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byBonito Designs February 27, 2024 In Design Trends


In a world where urban homes are becoming increasingly compact, the need for smart and hidden storage solutions becomes ever so paramount. However, the challenge with achieving this is to do so while optimising every inch of space without compromising on the visual appeal of your home’s interiors.   

hidden storage solutions

When designing hidden storage solutions, it’s critical that you cater to your needs in the future, and not just the present, especially since we often tend to accumulate possessions over the years. If you’ve moved into a new home and want to maximise storage space, we show you the best hidden storage solutions you can integrate into your home’s interiors.   

Pain Point   

Integrating storage solutions in your home’s interiors without compromising on its visual appeal can be challenging, especially in highly compact spaces.   


The key to maximising storage is to integrate it into places you wouldn’t otherwise expect it. Hidden storage solutions often allow you to design your interiors with the idea of luxury in mind, while giving you adequate spaces to store all your possessions.   

The following sections describe some of the best ways you can integrate hidden or concealed storage into your home’s interior design.   

Multifunctional Furniture

Making Use of Multifunctional Furniture   

When space is at a premium, it becomes essential that your furniture do more than its primary role. Whether it’s your bed, your sofa set, or even a coffee table, each piece of furniture offers the potential to serve its primary purpose while offering you the space to add intelligent storage solutions.  

For example, your sofa set could be designed with drawers that open to offer some cleverly hidden storage solutions. Similarly, your coffee table could also have a concealed compartment that gives you space to store things that would otherwise be kept out on display.   

Another example is that of multifunctional beds. Bedrooms are often spaces that tend to demand the most storage, be it in the form of lofts, wardrobes, cabinets, or even storage incorporated into a bed. Such beds offer plenty of space for you to store extra linen, blankets, clothes, and so on, making your space clutter-free.   

They also reduce the need to overcrowd your room with extra furniture just to cater to your storage needs.   

Make Use of Underutilised Spaces

Make Use of Underutilised Spaces  

Our homes often tend to have spaces that aren’t optimised well to offer the storage they have the potential to. These spaces are often underutilised, but if used and designed well, can offer plenty of storage.   

For example, spaces under staircases often tend to remain uncovered, with certain things lying around in the open. This makes your home’s interiors feel cluttered and can also take away from its sense of luxury. However, getting a cabinet that’s tailor-made for the area under your stairs allows you to close off this space and store a lot more things in an organised manner.   

Another solution comes in a place that you’d often expect to be well-optimised – your wardrobes. If you’ve ever noticed the shelves in your wardrobes, you might realise that the height of these shelves often makes it challenging to store higher piles of clothes or other linen.   

A simple solution to this problem is to design shelves that are shorter, allowing you to optimise the space available a lot more efficiently.   

Mirrors as Storage Solutions

Double Up Mirrors as Storage Solutions  

Mirrors don’t just always have to serve a single purpose. They offer you the possibility of doubling up as hidden storage solutions, especially when they’re attached to a cabinet. A mirrored cabinet in your bedroom or bathroom can be a brilliant solution to hit two birds with one stone.   

Your bedroom, for example, can feature a mirror that opens up to storage inside a dresser to store all your cosmetics and skincare products. Similarly, you can also fit a mirrored cabinet in your bathroom to offer similar storage spaces that remain hidden when not in use.   

Incorporate a Pantry in Your Kitchen

Incorporate a Pantry in Your Kitchen

More often than not, a kitchen is a space that requires a lot of storage. From storing essentials, groceries, appliances, and pots and pans, there is a lot to cater to. However, a typical modular kitchen design often fails to cater to solutions that can help you keep a lot of these appliances and tools hidden.   

This is where a pantry comes in handy as it allows you concealed storage spaces that can store anything from spices, oils, condiments, sauces, and even smaller appliances like blenders and toasters.   

Just like a pantry, a breakfast station can also be a unique way to conceal some of the appliances that would otherwise be on display on your countertop. The highlight of a breakfast station is that it can be integrated even after your modular kitchen cabinets have been designed and fitted.   

Drawers as Bedside Tables 

Chest of Drawers as Bedside Tables  

The average bedside table often features a design that’s half open and half closed. However, choosing the right design, such as a small chest of drawers and using this as your bedside table can offer you a surprisingly large amount of storage space.   

You can make use of a bedside table in several different ways, from using it to place a lamp to storing medicines, cosmetics, jewellery, and watches, or even to create a charging station of sorts. With two to three drawers and the smart use of tools like dividers, you can nearly organise a whole host of essentials that you use on a daily basis.   

In Conclusion   

Incorporating hidden storage solutions in compact homes can make your home’s interiors opulent to a major extent. By offering spaces to store all your possessions in an organised manner, they make your space clutter-free and neat.   

However, incorporating these solutions often requires a great deal of foresight and planning, and the expertise to understand how they can be seamlessly incorporated in your home’s interiors. This is where a skilled interior designer can help you design a space that caters to all your needs and preferences.   

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