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byBonito Designs March 28, 2024 In Interior Design


Colours play a crucial role in home interiors, conveying and eliciting certain emotions and creating different moods. Just like the other aspects of interior design, the use of colour has seen a whole host of transformations over the years. This has led to changing trends every year, from monochrome in one to vibrant in the next. Embrace the chic allure of muted pastels paired with bold pops of neon for an irresistibly trendy color schemes.

Colour Schemes for Modern Interiors

Designing modern interiors demands a keen focus on the use of the right colour combinations, as the wrong choice can often take away from the intended emotional impact of a space. If you’re the owner of a brand new home and are on the lookout for some inspiration, we show you some of the trendiest colour schemes for modern interiors.   

Pain Point   

Choosing trendy colour schemes for one’s home interiors often becomes challenging, especially with such a wide variety of shades and finishes available in the market today. Add to this the ability of colour to impact your mood, and most homeowners are often left confused about the best colour palette for their home interiors.   


The key to knowing which colour combination to choose is to understand how each colour can impact your mood and emotions. Another crucial aspect is to know what colours go best with the overall theme of your decor.   

Working with an interior designer makes this process easier as they have the skill and the know-how to suggest the best colours based on your tastes, the theme of your interiors, and the atmosphere you intend to create.   

Understanding Colour Psychology 

Colour psychology is an area of colour theory that assigns an emotional or psychological connotation to a colour. Artists and interior designers have, for years, believed that colours hold the power to influence one’s mood, and have played with this theory in their work. In fact, colour psychology today plays a crucial role in almost every form of creative expression we see around us.   

This extends to home interiors as well. At a very basic level, for instance, the colour red symbolises passion, love, and excitement. Similarly, blue tends to symbolise peace, hope, and wisdom, whereas yellow symbolises hope, joy, and sometimes even danger.   

In the forthcoming sections, we explore a few trendy colour schemes you can consider for the interiors of your modern home.   

Greens  colour for home interiors


One of the most popular trends in interior design in recent years has been that of biophilic design, or at a much simpler level, the creation of interiors that incorporate a touch of nature. Green, the colour we typically associate with nature, offers among the most trendy colour schemes for a modern home.    

It’s the ideal choice for spaces like living rooms and bedrooms, particularly where you want to add a touch of nature. Pair it with colours like brown, beige, and off-white, and you can make your full home interiors look truly opulent.   

For instance, if your living room has a beige sofa set, using greens in your cushions or throws can add some much-needed contrast, and give your space a touch of green.   

blue colour for home interiors


The calming allure of blue is well-known, and its versatility makes it an incredibly popular choice when designing home interiors. From lighter sky blues and cool teals to darker and richer navy blues, there are several shades you can choose from based on your interior’s theme.   

While lighter shades are ideal for more eclectic themes, deeper navy blues make for the ideal colour in sophisticated, modern interiors. Blues are perfect when paired with crisp whites or even off-whites. When designing more luxurious and minimalistic interiors, navy blue also pairs rather well with gold hardware.   

Blue is ideal for spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms, as it helps create a calm and tranquil atmosphere.  

Pastels colour for interior design


Pastel colours have been in trend for several years now, and in 2024, they’re taking an interesting twist. Shades like mint, lavender, soft pinks, and so on, are becoming ever-popular choices across modern homes, making them trendy colour schemes for such spaces. These colours are ideal for those who want their homes to feature a whimsical and romantic atmosphere.   

They’re perfect for spaces like master or guest bedrooms, or even in nurseries, as they truly create a calm and playful vibe. For example, you can paint your walls in a light pink and combine these with light oak furniture.  

If you feel like the pastels might overpower your space, you can balance them out with greys and blacks, or even tone them down with shades like off-white or beige.   

Monochrome colour for home interior


When choosing trendy colour schemes for a modern home, a monochromatic style can be a great option to consider. In 2024, modern monochromatic colour schemes are in and offer you plenty of options to choose from.   

For example, a charcoal wall with lighter grey sofas and chairs offers the ideal contrast, while keeping with a monochromatic colour scheme. What’s more, is that you can make use of different textures to add a sense of variety to your space.   

Whether they’re blacks, greys, or even a crisp white, you can choose from a host of different options. They’re ideal for spaces like living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, and are perfect if you want to achieve a minimal and clean look.   

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