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Bare walls may look good – but walls with dimensional designs bring a different feel to your home interiors. With its flexibility in creating intricate swirls and motifs, Plaster of Paris is the most opted material. For adding a touch of elegance to your interior game, Bonito Design brings you all you need to know about Plaster of Paris (also known as POP) and the possibilities of POP in home designs.

What is Plaster of Paris?

Plaster of Paris is a building material that has gypsum as its main ingredient. It is used widely in interior decoration. It can be easily molded to any form for false ceilings, coating walls, or even constructing an architectural feature such as decorative designs, cornices, etc. Before you place your order with your interior designer, here are some of its pros & cons to help you judge if it can be used in your dream home!

Plaster of Paris on dinning hall

10 Advantages of using POP:

  1. POP design for the ceilings is light & more sturdy in weight.
  2. POP does not shrink throughout the setting process. Resultantly, cracks due to heating or in the overall structure do not develop over time.
  3. It is an excellent fire-resistant substance and also an excellent heat-insulating material!
  4. To withstand regular knocks after drying, it forms a thick surface!
  5. It’s easy to blend with water and simple to disperse & level.
  6. It has strong fibrous material adhesion.
  7. Paris plaster (POP) creates a stable surface on which the paints can settle.
  8. POP has no prominent chemical activity on paint and does not prompt an assault on alkali!
  9. Plaster of Paris provides your home interior a beautiful appearance. Its gypsum content gives it a lot of smoothness & shine!
  10. It can be easily formed into any style, such as any ornamental design, cornices of the ceiling, etc.

7 Disadvantages of using POP:

  1. It is not possible to use POP ceilings in humid conditions.
  2. For specific applications, skilled labor is needed (such as making an ornamental design, ceiling cornices, etc.). So the labor cost of applying Paris plaster is high, and skilled labor availability is a significant concern itself.
  3. One of the significant drawbacks of your home interior’s false roof is that it lowers a room’s height by several inches or feet as it is hung below the current ceiling!
  4. The method of mixing on-site POP material is a messy & elongated operation that needs a lot of cleaning!
  5. In the application procedure, a lot of POP mixture is discarded.
  6. POP needs regular maintenance and has no long lifespan!
  7. Depending on human judgment, the handmade mixture can vary in balance & consistency!

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POP Ceiling Designs

One of the most prevalent applications of POP design for home roofs is also known as false ceilings. The desired forms are cut out of light boards made of this hard but workable material and fitted on the roof slab at various levels. Besides, for conventional ceilings, POP moldings and casings are also common choices. Well-chosen moldings will compliment the space and make an artistic statement, depending on the interior’s theme.

classic POP Ceiling Designs

The eyes go straight up to the ceiling, don’t they? Considering the rich furniture and the neutral color scheme of this Mid-century themed interior, with a precast or in-situ application of embossed POP, you can produce a similar impression. You may choose from graphic or floral designs, geometric forms, patterns, or custom stamps made for you. To complete the package, add cornices or coverings.

Tip: The construction of plaster requires professional labor and precautionary precautions to prevent health problems. During the mixing and setting process of POP, a lot of heat is released. Often the fine dust disperses through the air when mixing and working with Paris plaster and can cause visual and respiratory ailments. When around POP, make sure you wear a dust mask.

Moving beyond the roof’s straight sides, curves can even transform any room from classy to classic. To put in a retro villa look, build curves and arches from this matte-finish stuff.

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Cove lighting is another choice that is relatively trendy today. POP false ceiling designs incorporating cove lighting are a common way of decorating today’s interior ceiling designs. As they help to cover all the AC ducts and the electrical wiring, these false ceilings are becoming increasingly common, offering a neat look.

POP Ceiling at Different Rooms

It is not necessary that you need to have the same type of POP in the entire house. Also, offering a different POP ceiling for different rooms offers a specific personality to the rooms. Here are some of the POP ceiling options that you can choose for different rooms.

POP Ceiling At The Entryway

Often in apartments, there is a living room as soon as you enter from the door or you may have a foyer area first, But people who construct their own house often prefer to have an entryway too. If you have such an entryway too, you can install the POP ceiling here to offer an introduction to the POP ceiling design in the living room. Mostly, you can make use of the peripheral false ceiling here that is simplistic and will not make the place congested. You can add cove lighting and spotlights to highlight any specific object that you wish to show off at the entry.

POP Ceiling Idea for Living Room

The living room is the best place to experiment with the POP ceiling as guests will be arriving here only. Currently, the fluid-shaped false ceiling is very much in trend as the best POP ceiling design for the hall. You can have hidden lights in the ceiling to make it look dramatic. The backlit feature is something that offers a great look to the entire area. You can also hand up different accessories such as chandeliers or the pendants from the false ceiling depending upon the POP ceiling that you have got.

POP Ceiling Idea For Dining Room

If you have a decently big dining room, you should surely get a POP false ceiling here. Usually, dining areas require a touch of softness so that people can have their meals in comfort. Hence, one of the best ways is to install a peripheral false ceiling and hang up cove lighting in different combinations to enhance the look as well as the softness of the dining area. 

POP Ceiling Idea For Kitchen

You require maximum light in the kitchen for performing activities such as chopping, frying the spices properly, and others. Hence, getting a peripheral false ceiling with lots of different lights will make the kitchen have an impressive statement and will offer the right functioning too. 

POP Ceiling Idea for Bedroom

While many people think that there is no such use of false ceilings in bedrooms, there are many others who prefer to include such POP ceiling design in bedrooms too. Whether it is your master bedroom or your kid’s bedroom, getting such a ceiling can be a great idea. For a kid’s bedroom, you can have the POP false ceiling depending upon the theme that you are selecting for the room’s decor. For the master bedroom, either you can consider the whole ceiling or just a particular area or corner under which you wish to set up your workstation.

POP Designs on Walls

In your interiors, enhance a sense of timeless charm by embracing a gently aged look on the walls, feasible with properly handled plaster. In this picture, in a contemporary household, the hand-plastered mound forms on the walls give a very individual comment. Often available in facsimiles with different looks is Plaster. You should cover the plastered fence if you like: POP is incredibly flexible in shapes and textures, from exposed brick to tile finishes.

Tip: POP is convenient for painting. To enjoy the raw off-white wood, you can cover it with oil or enamel paint of your choice or leave it exposed.

POP Designs on Walls

On the market, precast panels can be shipped and assembled on-site in substantially less time. Pick your favorite one and coat it with oil or dye. These 3D panels on your living room wall, partition walls, or bed headboards can be installed comfortably.

Tip: POP should not be used on external walls and in high-humidity environments, such as bathrooms as it is a water-soluble material.

It is possible to make skirting boards and die rails from this multi-purpose material as well. In this transitional setting, I love how the two elegant elements converge here. Do not forget to top it up with a cornice board on the wall-ceiling joint for added effect if you plan to put it in a similar style.

POP Designs on Walls with mirror design

For backup fireplaces, TV units, or even console table mirror setups for the foyer, POP boards are perfect. They can be molded into various forms since they are flexible. In this case, the plasterboard joints were concealed with damp plaster, providing a smooth, even contact.

Pop Design for Room

Pop design for a room introduces a touch of contemporary elegance, transforming ordinary spaces into visually stunning havens. This versatile design technique often involves creating intricate patterns or adding three-dimensional elements to the ceiling, offering a modern and chic aesthetic. From subtle floral patterns to bold geometric shapes, pop design for rooms allows for a personalised and stylish interior upgrade.

Pop Design for Roof

Pop design for roofs brings a touch of architectural flair to homes, elevating the visual appeal of ceilings. This technique involves using plaster of Paris (pop) to craft intricate and eye-catching designs on the ceiling surface. Whether it’s creating a statement with unique textures or incorporating recessed lighting for added drama, pop design for roofs adds a layer of sophistication and charm to any living space.

Accent Walls using POP Designs

Thinking about adding an accent piece, but unsure what it should be or if you want it permanent? To the rescue, POP wall construction. To craft custom pieces of décor, use this flexible material. These will elevate your bedroom’s architecture while ensuring that other houses do not have anything quite like it. You can be as intricate or bold as you want to be with wall POP; using a single color (or no colors at all!) and experimenting with detailed patterns can leave you with a custom-made statement piece for the minimalist in you.

Accent Walls using POP Designs

And your walls can also be a hot topic at the dinner table. For your interiors, there are many means of making a point. And you can do the same for your walls, just like you can transform your ceiling into an accent piece. Without taking up too much space, a POP wall design will automatically elevate your room’s look and sound.

Accent Walls for study room using POP Designs

The traditional way to use POP on walls is to make Victorian trimmings as molds. The modern approach uses POP to create an archway impression or create a fake fireplace that can house an electric fire. This visualization brings both the ideas together to create something straight out of a fairy tale palace yet something very attainable in the modern designer homes.

POP Designs for Staircases

Staircases can be something magical and majestic. It should make us have an intense urge to see what lies at the top of the stairs, help generate fantasy and excitement in us. But is your staircase lacking attractiveness? Is it exactly like every other staircase you’ve ever been to in every other house? You can use Plaster of Paris to create a dramatic entrance.

POP Designs for Staircases

On the market, new linear or ornamental plaster molds are now available. Use them at the side of each step to create a romantic and ornate design. It makes beautiful detailing and adds architectural interest to the sides of the stairs. In several styles, ornamental molds work well to generate architectural interest and, in many cases, extreme detail.

POP Designs as Accessories

You will get some very intriguing POP accessories. It’s even easy to make your own! A slightly stiffer quality of POP mix can render a shaped and textured bowl of the kind seen in this image. The Paris of Plaster is a perfect way to create a piece of wall art, too.

POP Designs as Accessories on table decor

By taking up a DIY initiative, you will take a more playful approach to use this medium. Create a personalized statement item in your home that you can show off.

For your pendants and bracelets, you may make stands or holders. You can use your gardening gloves as a mold for shaping hand-hangers for your jewellery. Or mold a flower vase around an old mug and give it a face with added clay or by engraving.

DIY with POP at home

Always use gloves to prevent touching the wet POP mix as it emits heat in the mixing process. Use hard plasticware or glass containers that can be disposed of for mixing the product. Before opening the POP container, wear a dust mask as inhaling the dry POP dust particle may cause harm. Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets in a secure and dry environment.

DIY with POP at home for flower pocket

Ideal ratio: 1 part of water mixed into 2 parts of POP.

Method: Stir in the water gently to avoid creating any air bubbles in the mixture. Mix well with your gloved hands to disperse any lumps formed. Carefully pour the paste into your desired mold part by part to ensure all mold corners are filled. Wait for it to set. Setting time will vary depending on the size of the mold or the surrounding environment. Once it is set, remove it from the mold very carefully. Smoothen out the surface with sandpaper. Leave it as it is, or apply a coat of paint as per your customization.

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Cost of Plaster of Paris: Is it worth it?

While the finishing may look good on your ceilings, walls, or even your table – one must always consider the investment behind the project. We have put together a list of construction supply brands in India that supply the product, and here are their prices:



Bikaner Plaster 25kg Rs 100 – 200 / bag
JK Lakshmi 25kg Rs 150 – 250 / bag
Sakarni Plasters 25kg Rs 150 – 350 / bag
Neelkanth Plasters 25kg Rs 300 – 600 / bag

Prices for these brands are subject to change according to the seller you purchase it through and the amount you require for your home constructions. But for those small scale DIY projects, any local art store in your area will have the same at a much lower price and in smaller quantities as per requirements.

Waiting for you is the perfect creative POP design. To complete the ensemble, choose the right option to pique your guests’ interest and play around with the details. There are dozens of ideas out there for creative POP design. To make the most of your choice, consider fitting those that match your colour scheme. To help you explore the very best way to incorporate POP designs into your home interiors, contact design experts at Bonito Designs today.

POP False Ceiling Designs with Lights

A ton can be achieved with lighting with these varied ceiling designs by providing various interior spaces. For example, you can go for a recessed ceiling design in a bedroom with the central part recessed and add adequate lighting along the edges and a beautiful chandelier in the center.

POP False Ceiling Designs with Lights

Cove lighting is another choice that is relatively trendy today. POP false ceiling designs incorporating cove lighting are a common way of decorating today’s interior ceiling designs. As they help to cover all the AC ducts and the electrical wiring, these false ceilings are becoming increasingly common, offering a neat look.


POP has become a favourite of many homeowners these days to offer a modern look to their home interiors. Most commonly, POP is used for the purpose of creating a false ceiling. But today, there are also many other options where the use of POP can create tremendous results such as the walls. If you plan the designs well, then the POP designs can offer a completely fresh look to your interiors.