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We Humans are social animals with creative intelligence and as such we need entertainment, be it in the form of visual or audio. I am herewith sharing some of the creative ideas about how you can design the interior of your home with different types of entertainment units. Entertainment units should offer a beautiful outlook and grace. It is something more than just watching television.

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1. Modern Design:

This kind of a design is a common one found these days. It generally consists of straight cabinets and shelves for keeping additional items like Books and Curios.

2. Wonder Wall:

A television can be placed on the a flat wall. It is a very appealing and eye catching.  A wonder wall consist of small shelving below the television itself to give space for  speakers if any for the sound system.

3. Entertainment Unit With Shelves:

These have very popular in the present days. Shelves can be placed below and even above the television. Designing a television units with shelves needs a lot of planning and customization. The television and the shelves should be placed in close proximity so that it should look perfect.

4. Television with Backsplash:

You can add your favourite shade behind the TV.  A bright colour and some spot lights can be used to create that extraordinary effect as well as some excitement. Bold colours are perfect for contemporary homes. These kinds of TV units are generally very exotic in looks and create an elegant ambience altogether.

5. Television on the Gallery Wall:  

Often the Television can be camouflaged on a gallery wall.  Supposing that there is a console at the base of the television, then we can create a gallery above the TV unit and place it there, rather than placing it on the empty wall. A Gallery wall also adds interesting decor to the room.

6. Floating TV:

A floating TV is nothing but that which is hanging from the wall or in other words a wall mounted TV.  Apart from an attractive look it grants a more contemporary aesthetics look as well. Things will be more streamlined and look like a room’s furniture. Some shelves can be added next to the Television to give it a contemporary look and also to add some modernity and of course to create a beautiful space all together.

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