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As is rightly said by someone, ‘Cleanliness is not a habit, but a nature.’ And, home is the reflection of our being, for which we, ourselves need to take care.

It’s easy to manage the knick-knacks of our house by following a day-to-day routine and the use of some basic things we are able to achieve a liveable habitat for ourselves.

Interior designing is not just about the exterior grooming of our space but also maintaining and keeping it, spic clean is essential.

What is that one thing which may be on the floor, outside the kitchen, under the bed or even hidden below a thrown school uniform?

Finding the left one while the right one is under your eye is a bit of a job when it comes to Shoes! We might as well reorganize our home that go through the same struggle everyday.

Out of all various things one incorporates for keeping one’s habitat hygienic, clean and organized, the presence of a shoe rack is a must, specially in an Indian household, where we believe in removing our footwear at the entrance of the house, be it ours or someone else’s.


As our lifestyle demands, we all have a different pair of footwear for work and may be one for home. This is because we don’t want to bring in any form of dirt in our living space. In order to manage and arrange these footwear systematically, a shoe cabinet is an ideal solution.

These days, interior designers specifically design spaces for shoe cabinets right at the very entrance of the house. In apartments it becomes all the more necessary to provide for a shoe cabinet as it offers a single point of entrance and exit into the house.

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Thus, to avoid the shoe dirt from spreading across the living areas, a shoe rack is a must! Therefore, while selecting furniture for a new home, investing in a shoe cabinet is considered on priority along with other must-haves.

An apartment falls in the category of smaller homes where in you want everything in place and well-organized is the only way to make a smaller space clutter free. So, a shoe cabinet comes in handy for taking care on one of these aspects which bother us with regards to our home cleanliness.

Interior designers can be really innovative with respect to a shoe cabinet, which may be a branded product or even custom made. In apartments, one usually goes in for custom made furniture as one can play with the sizes, color and usability. Same thing applies for a shoe cabinet.

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For example, if our interior boasts of dark chocolate color scheme, we may clad the shoe rack with the same tone of plywood or laminate and make it appear as a part of the entire set-up.


Or, from usability point of view, if we have to accommodate space for stilettos and sports shoes, we may adjust the size of drawers accordingly.

With the advent of independence as a lifestyle, people of the same family have individual requirements and choices. Understanding this, professional interior designers also suggest separate shoe cabinet with each room.

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This makes it easy for every member of the family, but is not a great way to maintain cleanliness in the house.

However, having a shoe closet or cabinet centrally placed or at the entrance make it effortlessly accessible and organized. One doesn’t need to worry about a misplaced shoe!

There’s always some footwear which are out-of-season, like boots, or hiking shoes which unnecessarily occupy a large space in the shoe closet for a long time. So we can have a seasonal shoe cabinet which may be a part of our wardrobe or store space.


This will keep the unused footwear in an organized and clean manner. So next time when it rains, you know where exactly to find your gumboots!

All in all, while designing and doing your home space, make sure to sort out the shoe cabinet in the essential furniture category. It’s a great way to keep your household clean and organized, and then you don’t want to be late for a party searching for those new sandals, do you!

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