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by Sravani Padmanabhuni March 21, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Uncategorized

For a women, shoes and shoe storage are probably more important than diamonds. Except for my friend Eleena, I have yet to find a woman, who owns just 2 odd pairs, a casual wear, and the other, a sports pair!

shoe rack

A woman’s story begins and ends with the innumerable pairs of shoes she has. And yes, all in plural!
Male friends of mine often ask me,

“So, why is it you need a new pair?” or “Why do women have this magnetic desirability for shoes?” All I can say is, “It’s all in that extra X chromosome!”

This X factor of us, doesn’t really come into play, when we see that huge pile of shoes lying around in the veranda, or down below the closet. Many of these don’t even have anyone to look after them.

We buy, we forget, that we had a pretty pair of heels that we purchased at the discount store. And this ill-fate befalls many like it.

So here’s some nifty ideas, to take care of you shoes, by building them a nice home. Give them what they truly deserve.

“Don’t roll them up in old shoe boxes, or polythene bags, and forget about them. If you have them, flaunt them!”

Do It Yourself…….

With the DIY projects taking all the hype these days, you can make something up for yourself. It costs less, mostly uses up old stuffs, and you can take pride at your creativity.

1:PVC- It’s PVC pipes its Place Very Conveniently!!!!

A very innovative shoe rack that can hold all your family’s footwear. This is made from PVC pipes.

shoe rack

Yes! That’s right. Pipes are all that’s needed to make this remarkable project.

2: Divide and Rule

Purchase some basic aluminum buckets, paint them as per your choice, or color code them according to your family’s favorites, and they are ready to be used as your shoe-holders.


This idea would save you from running around your kids to put their shoes in the proper place. All they have to do is throw them in their respective bins!

3: Climb good woman….Climb!

All this one needs is an old wooden ladder which was probably once used while you got your home painted, and is now just lying somewhere in your attic.


Recycling and reusing is the new mantra for ‘Generation Y’.

Use up your old stuffs, make something new and useful out of it. Customize them as per your style and taste. You would feel good once you see all your footwear beautifully stacked out in the open.

If you want to makeover you room and thinking of what to do about your huge stock of shoes, think again. There are many ideas, which might cost you very less but would help you organize you room really well.

4: Get the ‘Hang’ of it…

Decorate inexpensive cloth hangers and use them to hang your slippers. A great way to keep them out on display.

shoe storage idea

Make sure to dust them once in a while to keep them as good as new.

5: Is it a wall piece? Is it a shoe rack?

These are nothing but some old wood, crafted to act like a marvelous storage unit.

Their innovative design, and light pastel shades, turns them into a wall piece, rather than a dirty wooden shoe rack.

Very neat and easy to maintain.

shoe rack

‘Ready Made’ for your handiness….

Ideas that help you organize your home, remove the clutter and put up your footwear ornately, are always welcome.

They make your house or even your one room apartment pretty good-looking. And your entire family can benefit from it.


Use a basket, decorate old boxes, and put up your beloved shoes in a nice, cozy and clean place.

6: Peek-a-Boo

A colorful idea that plays hide and seek with you.
You can easily procure them from lifestyle stores and tuck them under the bed, in the closet, or just kept out neatly in a corner.

They are vibrant, and have a witty design that shows just enough to help you in times of hurry.

7: One size fits all

You can purchase ready made shoe storage like these online. They keep your footwear organized and clean. You can also double them up and carry them with you.

8: Hang in there precious….

Simple, yet very comfortably holds a number of shoes, and also accessories like socks etc. You can hang them on the door or on the wall. Anywhere you feel is most accessible for you.

shoe rack

Go Into Hiding……
Now if you really want to hide away those shoes, do it in style. We totally understand if you are not very comfortable showing off every pair that you have, or the elders say shoes are not to be put out on display.

9: What a cover-up!

Just use up the little corner to put up two planks of wood, tightly tie up some elastic ropes, and there you go! Your very own shoe rack is ready by the door.


Use a curtain to hide the glare coming out of your shiny pairs.

10: A tent for your footwear

This well-made design holds up your footwear, still having space for all your accoutrements.
It protects your shoes from dust and dirt, but has the provision to keep them out in the air once in a while.

shoe rack

Touch Wood……!!

Well, it’s finally time for some good old wood that never goes out of fashion. Obviously ours would be with a twist! Now, after all this, did you really expect us to give you a brown shoe cabinet?

11: A cupboard full of shoes!

shoe rack

Look at the elegance with which an old china storage has been re-decorated with heels.

12: Multitasking from head to toe

A ligneous shoe dresser, to keep all the footwear at one place.

shoe rack

You can have them made of any color, and can also use them for your favorite mantelpieces.

13: Easier Done that Said!

Planks of wood fitted horizontally, just stick your sturdy boots in. That is all!


Keep them by the entrance, or behind a door. It is actually very manageable and convenient.

14: In all Modesty

A regular rack, which is comfortable to sit on, while putting your shoes on.


It is low, and if you can put wheels beneath it, it ceases to be bulky.

15: A round table for the rich and the affluent

This beautiful piece, is an art in itself. With multiple sections in a single structure, this can hold several pairs of shoes.
Show off the worthy ones, and hide the not-so-good ones at the back.You can customize the shape, and length of this piece as per your taste.


The modern day design ideas keep the space constraints into consideration.

shoe rack

Things should be easy to move, and should fit in everywhere. There are a wide array of choices available in the market too.

Do not tolerate a shoe explosion, do not lose your footwear in the horde. Take care of them, keep them clean, and keep them within your reach.

Make room for the men, and your kids, make easy storage units which would not haunt them.
Ladies, we know how you feel when you discover the perfect pair, at the store. You would be equally delighted when you find an old pair, as good as new, from your storage. They would have memories attached to it!

We gave you just the thoughts, make some more of your own. Keep your precious little babies, safe and warm.

We feel for your charm for a fine pair. Even Cinderella’s story was all about that shoe!