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by Sravani Padmanabhuni February 22, 2014 In Base Material Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Blog Home decoration ideas & Tips Interiors Decoded Uncategorized

Laminate flooring has always been the most preferred choice among homeowners. It is one such flooring form that not only delivers exclusiveness and classiness to a space but at the same time is easy to install and even more convenient to maintain.
With changing time, even there are new additions made to this kind of flooring as well. One such newly introduced form of laminate flooring is Soft Laminate.

Difference between Soft Laminate and Hard Laminate

Just like its name, soft laminate flooring is very much comforting for feet and offers rich appearance. The difference between soft and hard laminate flooring is that the latter is made with use of soft board materials.
It is constructed under both high pressure and low pressure and is available in different colors, textures, styles and forms of soft laminate flooring.
Moreover, hard laminate offers more long life as compared to soft laminate. But it is very much relaxing and holds smooth texture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Soft Laminate over others

Soft Laminate is very much comfortable and easy to install but requires more effective and delicate cleaning as compared to other laminates.

The texture is smooth and so there is not much dust deposited on it but it is little bit prone to scratches and dents. Besides these, this laminate holds all features possessed by other laminate covers.

Features of Soft Laminate

Some more sound features of soft laminate are as follows:
Appearance – Since, it is made with soft board so, the overall upper finish of the laminate is smooth and free from grooves. Just like other laminates, even this form is also constructed with four different layers and the top layer of soft board is laminated to have a specific look. It is therefore smooth and totally free from pores or grooves.


Varieties – The flooring is available in variety of colors, patterns and designs. There are no textures available in this laminate. So, if one is looking for amazing colors, patterns and designs of floorings which are free from textures then this is the flooring option to go with.
Comfort– Another great feature of Soft laminate flooring is that it is very much comfortable to the feet. One can move bare feet, relax and even sleep down on this laminate floor. For such reasons, it is therefore used in kid rooms or in areas where comfort is of utmost relevance.
Maintenance and Cleaning – When it comes to maintaining and cleaning this floor cover then special care is required. It does not require any harsh cleaning method and can be wiped with soft broom or cloth.
In fact it is essential to make sure that it is cared well so as to avoid occurrence of any kind of damage or dent to the flooring.
Applicability and Usability – This is another important feature that needs to be considered. This is not much versatile flooring as it can be used only in spaces where the traffic level is not much.
It cannot withstand rough and tough situations and must be employed on areas where there is less damage is involved. For this reason, it is even mostly used on wardrobes, shelves and similar places.


Scratch Resistance – Moreover, the laminate is little prone to denting but the good thing is that it can be easily rectified. It is very much convenient to combat any sort of damage met with this flooring. It is but surely resistant to scratch, stains and other such ill effects.
Thickness – It is also available in wide ranging thickness and for those who want more sound insulation from their flooring then more thick laminate is suitable.
Durability – This is also very much durable laminate that holds strongly bind layers.
AC Rating – The laminate cover is obtainable with 1-5 AC rating. The AC1 rating is suitable for lighter applications where there is not much traffic, while AC5 is most durable and can withstand deepest rough and tough situations.
For general residential use laminate with AC2 rating is good while for offices and busier places laminates with AC3 or AC4 rating is best.
Cost – This is affordable laminate cover that holds installation and maintenance costs. The overall rate depends on size of area to be installed and AC rating of the laminate.
Installation – Last but not least, the laminate is obtainable in different shapes, planks of varied sizes and is very conveniently to install. There is no screw or hefty tools required for its installation. It can be strongly glued to the floor and restored for long life.
These are top-notch features of Soft laminate and complimented with it is its budget friendly price. So, get this laminate installed in order to beautify your space and hold soft touch cover for your feet.