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There is something very vintage about a stain-glass. Maybe the idea comes from the fact that Stain-Glass is usually seen only in churches or old homes. Stain-Glass has been used in artistic expressions since the early 17th century.

You can use this beautiful piece of adornment in your own house, no matter how small or big, to give it a vintage look. Think Moroccan bazaars that are beautiful, colorful and lively. Or even a quaint English country home, warm and cozy with a dash of stain glass color.

Stain-glass these days are also available in 3D patterns. These are a recent discovery and are usually without any color. But the patterns are breathtaking.


You could choose between these two for types fr your home. Here we will share some easy tips on how to use stain-glass to make your home beautiful.

Where to buy Stain Glass for your home:

Once you have decided to use stain-glass for your home, you have three options to get hold of it. You can buy it online, where there is a huge variety available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Secondly you can buy it from specialty shops that sell customized designed stainted glass to suit your specific need.

Thirdly you can do it yourself.

Yes! DIY kits of stain-glass painting are easily available in the market. Stencils are included in the kit along with colors.

DIY stainted glassSource

However, if you are looking for something that has a fine finishing, it is better to get it customized from an expert.

Where to install..??

Stain-glass can be installed in any part of your home from kitchens to bedrooms to living rooms to basements.

A simple rule of thumb to observe when installing a stain-glass is to install it near a source of light.

The whole point of paint over a glass is to get color as well as light into your room. Let us take each room one at a time.

Front Door:

One of the most elegant features of your home can have, is a gorgeous front/entry door with stain glass. This is a great way to let in light as well as offer privacy.


You can choose from a wide array of stain glass patterns available in the market. If you don’t like anything that you see, get onto to the net and Google for patterns.

The variety is so wide, you are sure to find something to your taste. If you don’t like the idea of having an entire door with stain-glass, consider covering only a small section like top of the door.

You can even create an overhead panel just to increase the height of the doors and install stain-glass in it.


Use stain-glass in bedroom windows that receive a lot of natural light for best effects. It will throw a warm glow into your room giving it a cozy atmosphere.

Filtered light is very much in vogue these days. You could install stain-glass on the ceiling to add a burst of light.


     However, for the best effects, there should be concealed lighting over the stain-glass. Wardrobes and closets can also have stain-glass installed on the doors.

Don’t forget to illuminate it with an overhead light. Your dressing table will look elegant with a small piece of stain-glass on top of the mirror.


Using stain-glass in kitchen is a brilliant way to bring color into an otherwise colorless décor. Cabinets are an obvious place to start. Install the stain-glass over cabinets that are in-lit. If your kitchen and living area are not separated by a wall, you could use stain-glass to separate the two.

Installation tip:


But bear in mind that an entire separator made out of glass will need strong frames to support the weight of the glass.

If you can’t do that use small pieces of stain-glass on top of the separator. A window in the kitchen is a great place to install your favorite piece of stain-glass. Sometimes using the whole window may not work for you, so try using smaller window panes or even window corners.


If your kitchen does not have a window, you could hang a stain-glass painting encased in a frame over a wall to bring in a dash of color.

Living room:

You may use windowpanes or part of window panes in the living room too to improve the aspect of your living room. Dining room chandeliers could also have colored glass. The dining table with a glass top can be used by covering corners or using scant geometric design on them.


Some would think it as the most unlikely place for a piece of stain-glass but windows in bathroom are a great way to color up your bathroom. Ceilings with internal lights can also spice up your bathroom.


There are a plethora of options when designing your home using stain-glass.

Let your imagination run loose…!!

Hanging lamps made from stain-glass to designing sliding doors to make separators are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye.

All you need is a good designer and a supplier of stain-glass willing to customize the glass to your requirement.

Tips to maintain stain-glass:

  1. After having spent much time and effort into getting your stain-glass in place remember to keep cleaning it to maintain its sheen and shine.
  2. Use regular oil based cleaners with a soft cloth to wipe these clean.
  3. Never use dry cleaning as these will scratch the delicate glass and the paint.

Ask for a protective film to be put on the stain-glass to increase longevity. A little maintenance and care will ensure that your stain-glass looks the way it did when you got it home.

Types of Stain-Glass:

Stain-glass comes in two basic varieties called Leaded Glass and Faceted Glass. Without getting into technical details, all you need to look out for is that the soldering sites have a smooth finishing.

Both the glasses look good, although Leaded Glass is more expensive than Faceted Glass owing to the manufacturing process. It is said that Faceted Glass refracts more light than the Leaded Glass but the difference is miniscule.

So, how about you turn around this simple piece of adornment and make it into a piece of art for your own home?

You will love the colors and the aspect it adds to your home and so will your guests!