guarantees – with the correct choice in picking the wallpaper, your cleaning equipment might just include a damp cloth!Here is an expert guide on how you should be picking only the best and correct kitchen wallpaper:

  1. Say no to traditional this time! Traditional wallpapers lose their luster quicker than anything and look dirty if you skip even one cleaning session. These wallpapers also have a tendency to absorb unpleasant odors.Stay away from overly textured fabric-based wallpapers. While the embossing details might look good on the wall, they are notorious for cleaning when dirty.
  2. Our design experts suggest using vinyl wallpapers and washable wallpapers. Vinyl wallpapers are hard, washable, and the print does not fade even when exposed to sunlight. But washable wallpapers come with a thin plastic coating that makes stains and marks on it easy to remove with only a moist cloth!
  3. If you are choosing wallpapers as your backsplash, be very careful of the material selected. The backsplash is slightly more visible than other kitchen walls and takes the most abuse due to all the cooking. Opt for wallpapers that have heat and water-resistant qualities and also have a good look and feel to it.

So will wallpapers make their next appearance on your kitchen walls? We will be waiting to see it. In the meantime, check out the place for Wallpaper in Bangalore to fulfill all your criteria for selecting the perfect kitchen wallpaper!