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Bathroom Tiles: Handy tips and tricks to choose and maintain them

By making the right choices, and adopting the accurate techniques of maintenance, you can make your bathroom tiles stay attractive forever.
Did you ever see a tiled bathroom design in a magazine and say “Wow! This is what I want when I refashion my house.”? Did you just dream about it, or look through the pros and cons of having that exact same thing?

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Bathroom tiles although come in a plethora of designs and an array of colours, it is all the more important to make the correct choices to make your space look aesthetic and neat.
We provide you some tit bits on how to know which tile is the best for your bathroom makeover tips, and how you can always keep them clean and polished like new.
You have to consider the tiles for a place that’s requires to be most hygienic and spotless. Thus, the tiles you select should be easy to clean and wipe.

These tiles that you place would be under a constant bout of water, keep in mind that they should be water resistant and must dry quickly.

You have to take care to seal your tiles well enough to prevent any damage caused by the water. A good practice is to waterproof the bathroom floor before placing your tiles. This way the expensive tiles would stay protected for the years to come.


Although it all boils down to your personal preference, the common drill is to use the lighter shades for bathroom tiles. White, cream, beige are the usual choices if you want a small space to look vast.


Selecting these colours would make your bathroom inviting and more appealing, they will reflect light, and your bathroom would look perky and fresh.
If it a small space you are thinking of redoing, it is a good idea to select different shades of the same color for both the walls and the floor. You might as well use different sizes or texture of tiles for both.
For a larger available area, let the artist within you do the job. Do take some hints from professionals to make your design look just out of a glossy magazine page!


Uncut tiles look visually better. Make a note to select the size of the tiles based on the available space between other bathroom fittings, like the cabinet, bathtub or the toilet. For a bigger floor area, large size tiles are the best choice provided they aren’t cut in many places.


Else, the floor would turn out to look like an uneven mosaic of absurd shapes. If the floor space available is less you can select smaller or even medium sized tiles.


Choose from a myriad of possibilities out there. If you are on a tight budget choose the ceramic or porcelain ones. A little relaxed pocket would allow to choose from marble, limestone, granite or slate tiles. These are a little difficult to maintain, nevertheless look as luxurious as they naturally are.
Choose what may, as the options available are countless and each one looks and feels better than the rest.


Vinyl is the most durable material available for the floor tiles, low on cost, easy to set up, appealing, and stays on new for like forever.
Porcelain tiles would last longer and won’t chip easily. While procuring, make sure to ask for ceramics and porcelain tiles fit to be used on the floor(With a greater COF for ceramic, and at least PEI III for porcelain).
Nowadays, you can also install the options like glass, linoleum, and even cork tiles and keep your boastful chatty side going for quite some time!
If you cannot resist from choosing a wooden floor, make sure to seal it well during the fixing itself. A good adhesive will do the trick. You also must apply multiple coats of polyurethane to keep it protected. A strong suggestion would be to avoid using the wooden floors for the faucet and shower areas.
Cordon off your wet and dry areas and install an underfloor heating panel to make your bathroom look like any one of those luxury style designer restrooms.

Bathroom tiles Maintenance:

Stained grout are the worst enemies to your otherwise refreshing bathroom.

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How to maintain bathroom tiles?
Choose a grout cleaning product that has anti-fungal and bleaching agents in it.
Let the solution soak and then wash and rinse your floor thoroughly. Take care to replace the grout when you feel it’s dirty beyond cleaning.


It is an easy and cost effective measure to regain the luster to the bathroom floor. Use white vinegar for any molds that night have cropped up. Prevent spills, and clean them instantly.
Make it a routine to keep your bathroom floor dry and clean, at all times. Invest in a good quality steam cleaner, if you want to retain the expensive shine of the tiles.
Take on a minimalist approach to decorate your bathrooms. This will not only give the illusion of a bigger cleaner space, but would effectively be more sanitised and germ-free. Given the high moisture content of the area, a non-cluttered space is an ideal choice.