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Vastu is the most discussed terminology in interior design now! Vastu Shastra, which translates to “the science of architecture,” revolves around the design, layout, decor, space arrangement, and plot design. In traditional religious beliefs, this study provides ideas and concepts for making a living space in alignment with nature.

A vastu inspired home interior demonstrates a thorough understanding of the many zones. With the help of vastu-shastra, we can find a balance between places that give off both good and bad energy. These zones instruct guide people to design the spaces through energies. Positive zones are the North, the East, and the Northeast. Negative zones are the South, the West, and the Southwest.

Importance of Vastu in Home Interiors

Many individuals think that Vastu Shastra implies a property’s design and construction. However, it can be attained through interior decor as well.  Although you followed the norms of vastu for your home construction, if you neglected Vastu for the interiors, it could cause imbalance. 

There are five fundamental elements from nature—water, fire, earth, space, and air—which serve as the core elements of Vastu Shastra concept. Additionally, it is concentrated on the house’s energy points based on the Gods of Direction.

Colours play an important role in Vastu. They give life to any space. You may decorate your home with vibrant or calming hues depending on your preferences. Dark hues should be avoided but some exceptions can be there in contemporary décor. For information related to how to opt the best colour for your home interiors related to Vastu, refer to our article <link>.  Another aspect is the significance of each of the eight directions apart from the cardinal ones. It’s better to arrange the design possibilities if you are more aware of the different meanings that each orientation in Vastu represents. Every home has its own energy, and for this to be peaceful and joyful, it must exude the correct energy. The energy of the house will ultimately impact the health of every living member.

Living room with balcony

Vastu for prosperity in home interiors

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances need to be positioned correctly. Avoid using electrical gadgets in the room’s northeast.  Keep heating devices like gas ranges, ovens, and microwaves in the southeast. In the southeast of the bathroom, a geyser should also be installed as SE is referred to as the Agni kon.  Place the air conditioner, and cooler at the northwest corner of the space. The room’s north, east, or southeast can all be used for the television.

Soft Furnishings

For the bedroom, choose light-colored draperies and soft furnishings. Do not use dark tones like red or black curtains in the bedroom. They can be used in the living room. Go for pastels as they reflect a soothing and calming look in the area.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are incredibly popular for home decor. Keep prickly and cactus plants out of the house. North-east of the house should not have large vegetation. Tulsi is very auspicious if kept in the NE direction of the house. Other plants like peace lily, money plant, area palm etc. can be kept in the living room too.


Mirrors can be placed in the room’s north and east walls. Avoid having a mirror in your study or bedroom next to your bed. Mirror in the entrance of the home can also be considered good but the position of the entrance matters in this regard.


The lighting in the home should be bright because low light is not good for the occupants whether it’s a bedroom or a living room.

Every action in the house is affected by Vaastu. Some aspects are really important. One such custom is that a house’s entryway should face east. This is so because the sun rises in the east, allowing light and positivity to enter the home. But are you thinking of some tips which you can abide by for your space?

Here are some important tips for home occupiers which they can ponder upon

  • Clean up and maintain a clutter free northeast corner.
  • Biophilic paintings help to maintain a cheerful atmosphere. Stay away from images of dead or sinking ships or war.
  • Do not construct toilets under the stairs since it brings bad luck to the family.
  • Preferably place the sofa in the south or west corner of the living room.
  • The prayer area, restroom, and kitchen should not be connected or kept close to one another.
  • Keep the house’s almirah set up such that it opens toward the north as this direction is dedicated to the lord of wealth i.e. Kuber. Avoid facing the mirror while sleeping or sitting.

Vastu for different areas in the home

Now let us check out the different areas in the home where we should consider Vastu in designing.


The location of the kitchen has a direct impact on the health and wealth of a family. The refrigerator should be put in the kitchen’s southwest corner, and the rice cooker, toaster, and other electrical appliances should be in the southeast. Additionally, make sure that the water sink, and the cooking gas are as far apart as you can make them.

Kitchen interior design according to vastu

There shouldn’t be any restrooms or toilets next to, above, or below the kitchen. Never open the kitchen door towards the bathroom door. If you’re thinking of accentuating your kitchen into a luxurious space, consider these ideas from this article: Kitchen Design Trends of 2023

Kids Room

For best benefits, the study table in the kids’ room should be towards the north or east. The study table shouldn’t have any overhead cabinets, but shelves can be considered.  According to Vastu, light colours like pink, blue or yellow in the kids’ room is beneficial for the kids’ healthy development.

Kids Room with Dream On sign

Avoid positioning the bed in front of a mirror, window, or door to prevent stress among children. Mirrors can tend to dampen the positive energy, causing the mind to wander. So, avoid this element for good results.


The bed is prioritized in Vastu Shastra. It should be at least 3 inches away from the wall in your bedroom to improve energy flow. The windows in the bedroom should ideally have curtains hanging on the South or West side.

Master bedroom design according to vastu

To maintain a peaceful atmosphere of the space, avoid using images of disturbance, warfare, or war as well as anything else that arouses unhappy or negative emotions.

Living room

This is a place where the family gathers and welcomes guests. The environment must be rejuvenating and should serve as a welcoming foundation for people.

Living Room Interior Design

If the living/drawing room is in the north-east corner, it needs to be clutter-free. Add potted plants and paintings of the outdoors landscape to enhance calmness and good energy. To discover ideas about living room trends, then read our article: Living Room Ideas


Let’s discuss the less talked area of the home. Bathrooms contain a lot of negative energy. The best direction for the bathroom is in the north-west, which is there for waste elimination.

When not in use, bathroom doors should always be kept closed to prevent the energy from this area from moving into another. Kitchen and pooja room should not have a wall adjacent to the bathroom. The geyser in the bathroom should be placed in the southeast corner.

Why is vastu important for your home interiors?

One can increase health benefits and energy by adhering the Vastu principles. Yet another benefit is financial prosperity. Financial security is also ensured by keeping valuables in the proper location. Vastu infuses pleasant energy in the home. It helps to foster an environment that is conducive to success and progress.

 How can we help you?

We realize that applying these principles to the layout of your home can be challenging. We know the best for you and thus, Bonito Designs consider your requirements for dream home designing. Follow us to know more and connect with our designers to get you home interiors done by us.


What is the best direction for the house?

The house which faces north or east direction is considered auspicious.

Is Vastu linked to any religion?

 No, Vastu is not related to any religion.

Is it possible to correct all the defects?

Only dominant effects can be corrected for a better energy flow.

Does Vastu affect children?

Yes, vastu can affect anyone irrespective of any age.

What are the 5 elements of vastu shastra?

Water, earth, air, fire and space are the 5 elements on which vastu shastra is based.