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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 10, 2015 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog DIY home decor ideas Uncategorized

Almost all your homes are sure to be filled with carton boxes. Carton boxes or cardboard boxes are somethings which eats up your living space and makes your home look ugly. Instead of throwing away those fresh carton boxes, creative and smart ideas can be formulated with those boxes and can be made into beneficial ones.

Here are some exceptional DIY ways by which carton boxes can be turned into useful stuff.

14. Creative toys

With ample carton boxes, you can make creative toys of various sizes and decorate your kid’s room. The various parts of carton boxes can be cut, and rolled to make it look exclusive. There are abundant examples and designs to make from.

An owl can be a classic example to make carton box in a useful manner.

13. Halloween bat

For ones celebrating Halloween can make it memorable with creative ideas made from home, rather than usual purchase of dresses and masks outside.

Carton boxes can be used to make Halloween bat which can make your place look unique. Paint it with different colors and show off your creativity.

12. Carton box storage box

Develop your unwanted carton cardboard boxes into storage box. This can be placed anywhere at home or office for storage purpose.

They can be shifted easily and can be painted to give it a fancy and trendy look.

11. Gift box ideas

Any event or occasion should be brought to an end by providing one and all with thank you gift.

When such thank you gifts are made from carton boxes which are unused it makes the gift look unique, memorable and satisfied to.

10. Making a car

With the usual toys, creative toys can be developed from unused carton boxes.

The boxes can be cut in specific shapes and painted to make a perfect car toy which can be used to decorate your show case or can be placed in your kid’s room.

9. Origami lamp

I’m sure all would try this after reading through this idea. Waste carton boxes can be used to make excellent origami lamp.

This grabs the attention of others and highlights your room.

8. Unique chairs

Make your living room look unique with fancy pattern furniture. Develop excellent chairs from waste carton cardboards and offer a gorgeous look to your place. Possess some varied stuff that none have with them.

All you need is some creativity.

7. Paper holders

Organize all your paper related stuff in a neat and arranged manner by making paper holders with unused carton boxes.

Varied colors can be used to make these holders attractive.

6. Pyramid box

With Christmas approaching, these waste carton boxes can be used to make pyramids for decorating Christmas trees.

Make your Christmas tree look splendid by making your own pyramid box of varied colors.

5. Cardboard treasure box

Keep all your mandatory stuff in a treasure box made out of carton box. This box can help you gather and store toys, box, clothes, or any other item in an ordered manner.

The treasure box can be made easily and is the cheapest box ever made.

4. Cardboard castle

Make a decorative show piece item and make your living room look unique by making a castle with the help of carton box.

Unwanted box can help you make awesome castle and highlight your place.

3. Milk carrier

With the plenty useful ways to develop waste carton boxes into useful ones, the nest that falls into the list is the milk carrier from carton box.

2. Tape dispenser

Tape dispenser can be used in many useful ways where one way can be to use carton boxes as tape dispensers.

These are very useful for everyday use and in arts and crafts.

1. Hanging shelf

The best beneficial way by which carton box can be used is that they can be used as shelves in living rooms or study rooms. The boxes can be painted with contrast colors to make it look awesome.

Those who throw away all carton boxes would have grabbed all these ideas and would surely make their next opportunity into a creative one. All these items are sure to gain you compliments and make your product the best one. All you need is creative ideas and interest.