Types of Laminates to Style Your Spaces

If you are planning to style up your house or office flooring with a material that is not only impressive in appearance but is also easy to clean and maintain then there is nothing equivalent to Laminates.

With a stunning finish that can add great dimensions to your space and make it look elegant; the laminates are obtainable in extensive range of choice.


The wide varieties of laminates are obtainable in either squares or planks in order to replicate other flooring materials such as ceramic tiles, wood or stone. No matter which variety you go for, the basic construction of all kinds of laminates remains the same.

The planks or squares are sandwiched with several layers that are made with use of various high quality materials. The overall construction makes these laminates exceedingly robust and durable. The final layer is coated with printed film that provides entire plank with the look of real tile, wood and is strongly protected by wear or damage.

Some of the major varieties of top-notch laminates available in souk are as follows.

  1. Textured Laminate
  2. High Gloss Laminate
  3. Glossy Laminate
  4. Semi Matte laminate
  5. Soft laminate
  6. Matt Finished Material

Textured Laminate

This is one of the finest forms of laminate flooring available at cost-effective rates. If you want to provide your interiors with high-class realistic appearance then this is the best option to go with. It can beautifully enhance the overall look of your preferred space. There is wide array of textures available to select or you can even ask for creating your own preferred texture.


The laminate surface texture is created during pressing process with use of steel plate or foil release paper. These laminates can exactly match image texture of real materials such as tiles, hardwood and can make you secure lavish interiors.

High Gloss Laminate

High gloss laminates is another great preference for homeowners that holds excellent longevity.

It is a feasible floor option that holds high sheen finish. The best fact is that it is obtainable at budget friendly rates. There is also not much hassle involved with its installation as it can be easily placed to all kinds of spaces. The flooring is extremely luxurious in appearance and is perfect to provide rich look to an interior area.


Therefore, it is an excellent option for those who want to give their homes with amazing look and that too without burdening their pockets.

Glossy Laminate

If high gloss laminates are too shiny for you then you can also opt for the wonderful option of gloss laminates. Even these laminates are shiny but not as much as high glossy finishes. This is because they are incorporated with more real wood texture as compared to high glossy laminates.

For this reason, they are able to deliver more realistic appearance to a space and at the same time serve it with wonderful shiny appearance. Gloss finish laminates are perfect choice if you want to hold little classy yet little realistic look for your interiors.

Semi Matt

Semi matt laminates are other finest choice for homeowners who want to hold floorings that can match with their country style furnishings. These laminates are very much in demand because despite of realistic in appearance they hold slightly shiny surface. This offers unique look to overall interior area in which these are floored.

Such flooring is perfect blend of sophistication with stylishness. They are available in texture of wood, tiles and others as well and can be placed in areas where there is heavy traffic all the time.

For this reason, even most offices prefer semi-matte laminate flooring.

Soft laminate

This soft laminate flooring is new addition to creativity of floorings made with laminated material. These are classic laminates that is manufacture with use of soft board materials. The best feature of these laminates is that they are warm to feet and can be obtained in high gloss or matt finish depending on the motif designed on it.


Due to use of soft board for such laminates it is preferably use in kid rooms or in areas that require additional warmth and comfort. Just like other floorings, even this floor option is obtainable in wide range of colors and textures. So, you can conveniently select for best option that can make your interior more beautiful.

Matt Finished Material

Matt finished laminates are completely non-glossy. They are not at all shiny and hold totally real appearance. They are perfect replica to real floor materials with the only difference in their construction. Informal spaces, kitchen and other such areas can be perfectly enhanced with this form of flooring.

  • It holds excellent resistance to scratch or dust and therefore not requires as much cleaning as other laminates do. So, if you want to make the look simple yet eye-catching then matte laminates is the finest choice available at affordable means.
  • Laminate flooring holds three excellent features of easy maintenance, durability and robustness. You can choose from any of the options available depending on your need and preferences.

For easy maintenance the matt laminates is best choice, but if you want shiny and classy look then only high glossy, or gloss laminates can provide it to you.

High glossy laminate floorings are more reflective and it is therefore better for dining or living rooms. You can opt for matte flooring to refurbish your kitchen or laundry area. also, if you don’t want dust to show much on your floor then matt and semi matt laminates can better serve your requirement.


The cost of floorings made with laminate material is not much. Besides affordability, laminates are also very much easy to maintain. They are available in variety of wonderful textures and colors. Laminate is sturdy material that is also very much durable and possesses excellent resistance to dent, scratch or damage.

It is even available in desired size and shape. You can truly assess your personal style with high quality laminates. So, if you want really beautiful floorings that are completely eye appealing and can match up with any cabinetry, furnishing, light fixture or hardware then go for installing laminates flooring now.

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