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Vastu is an ancient Indian science that came out of the need for living in harmony and prosperity. It eliminates the negativity from the environment of the home to reinforce positivity around us. The Vastu Shastras, as it has been called in old texts, are rules and regulations based on which a house becomes a gateway to channel those positive energies.

Influences of bad Vastu can be recognized through alarming health issues for family members, unforeseen loss in business, or even in regular disrupts in relationships. In order to protect your family’s health and prosperity in the best way possible, exploring the various aspects of the Vastu Shastra is essential.

Based on the direction of your house that can most influence you, we have listed a few tips below that can help house owners to create a positive environment that is embedded in the structure of their house.
Vastu for North-facing house

Vastu for North-facing house

The most preferred direction to build a home is the North-facing direction. Even though it is considered to be the best choice, there have been times when a Vastu for a North-facing house has turned out to be inauspicious too. And as the placement of the main door is what determines what kind of energy will flow into the house, for a North-facing home’s Vastu an entrance at any location facing the Northside is the best. Influenced by this fact, read on to find the correct Vastu Shastra as per house facing while constructing your new abode:

5 Do’s for North-facing houses

  1. Walls in the North and East should be slightly shorter and thinner than the other two directions
  2. Construct the living room in the North-East corner of the house
  3. The kitchen must be in the South-East or North-East zone
  4. Pooja Room should also be present in the North-East corner to ensure prosperity and wealth
  5. Keep the area towards North and North-East always clean

5 Don’ts for North-facing houses

  1. Avoid toilets and bedrooms in the North-East corner of the house
  2. Avoid staircases on the Northside by the door
  3. Do not store garbage or clutter in the North or North-East side
  4. Avoid any big trees being located on the Northside in front of the entrance
  5. Avoid plots sloping from North to South

Vastu for East-facing house

Vastu for East-facing house

Even though it is only the second most preferred direction for houses, East-facing houses can range from being very auspicious to very inauspicious ones. The main door of the house must be strategically placed in the middle of the North-East to South-East side of the house. This is the most auspicious location as it blesses the residents with a lot of respect in the society. 

5 Do’s for East-facing houses

  1. The kitchen should be made in the South-East or North-West direction
  2. The most auspicious location for the puja room is in the North-East
  3. The North-East direction is also good for planning out the living room
  4. The master bedroom’s best location is if it is in the South-West corner
  5. Facing East in a South-East kitchen and West in a North-West kitchen

5 Don’ts for East-facing houses

  1. Avoid toilets in the North-East corner
  2. Avoid bedrooms in the North-East corner
  3. No staircases in this zone too
  4. Avoid building on a plot that slopes from North to South
  5. Avoid toilets, bedroom or septic tanks in the North-East direction

Vastu for West-facing house

Vastu for West-facing house

Many homeowners prefer a West-facing house due to the fact that the space is bathed in the glowing warmth of the evening sun and has more influence in bringing prosperity. Individuals from many different walks of life prefer this as it brings in positivity for each of them. The youngsters love it as it brings energy and enjoyment. It is also considered ideal for people who are business owners, teachers, politicians and religious leaders as this directly influences a better social standing.

5 Do’s for West-facing houses

  1. Master bedroom should be kept in the south-west side
  2. The living room is best placed in the East, North or North-East direction
  3. The kitchen should be made in the South-East or North-West direction
  4. The most auspicious location for the puja room is in the North-East for businessmen
  5. Also auspicious is a plot that slopes from South to North

5 Don’ts for West-facing houses

  1. Avoid children’s room in the North-East corner
  2. Avoid putting windows in the South and the West  directions
  3. Do not create any facilities for water storage in the West
  4. Do not opt for color palettes that are not neutral or do not depict the vast blue sky
  5. Never buy plots or flats that have extensions in the South or South-West direction

Vastu for South-facing house

Vastu for South-facing house

Even though this type of house has garnered a bad reputation over a period of time, this misconception can be changed by strictly following specific principles of the Vastu Shashtra. If one gets to stay or create a South-facing house that abides by every principle of the Vastu – then that house is the most auspicious place. Starting with the most critical part of the house – the main door, for a South-facing house the door must open on the South side itself. Once the entrance is finalized, it is time for the other rules of the Vastu to be implemented.

5 Do’s for South-facing houses

  1. Master bedroom should be kept in the South-West corner with staircases in the South
  2. The walls in the South and West are recommended to be made thicker and higher than the rest
  3. The kitchen can be made in the South-East or North-West corner
  4. The North-East is the most auspicious for establishing the Puja room or the Living
  5. South-side is a great place to build staircases

5 Don’ts for South-facing houses

  1. Avoid extensions on the Southside
  2. Avoid car parking in the Southside
  3. Do not create any facilities for water storage in the South-West corner
  4. Avoid keeping open spaces in the South than in the North
  5. Don’t build on a plot that slopes from North to South.

Being Vastu compliant becomes harder for homeowners who are looking to build their own individual houses. After all, it is not the orientation of the house that makes it inhabitable but rather the placement of every single room is what matters.

With so many rules and regulations of the Vastu, it requires proper planning and the right kind of architecture. Our designers at Bonito Designs understand this and also include the principles of Vastu while designing your home interiors. Get in touch with our designers today to get an in-depth look into how you can have a positive and auspicious home for your family while living stylishly!