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by Sravani Padmanabhuni February 22, 2014 In Base Material Blog Interiors Decoded Uncategorized


If reflective and glossy laminate finish does not attracts you, then still not worry. Highly versatile and simplest to use, form of laminate finish for floors is there, it is the Matte Finish Laminate.

Matte finish laminate is one of the most preferred choices of floor covers among home builders and owners. This is because it is not only durable but is extremely sturdy.

Matte Laminate vs. Glossy Laminate

If you are still confused between these two options then first understand that both these forms of laminates holds their own pros and cons. Both these floor options are low maintenance floor covers as compared to other forms of flooring such as hardwood, bamboo and carpet.

Matte and glossy laminates do not stain until and unless they are exposed to strong dyes. However, the cleaning method for both these laminates is different. Glossy laminates need to be cleaned with soft broom while matte floors must be moped with non-wax floor cleaners.

The formality of your room design also plays a crucial role in selecting the type of floor cover.

Matte laminate is good for informal spaces such as laundry room, country kitchen.

As compared to this, glossy laminates are perfect for formal spaces such as living or dining room.

If traffic is a problem for you and you are concerned for scratches, dents or wear and tear then matte laminate finish is adequate to install. This is because glossy floors are more particular for their visual appearance and are prone to scratches, denting or damages.

As far as decorative motifs are concerned then still these two versions differentiate. Glossy laminates are more comfortable with colonial, traditional and Victorian furniture while matte laminate can be installed with country, rustic and cottage furnishings.

So, you can install any of these floor covers depending on your personal style, design of your hardware, cabinetry, furnishings and light fixtures. Besides these, matte laminate finish possesses more great features as follows.

Features of Matte Laminate Finish


Out of various laminate finishes available in souk, matte finish is most sturdy and strong. It is highly durable material to be used for floor which is robustly constructed under high pressure levels as well as low pressure levels.

The cost of matte laminate may also vary depending on its construction methods.


 Glossy and semi-gloss laminates are reflective to light, but this is not the case with matte laminates. They are non-shiny and deliver simple look. For this reason, they are mostly preferred to install in informal areas.

Wear and tear

 Moreover, these are one of the finest forms of laminate finishes that can easily withstand high traffic level. They can be exposed to rough and tough use and do not meet wear and tear for long time. You can therefore use it in areas such as stairs, kid room and even bathrooms.

Thickness and AC Rating

Matte finish laminate is available in varying thickness of 7mm to 12mm as well as can be obtained with different AC ratings. For those who want to cater light traffic applications can purchase laminate with AC1 rating while AC5 rating is good to meet toughest applications.


Since, the overall appearance of this floor is dull, non-shiny but it is all the more strong and durable, so it is best to be used in bathrooms, stairs, kitchen areas, laundry rooms and in commercial spaces or offices with high traffic.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Matte laminate can be conveniently maintained. Only simple cleaning with wet mop can make it hold dust free appearance.


In addition to this, installing this laminate is very simple and cost-effective. There is not much trouble involved for installing this laminate floor. There are no hefty tools required for is installation.


This laminate is mainly available in different forms and colors of hardwood flooring. It is available in distinct textures as well ranging from natural wood to tiles or stones.

Scratch Stains and Dent Resistance

Moreover, this is high quality laminate that holds excellent resistance to scratches, dents and stains. In case such things appear then even it can be quickly rectified with use of simple techniques.

Best for Pets

This is one such laminate cover that is perfectly appropriate for pets.


Finally, the cost of this laminate cover is lowest. This is because it is free from additional layer of shine which is the case in gloss and semi-gloss finishes. It is in fact one of the most affordable forms of floorings that is available with ease.

With so many great features and incomparable sturdiness, matte laminate finish is very convenient to maintain and use. So, if you want non-glossy appearance for your house at reasonable rates then matte laminate is most appropriate choice.