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Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas 2021

Modular Kitchen – Overview

The kitchen is the energy source of the house. Thus, it is crucial to keep it not just clean but also super functional. Offering proper modular kitchen interior designs can help in not just making the kitchen look beautiful but also in making it efficient and functional.

Modular Kitchen Interior Design Style 2021

Wish to have a trendy kitchen to grab the attention of the guests? Here are the blog for 12 kitchen design styles that are best suited to Indian homes.

#1 Modular Kitchen Interior Design: Bright Colored Kitchens

One of the most trending kitchen ideas is that of having bright colors on the walls such as red, emerald green, and yellow. Not just on the walls, even other elements in the kitchen are also installed complementing the bright colors of the wall to offer a unique theme.

#2 Modular Kitchen Interior Design: Stainless Steel Kitchens

The use of stainless steel for the wardrobes, cabinets, and other storage units offers a contemporary look to the kitchen. Also, as stainless steel is rust-free, it keeps the kitchen away from bacteria and fungus.

#3 Modular Kitchen Interior Design: Glass Structure

Having glass sliders for the entry door of the kitchen, and even for the storage units offer a seamless transition and efficient functionality to the person working in such a kitchen.

#4 Modular Kitchen Interior Design: Designed Flooring

The designed flooring with the use of Turkish or Moroccan tiles offers a unique and bright look to the kitchen. But these tiles are perfect for only those kitchens that are huge enough. Installing such flooring in a smaller kitchen can make them look even smaller.

#5 Modular Kitchen Interior Design: Industrial Kitchens

Here we are not talking about the kitchens of any industrial hub, rather we are talking about having an industrial-style kitchen at home. Such a style is attained by leaving the wires and beams open and using metallic lights and handles.

#6 Modular Kitchen Interior Design: Green Kitchen

Do you have a soft corner for gardening, but you do not have enough space at home for it. You can create your very own garden in the kitchen itself. Install small planters on the countertop corners or on extra spaces and grow herbs and spices that you will require for your daily cooking needs.

#7 Modular Kitchen Interior Design: Functional Kitchen

Having a functional kitchen rather than just one for show and bizz is taking precedence for homeowners. Different pull outs and drawers to have access to cutleries and other items instantly saves time and make your task much efficient. Also, many such kitchens also have holders for smartphones or spaces to place laptops so that you can balance your home and office together.

Modular Kitchen Interior Color Trends

While the whites and the nudes are the all-time favorites, the addition of bright colors is one of the new modular kitchen ideas. Here are some of the color options for kitchens that are trending in the year 2021.

The Soft Shades:

You can find several soft shades that are also attractive to look at such as light pink, lavender, and similar that adorn the modern kitchen pretty well.

The Blues:

While many people love to paint their kitchen walls in blue, there are many others who might keep the nudes for the walls but provide a touch of bluish here and there through different accessories and other elements. One of the most common bluish shades that are being used in kitchens these days is turquoise.

The Greens:

Greens are also getting quite popular these days as you can use the bright as well as the light shades of this color. Some of the common shades of green that are quite trendy are teal and emerald green.

The Bold Colors:

If you are bold enough to offer a unique and statement look to your kitchen, you can definitely try out the bold colors such as blood red and sunshine yellow.

Modular Kitchen Interior Accessories

Sometimes just making a few changes in the accessories can make a huge difference in the kitchen interiors. While a professional is the best person to help you design your kitchen with the right accessories, here are some of the modular kitchen interior accessories ideas that you can utilize.

Go Handleless:

Usually, the cabinets, drawers, and other storage units have knobs and handles to open and close them. But as kitchens nowadays are quite smaller in size, the trend is to go handleless that can create an illusion of having a bigger space. It also offers a seamless look to the kitchen interiors.

Natural add ons:

While the idea of a modular kitchen is to create a lot of storage solutions and make the kitchen interior look seamless, a few accessories added to the mix bring freshness. A small frame rack on one wall to keep small jars or bottles can be one such trick. At times, also keeping some planters here and there can also be one of the options.

Modular Kitchen Interior Material Trends

Often choosing the right material for your kitchen interiors can make a huge difference. Here are some of the modular kitchen interior material trends of the year 2021.

Natural Stones:

Quite obvious, natural stones are the very first choice of many homeowners. There are so many options when it comes to natural stones such as marble, granite, quartz, and many others. These are available in different colors and patterns so that you can choose the right one based on the look you wish to offer to your kitchen.


The second most commonly used material in the kitchen interiors is metal. Though there are several options such as copper, brass, and others, it is the stainless steel that is most commonly used for the modular kitchen interiors in 2021.

Natural Wood:

The next option that you can have for your modular kitchen in 2021 is that of natural wood. You can choose hardwood as well as laminates for the purpose. You can also make use of wood of natural color as well as of some other varieties of brown color.


Glass is another amazing option that is available for kitchen interiors. There are different patterns and textures now available in glass so that you can make use of the right one for your kitchen interiors. Glass is also available in different color options to make you choose the best one.
Experts say that you can cook good food when you feel good about it. It is only possible when you feel great in the environment where you are cooking, that is your kitchen. Offering a makeover to your kitchen does not just make your kitchen look pretty but also offers it efficiency and functionality. Hence, choose your modular kitchen interior design smartly to get the best results.

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