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An area rug is a rug that you use in your room flooring. All rooms can have area rugs. These rugs not only add to the beauty of a room but are also high in utility value. Though you can choose any area rug as per your ideas and likes, yet there are certain factors that you need to think about before venturing into buying an area rug for either all of your rooms or any one particular room.

It is not just the size of the area rug that you should think about but also the color, the texture, the fabric, shape and even the designs.
Here are some tips on how to choose the best area rug for your rooms.

The right size: Area rugs come in different sizes, so you will get one apt for your room, no matter what the area of the room is. You can even opt for custom made area rugs and get the size that you need.

Choosing perfect area rug

There is an easy way to calculate the right size of the area rug as per the area of your room.

If you want an area rug that has to fit in a room, then what you need to do is to subtract three feet from the length and width of the room that should be the size of the rug for the room.

In Dining room:

Point of reference in Dining is the table area for selecting perfect size rug / carpet.

If it is the dining room, then the table area is the point of reference. Just choose a rug that is at least three to five feet longer and wider than this area.

rugs for dining room

Such a rug in dining room will accommodate the chairs too, even when drawn out.

The appropriate color: The color of the area rug is as important as choosing the size of the rug. Think of the color co-ordination, and that means the color of the rug should be compatible with the colours of the room.

Living room rug ideas

For example, for modern living room rug ideas, if the color of the walls of a room is blue, then the area rug should have shades of blue on it.
The elegant design: The design of the rug should reflect your personality and it is as simple as to choose a design that reflects your likes and tastes.

For area rugs, geometric patterns and floral patterns are generally preferred than solid colours. Another advantage is that patterned area rugs can hide stains better.

The proper texture of the rug: The feel of the rug is also important, after all, you are not going to roam around always with your shoes on, right? The rug should feel soft to touch and that is why wool rugs are much popular.

Woolen rugs for livingroom

Choose rugs apt for each of your room: Different rooms have different functions and thus your area rugs should also be suited to suit these functions. For example, the area rug in your child’s room should be soft, large and should have a nonslip pad so that the rug is safe even for a crawling child.

The living room is where your guests are welcomed and it is where you have your family get-together’s. Hence it is better to choose a durable and strong area rug for your living room because it is the room with probably the highest foot traffic.

Rugs in Master bedroom

The area rug in your dining room should be one that is easy to clean considering the food and drink spills it will have to endure. The master bedroom can have an area rug that fills the entire flooring.

Careful choice of material and patterns on a rug: It depends on the room where you want to place the rug as to what material you should choose. For example, if you are planning to buy an area rug for your dining room, then you should choose rugs that will not wear and tear with the movement of the legs of table and chairs.

Pretty pattern: The pattern of the rug is another factor. The correct choice of patterns can not only enhance the look and feel of the room, it can also make a small room look bigger. If you are choosing an area rug for a narrow space, then opt for horizontal stripes as this pattern will make the space look broader.

Rugs for small living room

Also if a room has minimalistic designs, then a bright-coloured rug will give it an attractive look.

Rugs that coordinate with furniture: You can choose area rugs keeping in mind the furniture of a certain room. You can even cut out the desired size as per the lay out of the furniture.


Do not forget to take a piece of a furniture cover or a cushion when you are going to the store to buy area rugs, because thus you will be able to buy the rugs that match with your furniture.

Area rugs add style and charm to any room, but if not chosen wisely, it can even act as the spoiler. So, do keep in mind the above points while choosing the best area rug for your rooms.