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by Sravani Padmanabhuni February 18, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Hardware Interiors Decoded Uncategorized

Laminate floors have always been considered the finest way to décor homes at budget-friendly means. This is the perfect way to secure natural wood appearance in any space.


The best thing is that these laminate covers are suitable not only for floors but even for other spaces of a house such as cupboards, table tops, wardrobes and more.

Out of various varieties of laminates available in market one exclusive and sophisticated form is matte laminate. This form of laminate cover does not possess any sort of shine and is perfect to be employed in areas that require informal outlook.

As compared to other forms of laminate finishes, this does not deliver as rich look as others do but it is fit to serve areas that need natural wood appearance at low rates.

If you want to have laminate covers for kitchen counter tops, laundry rooms and more such spaces then this is the perfect choice.

Some more features of matte laminate flooring covers are:

This is one of the most preferred forms of laminates finishes for homeowners. It is ideal to be placed in areas where traffic is more. It is prone to wear and tear and is therefore good to be installed in areas of high traffic.

The laminates of matte finish are great for installing in laundry areas, shelves, dressing spaces and more.

This is highly attractive form of laminate that does not possess any sort of shine. It is not at all glossy. For this reason, it gives more like appearance of natural wood.
This form of laminate finish is available in variety of distinct patterns, designs and colors and tends to deliver excellent appearance.
This is extremely durable laminate form that possesses great resistance to scratches, dents and marks. It is robustly constructed in order to serve users with long years of service life.
It can easily withstand high traffic and holds resistance from stains, water and more such factors. Since, it is not shiny so even large scratches are not much visible on it.
Maintenance and care
Maintaining matte laminates is very easy. It can be conveniently cleaned with a non wax floor cleaner.

Laminate MaintenanceSource

It is only essential for users to make sure that there is no moisture or water saturated while cleaning this form of laminate cover in order to avoid occurrence of discoloration. Besides this it can be easily maintained.
Just like other forms of laminates, even installing matte finish laminates is also very easy. It can be installed with tongue and groove system or can be glued to the floor. Individuals can select any type of installation method depending on their budget.
It is robustly constructed laminate which holds four different layers. The internal layer is compressed with other three layers in order to make him hard and strong.
The final layer of this laminate holds matte finish and it is because of this layer that this cover is free from glossy appearance. This is available in both high pressure construction form and low pressure construction form.

Thickness and AC rating

It is available in varieties of thickness that varies from 7mm to 12mm.

Ac ratingSource

Even it is obtainable in distinct AC ratings with higher the AC rating better is the laminate cover. So, if one wants to have exceedingly durable laminate cover then this is the ultimate piece to go for.


Finally, the cost of matte laminate is not much. It is available at budget-friendly rates and can fit requirements of those who are not able to spend money on other expensive laminates available in market.
Laminate covers are increasingly preferred by homeowners. This is a finest floor cover that can beautify any space.

So, if you want to enhance look of your space then this is the most amazing and affordable way to get it done.