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15 Interesting Tile Designs for Your Home

Tiles are indispensable part of the home. When people build their new house, they want every nook and corner of their house to look amazing. In that case, everyone becomes particular about choosing the tile designs for each room. May it be floor tiles or wall tiles, they become very choosy.

As far as tile design is concerned, they look into the following factors:

  • Colour,
  • finish,
  • material and look.

In order to educate on variety of patterned tile designs, just take a look at the different tile patterns listed below, before opting for the tiles that add the classy touch to your home.

Sweater tile design

Sweater tile design can be used mainly in kids room, play area or for a cozy living room.

It imparts the warm feeling during winters and also doesn’t harm kids who often fall down while playing.

Mediterranean accent tiles

Mediterranean is known for its scenic beauty and no doubt is the tile pattern that has its name. The Mediterranean accent design gives that vibrant and colourful look to the wall. It is usually used in bathroom wall tiles.

It can also be used for flooring, if you feel like creating uniqueness.

Diagonal tile design

This tile pattern is one of the commonly used designs in almost all the houses.

When used in any of the rooms for flooring, it imparts simple and organised look to the floor.

The contemporary center style

The contemporary center style is mostly used in the large hall or lounge flooring. This way the entire floor looks plain but the center alone has the design.

This is a new trend followed by many of them, who love to be simple yet remarkable.

Glass tile pattern

Glass groove tile pattern is usually used on the walls or floors to make the space dazzle with the contemporary look.

This tile pattern is usually easy to be cleaned, i.e. stains don’t adhere to these tile patterns and hence it becomes easy to clean.

Stone designs tiles

Stone pattern on the wall give that rugged feel and royal vintage look to the ambience.

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Stone pattern of tiles are usually preferred in the foyer and kitchen to draw the attention of the guests and stand out from the other spaces at home.

Concrete tile pattern

The concrete floor design can be mainly used in the foyer to give that rough and rigid look.

Brick style tiles

If you wish to have a different space, you can bring that by altering the tile design of the wall or the floor.

Any type of furniture or things will look great with that, owing to its antique feel.

Modular carpet tile pattern

The carpet tile pattern is adopted to give the most luxurious feel.

It is mainly used at home office or seldom used room.

Porcelain tile designs

Porcelain tile pattern is another type of tile styles that are often seen in many of the houses. And moreover, look at this design style; do you believe that it is made of porcelain? It is actually made of porcelain in wood finish.

It looks very simple, easy to wipe the stain off and looks apt to any kind of the room.

Penny tile design

The penny tile design is usually used in the bathroom and kitchen walls or floors. When used on the walls, it is either used as a border of the main tile design or the entire wall is adorned with this.

When used on the floor, the proportion varies owing to the size of penny tile one selects.

Feature tile pattern

Feature tile design or feature flooring tile design imparts the sense of artistry.

The design of this tile pattern has combination of different colours playing a vital role. This can look good on kitchen floors and walls.

Hexagonal ceramic tile designs

Hexagonal ceramic tile designs adhere to classic appearance.

Using these patterns of tiles can make your home look chic and elegant.

Geometric tile designs

This type of design is usually used to create the sense of balance in the space where they are embedded as tiles. It also gives that formal look to the space when used.

Generally, bathroom and kitchen walls will look good, when geometric tile design is used, though exceptions are always seen.

Marble mosaic tile pattern

The mosaic tile pattern is one of the most commonly used tile designs by the majority of the people, due to its cost effectiveness and simplicity.

When a normal mosaic tile is installed, it gives a decent look to the space. But, the marble mosaic tile pattern has the capacity to elevate the look of the entire house.

Before selecting the tile designs for your house, make sure you look carefully into the colour, stain adherence, material, look and comfort always.

A Tile design guide for every rooms. Read carefully to know what type of tile pattern would suit your walls and floors.


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    28 Nov, 2015



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