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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 18, 2014 In Blog How to Uncategorized

Hey all,

I welcome you to my next blog. To brief about this; this blog may not be as fancy as my other blogs, but you will find useful information just like my other blog (Hiring an interior designer – Is it a right choice?)

Few pointers to pen down before approaching an interior designer:

House cannot be complete without good interiors. We were all in that stage where we dreamt of living in a beautiful palace in our childhood. Getting the quality interiors for your home that makes you WOW comes only with a two- way approach i.e., the designer and most importantly YOU.

Unfortunately, every one of us cannot afford a costly interior designer. In that case, you can go online and search for some nice DIY ideas where you can just come out with some beautiful ideas which can be implement for your dull corners. But, if you are planning to hire an interior designer for your home interiors / flat interiors, then here are some pointers to pen down before approaching them right away.

1. Research first and approach next:

Don’t approach some other random designer when you see their ads on online channels or in the newspaper. Before giving them a call, just think once and do a proper ground research. Every interior design firm now-a-days will be having their own online presence in this virtual world. So note down the most recurring companies you will find in your search results.

2. Interior designer’s Skill Test :

Once you listed down the famous design firms in your locality proceed to the next step. See their works online either on Facebook, Youtube channels and their portfolios, research more about each company like years of experience they have in this field which will land you in a safe zone. This way you can easily track if you are genuine or not.

Note: Observe how the people are responding to their designs.

Analyze their capabilities. Research more on the design aspects like if they are using some latest designs and good quality materials for their projects. Because designs without creativity has no synonym.

3. Know Interior designer work model:

Once you are satisfied with their creative thoughts, try approaching them and understand their work model.

Here are few pointers that you can ask for when you approach any designing firm.

a. Check their qualifications along with the Working process and the project timeframe they usually take-up.
b. Their quotation range among the peer competitors.
c. No of design options provided for your home.
d. No. of persons who solely takes care of your project once you sign an agreement with them.
e. No of projects you can see in real than on virtual mediums.
f. Years of warranty they are providing along with the kinds of materials and the quality of hardware they are using for each room.
g. Read their customers testimonials. If possible walk into their work in progress sites to see their execution style or even a decorated flat would do to see their finishing.


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4. Sticking to the budget:

Last but not least, finally ask them how many of their projects come in on the budget as per the client’s choice. Because it is better not to be surprised where your money is concerned!

So once you collect the basic information, now it’s your turn to decide between what is best and what is good.

P.S – If you budget is not allowing you to approach the best designer you love, try asking them for bit of a discount and you too have to take a step ahead to get that crazy stuff. Always remember creativity is god’s gift which can be weighed based on factors like skill, hard work, unique concepts. Love the blog?

Always remember creativity is no one’s assert which can be weighed based on factors like skill, hard work, unique concepts. Love the blog?

Catch you on my next blog – “Tips to follow while your project is in execution phase”

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