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by Sravani Padmanabhuni June 24, 2014 In Blog DIY home decor ideas Home decoration ideas & Tips Uncategorized

“When the wind blows know that I am near to listen the wind chimes – MUSIC Of the WIND”.

Wind Chimes designs catch that special breeze and remind you of someone special. The tinkling of the little pieces relaxes the tensed nerves, and they are believed to heal the body by getting rid of the negative energies.

If you have faith in the ancient science of Feng Shui, you would know that the wind chimes are held as auspicious objects that cleanse the aura of the house. There are specific rules that need to be obeyed while putting up a wind chime as per the Feng Shui guidelines.

A metal wind chime craft can be placed in the West, Northwest and in the North, while a wooden or bamboo chime can be placed either in the East, Southeast, or the Southern corners of the house. A clay or porcelain wind chime heals the Center, Southwest, Northeast, East and the Southeast areas.

Even otherwise, wind chimes ideas are great objects of decoration and are also easy pieces to make for kids’ crafts. Wind chimes art can be made with any and every object that can catch the wind and make clinking sound.

Here we suggest 10 amazing DIY Wind chime design ideas for making your own wind chimes.

Nothing too elaborate, requires very less preparation, and you would startled to see the outcome that’s so gorgeous.

1. Coin Wind Chime:

Take out some of the coins out of your pocket and lay them out to create a wonderful chime out of it. You would need to drill a little hole through it, or you could purchase artificial Chinese coins for the purpose too.

Tie them up in any shape you want and decorate them. Red thread is considered lucky, use it to tie up the coins together. Once done, you can hang up your own wind chime and let it flow with the air. This is one of the cute and easy wind chime design ideas.

2. Wind chime craft idea for kids – Flowerpot Wind Chime

Little clay flower pots offer a great deal of space to show off your creativity. You can color them in bright colors, paint on them, and then join them together upside down with threads and beads.

Hang this trendy piece of décor in your garden, and get compliments for your skills. Hang in a bell at the end and hear the mild sound when the chime plays with the wind.

3. Beaded Wind Chime:

Check your closet. You might as well find some old beaded necklace that you don’t wear anymore. Or a little bag full of beads that you had kept stored from a broken neckpiece. These stuffs can be reused to make some more creative and pretty.

Use bendable metal wires, and tie each bead to one another. Make an array of such beaded streaks. Hand them all vertically to a stick or a metal rod. Hang this structure out in the porch and watch the sun shine through it.

4. Bottle Cap Wind Chime DIY ideas:

Metal caps from soft drinks bottles, ketchup etc. find themselves thrown mercilessly into the dustbins. Why not do something more useful with them? Collect just about enough to make a good-looking wind chime.

You can paint them up in bronze shades, to make them look antique, or make them rainbow colored for more fun. Drill little holes and tie them together with threads or metal wires. Take care of the safety when making this project with kids!

5. Shell Wind Chime – Wind chime craft idea

Holidaying on the beach, we all give in to the child like whim of collecting shells. These shells do nothing but stay put in bag in some corner of the house. Take them out, wash them well, paint them or preserve their natural color with a varnish.

Be extra cautious when drilling the hole. Shells are brittle. Tie them up with colorful threads, and hand them by a stick. This little piece of nature would always remind you of the enormous sea, and your good times beside it.

This is an amazing Wind whime craft idea. If you do it carefully you can own it forever

6. CD Wind Chime:

CDs are slowly becoming obsolete, and stack up on the collectors’ cupboards. If you are not that fond of keeping old CDs with you, recycle them yourself.

Spray paint them in bright neon colors, and tie them together using beads, or anything that you find interesting!

Hang them up against the door, and use them as wind chimes or even curtain dividers for sectioning up your room.

Revel in the light clinking noise when the CD wind chime gets brushed up by the wind!

7. Sweater Wing Chime:

Do you have old pieces of metal in your house, you know not what to do with? Like a broken solid piece from a tap, or some metal marble like thing? We suggest tie them up in old worn out woolen sweater pieces and hang them with woolen threads.

You can get the idea from the internet to innovatively make a rain cloud with water drops. Metal pieces would make the hanging drops look more real, and the metallic sound would be interesting to hear.

This will be an amazing wind chime design idea you ever made..!!

8. Stained Glass Wind Chime:

You can procure stained glass pieces from arts and crafts shop, or can make some of your own with unused broken glass. Make sure the edges are polished to avoid any unwanted cuts and scratches.

Use these to make colorful wind chimes, and watch them beam in the sunshine. Easy to make sun catchers which will make you light up at your own marvel!

9. Clay Plates Wind Chime ideas:

You can make this great outdoor project with kids. Safe and lots of fun, your entire family would love the beautiful outcome of this mission.

Take some play-doh or clay, that’s non-toxic and safe for the kids, and ask your kids to flatten them up just enough to use them as a wind chime piece. Use stencils to carve shapes on the soft clay.

Make little holes, paint them, or leave on the natural hue, and dry them in the sun, till they are hard like terracotta.

Tie up the pieces together and build a nice little garden wind chime for your children to admire.

10. Sun Catcher Wind Chimes:

Remember the plastic stars and moons that you used to buy for your kids crafts projects? You can use them again for making cute wind chimes that’s smile with the sun, and glow in the night light.

The process is again very similar to the above techniques! Bind then up with threads, and hang them on a metal, bamboo, or wooden rod.

Whether it’s for a belief or for embellishments wind chimes are always attractive to look at. They can be hanged anywhere, on the door, in the garden, out in the porch, in the kid’s room, or in the kitchen.

Prepare them with your own genius ideas, and feel elated every time it tinkles.