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Are you on a look out to find some of the best cleaning solutions to clean wooden laminate flooring?

Laminate floorings also give a warm and cozy natural feel to the look of the house. We all know that laminated floors are lot more durable and we choose these in our homes because of their shine and finish.

Laminate wooden floors require to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent them from getting injured or distorted, but use of harsh cleansers should be avoided that can cause streaks or damage the cover.

These type of floors require mopping with a dry mop regularly, but for more powerful cleaning, warm water or mild cleaners can also be practical. Some of the best ways to clean laminate floors are described below.


Bleach can be mixed and used in cleaning water to clean stubborn dirt. Bleach should be used in small doses for a non-staining effect. Floors must be regularly swept with a dry dust mop frequently to remove daily dust and dirt. Regular sweeping of Laminate wooden floors also ensures that excess dirt in the form of hairs or other waste prevents scratches from forming.

Cleaning laminate floors with Vinegar

Best ways to clean laminate floors is with a blend of vinegar and water, it is recommended to avoid traditional wood cleaners. To make a solution of vinegar and water for cleaning, mix one-fourth cup of white vinegar with one litre water.

Diluted vinegar is particularly constructive in removing mud dirt or other stains that have caused the floor to become dull or dreary.

Another deterrent for stains would be a mix of one-third cup of vinegar with three to four drops of dish washer solution; this is combined together with three to four liters of warm water to get a power cleaning base.

This is the best laminate cleaning methods can be used as spray cleaner also. However it is always recommended to wipe dry the flooring portion that is sprayed almost immediately before the laminate shine wears out.

Warm water

Ideally lukewarm water should be used to clean the laminate floors once every week or on weekends, since warm water is often considered one of the best natural methods that can remove floor streaks.

One can use a sponge mop for this purpose. The mop should be mildly damp and must be wringed out properly before very use.

Never allow the laminate flooring to be wet, as water can also cause staining on the laminate floors if it is allowed to be on floor for long durations.

After using a wet moped, it is advised to dry the area with a dried out clean cloth.

Baby Shampoos and alcohol

Another cleaning solution for laminate floors is a mix of a bucketful of hot water and two to three tablespoon of baby shampoo. Baby shampoos are gentle on floors and strong enough to remove stains.

baby shampoo floor cleaner

However adult shampoos should be totally avoided since the harsh chemicals of adult shampoos can remove the natural shine from the laminate floors.

If more extra cleaning power is required then using a little bit of alcohol with warm water helps to get that extra shine on one’s laminate floorings.

Cleaning laminate wood floors with herbal solutions:

If one has crawling kids or kids who tend to loather a lot on floor, then using herbal cleaning solutions for laminate floors can be of a great help.

One such herb that can be used as disinfectant cleaner is lavender. Smelling wonderful, lavender can be boiled for half an hour in water and then strained into a spray bottle to make a great floor cleaner.

Cleaning laminate floors naturally:

The same step can be repeated and used for rosemary or eucalyptus, whichever is available or according to whichever herb one prefers.

However it is advised not to mix all the herbs together in one disinfectant bottle instead one can use different disinfectant bottles for different herbal floor cleaner solutions.

Eucalyptus floor cleaner solution is found to be effective insect resistant and lavender posses’ anti-bacterial properties in cleaning laminate naturally.

Some natural care stores also sell ready made herbal disinfectants such as lavender oils, tree tea oils or orange oil which can be mixed with warm water to create the cleaning solution for laminate floorings.

Soapy water:

Soapy water is an ideal choice for cleaning floors that have been open to the dust elements and shoe marks.

clean laminates with soap water
How to Clean Laminate Floors?

Soapy solutions can be prepared by missing three drops of liquid soap to one litre of lukewarm water, and this solution can be used either as a spray or moped cleaner.

How to clean laminate floors?

Cleaning equipment: 

The cleaning cloth used for the floor should be soft and even, harsh uneven and abrasive cloth should be totally avoided as such kind of cloth when used can cause scratches to form on floors.

Other alternative is sponges or sponge mops. Stiff and harsh mops should be avoided for use on laminate floorings. In case one is weary of using a dry dust mop, one can also use a vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment.

The proper way of cleaning a laminate floor is to clean it or brush it in the direction the tiles were laid, this way the dirt from between the tiles are also removed. In case there are any spills on the floor, one has to clean wipe the spills immediately to prevent it from becoming a stubborn stain.

A cloth or a sponge should be kept handy to clean spills such as alcohol, coffee or any other spills immediately. One could also use a microfiber cloth for removing floor stains.

Cleaning technique: Steps to clean laminate floors

One can also start from the center of the floor and work their way to the exteriors of the floor, if one starts from the exteriors and goes to the center there are chances of re-contamination of the cleaned parts. One can also wipe the floor from one side to another, starting from one end of the room and going to the other end of the room, thereby covering the entire floor area.

It is necessary to clean the mop continuously as one works the way across the floor so that the dirt from one part of the floor doesn’t spread on to another part of the room.

While wet cleaning your laminate floor, make sure that the cleaned floor dries up soon. If it doesn’t dry by a minute one can hand dry the floor with the help of a dried out clean soft cloth or a microfiber cloth.

Removal of moulds, stains and other wastes:

  • It is necessary to prevent wax build up when cleaning laminated floors with serpentine solution and a toothbrush, otherwise it is observed that dirt gathers around the wax portions.
How to Clean Laminate Floors?
  • Sandpapers can be used to do away with rigid mold on the floor. Chewing gums, crayon marks or ink struck on floors can be removed with a plastic knife, instead of metal knife and leftover residue can be removed with any mild laminate disinfectants or mineral spirits.
  • Nail polish or shoe polish or grease stains can be removed with nail polish remover. One can wipe the stained cleaned area with a microfiber cloth soaked in mild disinfect treated clean water afterward to remove any residues if present.

Cleaning and maintaining a laminate floor can be an easy task once you follow the above steps in a smooth way.