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by Sanchari B October 27, 2015 In Blog DIY home decor ideas Uncategorized

Candle making is easier than you think. Here are a few simple ways in which you can make beautiful candles at home.

1. Mason jar candle

Take a wick and stick one end of it to a slightly heavy metal base. Keep the other end stuck to a piece of wooden dowel. Drop the wicker into the jar and fill it up with molten wax.

Candle making methodsSource

2. Beer bottle candle

Take a beer mug made of glass. Again, insert the wick just like before. Now melt the candle gel in a separate pot and keep stirring. While stirring you will have to add liquid candle dyes. Now pour it into the mug. Now melt the paraffin wax and use it like foam. Your candle is ready.

Mug candle preparation methodsSource

3. Essential oil candle

Pour a few drops of essential oil in molten wax while making this candle. How much? Well, you call. Pour more for stronger scent and pour less if you like it mild.

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4. French Vanilla Candles

Melt some old wax or wax chips in the microwave. Now take a few fancy transparent cups and paste one end of the candle wick at the bottom of the cup. Now fill a quarter of the cup with molten wax.

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Then add a mixture of coffee beans and vanilla beans. Again pour the rest of the wax into the cup. Stir the beans to mix well.

5. Teacup candles

Take a vintage teacup and paste one end of candlewick at the bottom.

molded candle making ideas


Now melt some wax in the microwave and pour it into the teacup almost up to the brim. Allow the wax to solidify and you are good.

6. Shell candles

Paint shells with golden and silver glitter.

6. Shell candlesSource

The rest is the standard pouring of molten wax with one end of the wick stuck to the bottom.

7. Pumpkin candles for Halloween

Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin evenly. Now, as usual, melt the wax in another pot and add any scent you like.

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Now attach one end of the wick to the bottom of the pot and fill up the hollow portion with molten wax.

8. Fall leaves candle

Take a few mason jars and a few scented candles that can fit within those jars. Gather a few falls leaves from the garden. Now with the help of a brush, glue in the fall leaves within the bottle so that they can be seen from outside but won’t be exposed to the dust.

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Now just place the candles inside the jars and light them. It will create a magical fall effect.

9. Beeswax candle

Melt candle wax and add 1/5th portion of coconut oil in it while melting. Place the wick and paste one end to the bottom of a small glass jar and pour in the wax-oil mixture.

9. beeswax candleSource

Beeswax candles are environmentally friendly and actually take a longer time to burn out.

10. Hanging candles

Take a lightweight transparent mason jar. Pierce holes within its lid and uses metal wires/chains to make a hanger.


Place a votive candle within the jar and hang it up.

11. Layered crayon candles

First, attach one end of the wick to the bottom of a transparent dixie cup and then pour a little molten wax into it to fix the position of the wick. Now put a colored crayon (e.g. blue) on the top of a handful of wax crumbs and melt it in the microwave.

Layered colored candle making methodsSource

Then pour it into the dixie cup (that has the wick) while tilting the cup in one way. Now repeat the process with a few other colored crayons melted along with the wax.

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12. Water and oil candle

Fill any glass vessel with water. You can add a bit of coloring powder to get a mild color effect.

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Now pour a thin layer of cooking oil on top of the water surface and insert a floating wick in the mixture.

13. Candles in wine bottles

Chop off the upper part of used wine bottles with a wine bottle cutter. Paste one end of the wick to the bottom of these cutout bottles.

13. candles in wine bottlesSource

Now hold the wick straight at the center with the help of clips or chopsticks and then pour melted wax into the container. Let it dry.

14. Christmas candles

Take a mason jar and apply white-colored glue all over its outer wall. Now roll it in a bed of Epsom salt so that the whole surface looks coarse and snowy. – Easy Diy Christmas Gifts

14. Christmas CandlesSource

Tie twine around the neck of the jar and stick berries and Christmas picks. Ta-da!

15. Recycled candles

Use a candle that has a long wick that extends to almost twice the height of the original candle. Now use a test tube-like transparent candlestand which will hold the wax from the burning candle and will give it the shape of a new candle.


Once the original candle is exhausted, you can light up the newly made candle that was built out of dripping wax.

You will never know how easy DIY candles are until you make one yourself. So pick the one you like most and make a candle today. Who says only store-picked items look pretty? Take the initiative and give your home this little personalized touch.