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byBonito Designs December 6, 2023 In Blog Interiors Decoded


  vastu colour for home interiors

Creating a home that resonates with positive energy is a universal aspiration. In the realm of interior design, Vastu Shastra serves as a guiding principle, offering insights into how the colours of each room can influence the flow of energy.  

In this extensive blog post, we embark on a journey through the vibrant spectrum of Vastu colours, exploring the significance of kitchen colour as per Vastu, bedroom colour as per Vastu, living room colour as per Vastu, and more. Join us as we unravel the secrets of harmonising your living spaces, all while incorporating the expert touch of Bonito Designs to elevate the aesthetic appeal.

Vastu Colours: A Holistic Approach

Before delving into specific rooms, let’s understand the foundational principles of Vastu colours. Vastu emphasises the balance of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space. Each colour is associated with these elements, influencing the energies within a space. Discover the significance of Vastu colours and how they contribute to the overall harmony of your home. 

Kitchen Colour as per Vastu: Igniting Culinary Creativity

kitchen Colour as per Vastu

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and its colour plays a crucial role in fostering positive vibes. Explore the fiery hues that stimulate creativity and warmth, enhancing the culinary experience. From vibrant reds to earthy yellows, discover the ideal kitchen colour as per Vastu that not only enlivens the space but also promotes abundance and prosperity. 

Bedroom Colour as per Vastu: Creating Serene Sanctuaries

Bedroom Colour as per Vastu

The bedroom is a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation, and its colour palette should reflect tranquillity. Journey through the soothing tones that foster relaxation and intimacy. Dive into the specifics of bedroom colour as per Vastu, whether it’s the calming blues, nurturing greens, or the timeless elegance of neutral tones, all aimed at creating a serene haven for restful nights. 

Living Room Colour as per Vastu: Fostering Sociable Energies

Living Room Colour as per Vastu

The living room is the hub of social interactions, and its colour scheme should encourage lively conversations and positive connections. Uncover the vibrant hues that invite warmth and togetherness. Whether it’s the cheerful yellows, comforting neutrals, or the grounding earth tones, explore the living room colour as per Vastu that harmonises family dynamics and welcomes guests with open arms. 

Master Bedroom Colour as per Vastu: Balancing Energies

The master bedroom holds a special significance in Vastu, symbolising the balance of energies between couples. Delve into the colours that enhance marital harmony and foster a deep sense of connection. From romantic reds to harmonious greens, discover the master bedroom colour as per Vastu that creates a nurturing space for love and understanding. 

Southwest Bedroom Colour as per Vastu: Nurturing Stability

Bedroom Colour as per Vastu

The southwest bedroom is associated with stability and grounded energies. Explore the earthy tones and muted shades that complement this sector of the home, promoting a sense of security and foundation. Learn about the significance of southwest bedroom colour as per Vastu and how it contributes to the overall equilibrium of your living spaces. 

Pooja Room Colour as per Vastu: Channelling Spiritual Harmony

The pooja room is a sacred space where spiritual energies converge. Dive into the divine palette that enhances the spiritual vibrations within this room. Discover the purity of whites, the richness of saffron, and the calming influence of blues – all curated to align with the sacred principles of Vastu in the pooja room colour as per Vastu. 

Study Room Colour as per Vastu: Cultivating Concentration

Study Room Colour as per Vastu

The study room is a space for focused learning and concentration. Uncover the colours that stimulate intellectual pursuits and enhance concentration levels. From calming blues that aid in comprehension to energising yellows that foster creativity, explore the study room colour as per Vastu that optimises the learning environment. 

Vastu Colour for Home: Coordinating the Palette

A harmonious home requires coordination of colours across various rooms. Understand how to create a cohesive colour palette that aligns with Vastu principles while reflecting your personal style. Dive into the art of balancing contrasting hues and complementary shades to create a visually appealing and energetically balanced living space. 

Bonito Designs: Infusing Aesthetic Brilliance

vastu colour for home interiors

Elevate your Vastu-compliant home with the expertise of Bonito Designs. Explore how this renowned design firm seamlessly integrates Vastu principles into their projects, creating homes that are not only energetically aligned but also aesthetically stunning. Witness the transformative power of design as Bonito Designs curates spaces that harmonize with Vastu, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal in every room. 


As we conclude our exploration of Vastu colours for every room, it’s evident that the art of harmonising energies through colour is a transformative journey. Whether you’re revamping your kitchen, creating a serene bedroom, or infusing spirituality into your pooja room, the palette you choose can significantly impact the energy flow within your home.  

Embrace the wisdom of Vastu, experiment with the recommended colours, and witness the positive transformations that unfold in every corner of your living space. With the added touch of Bonito Designs, your home becomes a masterpiece, harmonising the principles of Vastu with the elegance of contemporary design.