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by Sravani Padmanabhuni February 21, 2014 In Base Material Blog Interiors Decoded Uncategorized

When it comes to selecting flooring for homes, then homeowners wish to secure floor that is durable and can provide rich look to a space. Great rich appearance can be secured with high quality laminates of different kinds.

High – Gloss Laminates – A Perfect Choice to Have Classy Floor Decor

An excellent kind of laminate floor is high gloss laminates. This is particularly an attractive option due to its shiny finish.
Construction – This form of laminate cover holds its luster like hardwood due to use of digital technology. With such technological advancement manufacturers are able to create wide ranging colors, designs and patterns of glossy laminates.
The professionals generate virtually indistinguishable images that are printed on film layer. This layer is placed between transparent resin layer and flooring’s core that makes glossy laminates shiny and sturdy.
Varieties – This form of laminate flooring is available in multiple finishes, species like teak, oak and plenty of colors and designs to choose from.
Cost – As compared to traditional hardwood flooring, it is budget friendly option to go for. There is even no additional cost linked with it for professional assistance and therefore homeowners can save lot of money by selecting this floor cover. For these reasons, it is greatly preferred by homeowners.
Installation – Besides this, even installing high glossy laminates is very easy. It is installed with tongue and groove system where there is no need of glue which makes the installation easy and fast.
Maintenance – Even there is less maintenance involved with this flooring as compared to hardwood flooring. It does not involve regular waxing and can be conveniently cleaned with vacuum, broom or mop.
High gloss laminates possess excellent resistance to stains and damages because it is layered with high quality material at top. It is an excellent option for those who want to retain shiny floors for long years this is because it retains its shine even after rough use.
Durability and Usability – It is also an exceedingly durable form of flooring and can be therefore used in moderate to high commercial spaces. Since, it is wear resistant so it can last for long period of time.
The overall appearance of this flooring is smooth and highly attractive. There are no chances of depositing grime or dirt within these laminates. The great versatility possessed by this flooring makes it suitable to be employed in plenty of applications such as at table tops, kitchen, counter tops, cabinets, wall linings and more.
It is made under high pressure with four different layers. High glossy laminates offers finest durability, longevity and functionality that makes it suitable to be used in more than one area of a home.

Thickness – This laminate is available in wide ranging thickness starting from 7 mm to 12 mm.

Semi – Gloss Laminates – Offering Rich Floor Décor with Easy Maintenance

In case high gloss laminates is too shiny then homeowners can also consider the finest option of semi-gloss laminates.
ConstructionThe surface of this laminate is also shiny but not as much as that of high glossy covers. This is because these laminates are incorporated with more real wood texture. For this reason, it is preferred by homeowners who want to hold classy floors that are fueled with benefits of glossy and textured laminate floorings.
Resistance and Durability – It is excellent flooring that holds great resistance to moths, moisture and stains. The gloss laminate possess excellent resistance to water and damage as well. Since, its construction is strong so, it is free from damage or bending and is free from wear and tear. For such reasons, it is well suitable to places of high traffic.
Installation – Both installing and maintaining this laminate is very much easy. It can be installed with groove and tongue system or can be glued as well.
Cost – The price of buying this laminate is very much affordable.
Usability – It can be used in kitchen counter tops, bedrooms, kid rooms and more such areas.
Thickness – Just like high gloss laminates even these pieces are obtainable in varied thickness ranging from 7 mm to 12 mm. higher the thickness implies more durable is the laminate.
Maintenance – It is easy to maintain laminate that can be effectively cleaned with use of simple cleaning solutions like groom or vacuum.
Both high gloss and gloss laminates are made with high quality materials that are constructed robustly to deliver floorings with durability and long serving life.
There is only little difference between the costs of these two floor covers, but both of them are affordable. So, any of these laminates can be selected to have shiny and classy floors at pocket-friendly rates.