12 Kitchen Design Styles That are Best for Indian Homes

12 Kitchen Design Styles That are Best Suited to Indian Homes

When you are planning for a spacious kitchen, several ideas may come into your mind, such as the layout of your kitchen. Today, a lot of people prefer to have an open kitchen while there are still many people who prefer to go by the traditional form. While these are some very essential elements to check while planning your kitchen, it is also essential to think about a proper option from various kitchen design styles.
Most people may think of just calling up the local carpenter and installing a few cabinets in the name of having a modular kitchen. However, if you also have such an idea, you need to understand that kitchen interior design is much different than just installing cabinets.
If noticed in a wide spectrum, there are several design styles available for the kitchen space. But as Indian cooking style is different from any other cooking style across the world, the styles for Indian homes also have to be quite distant.

Kitchen Design Styles for Indian Homes

So, here are some efficient kitchen design styles that can be said to be absolutely perfect and best suited for Indian homes.

  1. Traditional Style: Now the modular style of the kitchen came into existence just 2 decades ago in India. 2 decades ago, storage was given the main preference and no one talked much about having the sleek look that people have today. The backsplash wall of the kitchen is offered a nude shade and also the colour of the cabinets and lofts are kept in light shade, mostly white. The cabinets have handles and grooves and there is only one source of light in the entire kitchen.Traditional Style Kitchen Design
  2. Modern Style: As the name suggests, the modern style kitchen design is absolutely opposite to the traditional kitchen style. The design of all the storage units is kept seamless and smooth, especially with either a push-to-open mechanism or profile handles. A diverse number of lighting options are used for different places such as task lights, cabinet lights, or even pendant lights over breakfast counters. Even at the backsplash, the use of glass finish is mostly used in place of the tiles that were being used in traditional design.Modern Style Kitchen Design
  3. Transitional Style: Transitional kitchen style is for those who wish to have a vintage look but do not wish to compromise over their convenience. It is a combination of the traditional as well as the modern style of kitchen design styles. Most commonly, the cabinets in this style are constructed with handles and grooves while the applications are installed in-built. Similarly, the backsplash may have a tiled look and the lights are much more exposed in this kitchen.Transitional Style Kitchen Design
  4. Countryside Style: Countryside style is mainly the open kitchen format that comes in with proper comfort too. Mostly wooden work is used in the kitchen to welcome warmth. The walls may have stones and brick walls to get a countryside look. Warm colours such as the wooden tones fit the best for such kitchen interiors.Countryside Style Kitchen Design
  5. Industrial Style: While the industrial style is most commonly used in restaurants, today many house owners also prefer to bring this style home. Open wires, unfinished ceilings, and lots of metallic lights and fittings make up an industrial-style kitchen interior. The best part about this style is that it is not just affordable to have but also is super easy to maintain.Industrial Style Kitchen Interior Design
  6. Shabby Chic: Shabby Chic style is something that one can find in many Indian home kitchens. It is all about arranging everything with the imperfections available in the existing kitchen. There can be racks on an empty wall to beautifully arrange glass bowls on them or jute baskets arranged at certain corners to clear up the mess that otherwise would have been cluttered in the kitchen.Shabby Chic Style Kitchen Interior Design
  7. Bohemian Style: Bohemian style is all about lots of colours and lots of plants. Even the flooring of the kitchen will have colourful tiles along with the walls of the kitchen. Along with the floor and the walls, the cabinets and other aesthetics are also covered with bright and complimenting colours. Also, there can be a lot of layered patterns used to bring warmth to the kitchen. Bright coloured jars and elements add up colours to the corners where it is plain. You can even bring some of your greens from the garden in your kitchen to add up the natural green shade.Bohemian Style Kitchen Interior Design
  8. Contemporary Style: Contemporary style is actually not a particular style but it is something that is currently in trend. So, most elements in the current trend are from the modern style such as lots of storage with sleek handles, two-toned kitchen interior colour, and several lights depending upon the requirements. You can add plants if you wish to have and also can choose tiles of stones for your walls depending upon your mood.Contemporary Style Kitchen Interior Design
  9. Scandinavian Style: The Scandinavian style has traveled across the world and has successfully convinced the Indian homemakers too to adopt it in the kitchen. This style is all about absolutely nude shade and a lot of natural lighting. Most commonly, white is the tone that is selected for the walls and even the laminates and the countertops of the kitchen. Apart from the white shade, light wooden shade is also used in combination especially for the tiles on the wall at the backsplash. Indian kitchen is all about oily cooking. Hence, having darker shade tiles on the walls is better as the white ones will definitely get dirty quite fast. You can also bring in some plants such as colourful flowers inside the kitchen that would definitely offer a great look to the entire interior.Scandinavian Kitchen Design Style
  10. Mid-Century Modern: A lot of people get confused between the mid-century modern kitchen design and the open kitchen design. The mid-century modern design is mainly the style where the dining area is brought together with the cooking area to create a huge space and call it a kitchen. While a single straight layout is used in this kitchen, the wall can be used for hanging pots and pans too. Usually, colours such as teal and mauve are used to make it super attractive and patterned tiles are used to bring in the actual look.Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design
  11. Colonial Style: The Britishers ruled over us for 150 years and left a design style for our kitchen for sure. This style is again perfect for huge open kitchen areas where a small seating setup can be integrated. Curvy wooden chairs, chandeliers, cabinets with sophisticated glass handles, chessboard pattern at the backsplash wall, and dark-shaded wooden finish are some of the elements that are used to recreate the colonial style.Colonial Style Kitchen Design
  12. Eclectic Style: This particular style is mainly a combination of all the above-mentioned styles. There are different elements that you can select depending upon your choice and requirements. You can have a lacquered glass at the backsplash to offer a modern look while you can have grooved cabinets to maintain the traditional style as well. Similarly, you can bring in colours such as blue from the bohemian style while you can also maintain the whites from the Scandinavian style. This becomes a combination in such a way that all the best elements complement each other pretty well.Eclectic Style Kitchen Design


Factors to Focus in an Indian Kitchen

While the above-mentioned are the different kitchen design styles, there are certain essential elements to focus on while styling an Indian kitchen,

    • The Backsplash: It is extremely essential to take care of the backsplash as Indian kitchens have a lot of oil-based cooking and the oil splashes on the wall, making it dirty. Hence, it is essential to use a material that can be cleaned conveniently or a colour should be used that can hide the oil marks.Backsplash for Indian Kitchen
    • The Light: Indian cooking also has a lot of chopping and cutting. Hence, it is essential to have a proper focus light over the countertop so that you can see your ingredients properly. Lights within the cabinets are also necessary to search for that one small jar of secret spices that you bring out only when you’re cooking a signature dish.Lighting for Kitchen
    • Functionality: Indian cooking means a lot of ingredients and a lot of utensils. Hence, you need to have everything within your range to cook conveniently. But spreading out everything on the countertop for cooking can make the entire kitchen quite messy. Hence, the modular kitchen fittings should be such that everything can come within range without the need of spreading everything out. For example, the pull-outs just below the stove counter to get spices or the tall cabinets just above the stove to get the oil bottles and others.Make Kitchen Functionality Easy With Proper Arrangements

The Indian kitchen is considered a wet kitchen as there is a lot of oil and water work that takes place. It can get really messy at times when you have to cook for your guests and you do not have much time in hand. Hence, the kitchen should be such that is super functional for such situations and is also easy to clean. The above-mentioned kitchen design styles are absolutely such options that suit the Indian kitchen the most.




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