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byBonito Designs March 29, 2024 In Design Trends


best space saving furniture ideas

Small apartments are becoming ever so popular in our large and busy cities. With the immense list of advantages they offer, such as lower utility bills, easy maintenance, and a minimal lifestyle, it’s no wonder why so many people are gravitating to smaller spaces. However, with living in smaller spaces, particularly for a longer time, comes the need for practical furniture that helps save space, while offering ample storage to keep your home’s interiors clutter-free. If you’ve just moved into your dream small apartment or are planning on doing so, we show you some of the best space saving furniture ideas you can take inspiration from.   

Pain Point   

Traditional furniture options can be great for larger apartments but can often make smaller apartments look cluttered as they don’t optimise space well.   


The key to making your small apartment both functional and seem airy and spacious is to design your interiors with space saving furniture that offers you the functionality you need, without taking up a lot of square footage.   

Foldable Dining Tables

Foldable Dining Tables 

When living in a small home, a dedicated dining table often becomes a luxury, especially if you live alone. However, the lack of space doesn’t need to prevent you from being able to enjoy a good meal with your loved ones on a proper dining table.   

Enter, the foldable dining table. A piece of furniture that’s screwed into the wall with a mechanism that allows you to fold it out whenever you need it, a foldable dining table can be a great space saving furniture idea for small apartments.   

What’s more, the idea of a foldable table can work for more than just your dining table. It could even be a great idea for a study or a desk or even an ironing board or a table. Purpose-built furniture like this offers you the perfect balance between space and functionality.   

If your kitchen has an island, you can even experiment with the idea of a pull-out table. A pull-out table attached to a kitchen island can be a great alternative to a dedicated dining table, saving more space in your home’s interiors.   

Modular Sofa Beds  

Modular Sofa Beds  

Take a quick peek into any bedroom, and you’ll see a bed, a wardrobe, a set of bedside tables, among other pieces of furniture. However, this layout can often make a small space look cramped.  

This is where modular furniture can come in handy. A sofa bed, for example, can be a great way to create more space in a second bedroom or even in your living room. When used as a sofa, it offers you a space to sit down and relax. 

When you need to create the space for someone to sleep, however, you can open it up to transform this sofa into a bed. A modular piece like this offers immense flexibility, allowing you to create space while also serving two purposes.   

What makes these pieces great space saving furniture ideas is that they sometimes also come with compartments to store additional knickknacks. Storage spaces like these allow you to keep things out of sight, while also eliminating the need to clutter your space with an additional cabinet or wardrobe.   

One of the benefits of designing full home interiors today is that you have a wide variety of solutions to choose from. If, for example, you want to make use of a full-size bed, rather than a sofa bed, you can still find plenty of pieces with storage spaces incorporated into them.  

Murphy Beds   

Murphy Beds   

If a sofa bed isn’t your cup of tea, especially if you don’t need the extra seating, you can always opt for a Murphy bed. These are the ultimate space saving furniture ideas for small apartments and can free up a great deal of space in your bedroom.   

A Murphy bed is one that folds up vertically into a dedicated frame mounted to the wall, freeing up space for you to exercise, or even use a study or workspace.   

The key highlight of a Murphy bed is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be incorporated into a bedroom alone. If your home has a free wall, you can seamlessly integrate a Murphy bed into it. This approach transforms any spare space in your home into a bedroom, making it a handy solution if you often have a lot of company or regularly host friends and family.   

Using Vertical Space  

Using Vertical Space  

If there’s one thing small apartments often struggle with, it’s floor space. The more furniture you add to your space, the more cluttered it looks. This is where it helps to make use of vertical spaces to incorporate storage solutions or even decorate your home interiors.   

The use of tall bookshelves or even floating shelves, for instance, are some of the best space saving furniture ideas you can consider. When designing a bookshelf, for instance, you can make use of a whole wall and design it with a combination of open and closed shelving. This balance ensures that the shelf doesn’t make your space look small and allows you to balance storage with aesthetics.   

Similarly, making use of floating furniture can be a great way of adding key pieces to your home’s interiors without cluttering the floor. A floating TV cabinet, for instance, is a brilliant idea.   

Another useful tip is to make use of the space behind doors. Over-the-door storage solutions using hooks, for instance, can be a great way to hang clothes and other essentials without taking up space on the floor.   

In Conclusion   

Knowing how to incorporate the best space saving furniture ideas in your home might seem easy but implementing them with precision requires the expertise of a professional.   

Whether it’s incorporating a sofa bed or a Murphy bed, or even a foldable or roll-out bed, there are plenty of options you can use across your small apartment. At Bonito Designs, we are at the forefront of innovating the best solutions for homes of all sizes and configurations. We’re India’s one and only ISO-certified full home interior brand, which makes us the best in the business.   

What’s more, with a team of over 300 interior designers and a 7-step quality check mechanism, we ensure a stress-free experience with the expertise you need to design a truly opulent and functional space.

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