How to Design Your Indian Style Pooja Room?

Pooja Room: Designs and Styles – Ultimate Guide (2023)

When you are building your own house, you always keep a provision for a proper pooja room designs. But if you have invested in an apartment, it might not be the case that the builder has left space for your pooja room. In such a case, you have to create your own space with smart techniques only the interior design experts can tell you about.
Whether you have a proper pooja room or you have crafted out a section that you can call a pooja room, designing it is equally essential.
Designing a space for pooja is not to beautify it, but also to enhance its space and also to make it more comfortable.

The Location:

While planning your pooja room, it is extremely essential to take notice of the location according to Vastu. Experts in Vastu Sastra have mentioned the Southeastern corner of the house to be the perfect location for a place of worship. But in case, if the Southeastern corner is not available for some reason, the second-best location for having a pooja room is the Northwestern corner of the house.
Choose Right Location for Pooja Room Based on Vastu

The Size:

The size of the pooja room is the most eminent factor. The size will define the cost of the design and also the pooja room designs that you can actually integrate into this space. If the space is big enough, there are several ideas that you can have provided you have a flexible budget for it. On the other hand, there are several pooja room spaces that are smaller in size but still, they have been designed in a magnificent way. Also, the cost of designing a smaller room is quite obviously much lower.
Pooja Room Size

Is it a Room or a Space?

The next important thing that you need to understand is that designing an entire pooja room will be much different than designing a smaller and specific pooja space. If you already have a dedicated pooja room, this space will be designed in the same way as any other rooms of the house have been designed. But if it is a particular space such as a cabinet on the wall or a rack at one corner, the designing techniques will be much different.
Pooja Room Unit at Home

Choosing the Right Colour:

It is highly essential to choose the right colour for your pooja room. As per Vastu Shashtra, yellow is the appropriate colour to be used in the pooja room. Also, the shastra says that the red colour should never be used for the divine room or the pooja space. Experts have also mentioned the use of other colours such as violet in the pooja room.
Different shades of yellow or violet or even white can be used depending upon the size and the illumination in the room. If the room is quite big, a dark shade such as mustard yellow can be used on the walls to offer a brighter look to the room. But if it is a smaller one, using lighter shades such as white or light violet can be a good idea.
In case, if the pooja unit is a cabinet on the wall, the backdrop inside the cabinet can have a yellow colour to provide a proper feel and look to the unit.
Choose Right Color for Pooja Room Designs

The Lighting:

After the colour has been finalized, it is essential to check out the lighting in the pooja room. Usually, a single light seems fine. But different types of light can be used in different types of pooja rooms. For example, if you have a pooja room almost equal to a small bedroom or so, you can ideally install ceiling lights in the false ceiling.
But if it is a smaller room that has space just for 2-3 people to sit and offer prayer, a chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling is a great idea. This chandelier will illuminate the entire space and also will offer a beautiful look to the pooja room.
If you have a pooja unit, usually, there is no need for lights as the unit should be already inside any particular room. But lights also enhance the look of the place apart from offering illumination. Hence, you can install a focus light at the ceiling of the cabinet or also Diwali lights to offer a sparkling essence.
Perfect Lighting Idea for Pooja Room at Home

The Arrangement of the Gods:

Now your pooja room will look great only if you have arranged the idols and photos carefully inside the room or the unit. While the traditional way is to keep the idols and the photos on the floor on a red cloth, today there are also many different ideas to keep the idols in a much nicer way. You can have a small temple inside the pooja room in which you can arrange all your idols and photos, while you can also have small cabinets on the walls in which you can store all your pooja-related items and accessories.
Arrangement of Gods at Pooja Unit

The Decor:

When you talk about the decor of your pooja room, there are so many things that can be done.
One such thing is definitely the door. Whether it is the door of the pooja room or that of the pooja unit, one of the finest options is to get a wooden door with a CNC cutting design on it. You can get a floral design or even symbolic designs such as Swastik or Om through the CNC cutting technology on the door.
The pooja units can have CNC cutting all over also in place of just in on the door. If the unit is made up of marble, it can have jharokha-styled walls to offer a traditional look to the entire unit.
Pooja Unit Interior Decor
Often, even if you have kept the entire space simple, adding simple accessories can enhance the look too. Adding a heavy toran at the door or two metal hanging lamps at the two sides of the door also enhances the look of the pooja unit. Similarly, you can decorate your pooja unit according to your choice to make it even more beautiful.
Of course, when you have a whole pooja room, you have so many options in your hand to experiment and use. You can always think of having a false ceiling or added drop ceiling of your choice that suits the interiors of your pooja room. One of the best options that you can have is that of having CNC cutting a false ceiling too that will match with the design of the door. Hanging a chandelier from this false ceiling transforms the look of the pooja room and elevates it to altogether a new height.


Pooja room is definitely an eminent corner of your house as it is the place of hope and blessings. Whether you have some problems going on or you are about to start anything new, the first thing that you do is to head towards the pooja room. When you have so much faith in the almighty whom you know, then it will be unfair if you do not dedicate a proper place for it.
Pooja Room Interior Design Ideas
If you have planned your house on your own, you must have surely kept provision for the pooja room. But flats and apartments do not have such designated space for pooja rooms, most commonly. In such a case, you have to think creatively and come up with a space for a pooja unit. Whether you have got a dedicated pooja room or you have arranged for a pooja unit, designing it in the right way is absolutely necessary to get the right vibes always flowing in.

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