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byBonito Designs January 31, 2024 In Blog Interiors Decoded


One of the key highlights of the world we live in is the intersection of global influences in interior design. This diversity makes it possible for every aspiring homeowner to design a dream home that’s perfectly tailored to their tastes and preferences.   

Homes that define luxury are those that strike the perfect balance between opulence and functionality, leaving a mark on everyone who sets foot in them. This is a dream that many have achieved, turning their imagination and vision of a dream home into a reality.   

At Bonito Designs, we’ve made this dream come true for hundreds of happy customers, and in this blog, we give you a peek into some of the most iconic transformations we’ve been a part of.  

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Pain Point   

Designing homes that define luxury often seems like the stuff of dreams or the world of Pinterest, and many homeowners wonder if they can truly make it happens.  


Interior design in India has witnessed a continuous revolution, with an influx of the best materials, trends, and finishes from across the globe. Homeowners today have the world at their fingertips. With the help of an experienced interior designer, you can create your dream home just the way you envision it to be.   

Let’s peek into some of the most opulent and inviting homes from the Bonito family.   

Atul and Garima’s Modern Luxe Two Bedroom Apartment   

Modern luxe is among the most popular interior design themes today, and Atul and Garima’s 2BHK in Bangalore is the perfect representation of the elegance and character of this concept. Designed as a part of World Designs – Bonito’s collaboration with Manish Malhotra and Gauri Khan, their home features unique cues envisioned and designed by these icons.   

Atul and Garima’s living room offers a warm and inviting feel, with a lush and spacious sectional sofa set design, a beautifully created media cabinet, and wood panelling across their walls that add immense depth to the space.   

The master bedroom has been designed in a manner that lets in a lot of light while making the space seem cosy and relaxing. The kitchen, in a similar fashion, has been designed rather minimally, with neatly integrated hardware, dedicated spaces for all appliances, and smart lighting solutions that make it feel calming and clutter-free.   

Soumya and Nitin’s Minimalist 3BHK Haven   

If there was a house that defined the term ‘minimal,’ it would be Soumya and Nitin’s 3BHK in Bangalore city. Their home, inspired by Gauri Khan and Manish Malhotra, showcases standout elements, each playing the hero in its space. 

The living room features the perfect combination of brown, grey, and beige, with lush and comfortable seating, a grey accent wall, and a floating cabinet below the TV. The master bedroom, on the other hand, features subtle tones of blue with minimally designed furniture all around.  

Each detail, from wardrobe hardware to dressing table lights and textured walls, creates a cozy and inviting ambiance in the space. Kitchen and kids’ room showcase minimalism with a dominant grey theme, enhancing the home’s modern ambiance.

Kiran and Ramya’s Modern 3BHK Residence   

A modern yet spacious home can often be hard to find in our cities, but Kiran and Ramya’s 3BHK residence stands out for the acres of room it offers. Modern touches throughout: floating media cabinet, striking lights, family area’s accent chair, and a tech-savvy open kitchen. 

Kiran and Ramya prioritized an interior design studio providing full customisation freedom for their space according to their taste. With a warm and inviting aura, their residence is among the homes that define luxury in the best sense of the phrase.   

Gold-glass partition, kitchen lighting, and a symmetrical master bedroom enhance the opulence of their uniquely detailed home.

With neatly integrated wardrobes and smart storage solutions, their home balances luxury and practicality like no other. 

Karan and Aamitoj’s Luxurious Contemporary Residence   

Interior design today often involves a blend of global influences in style and design, and Karan and Aamjtoj’s 3BHK home is the perfect amalgamation of a contemporary home with tastefully chosen traditional touches.   

When you think about homes that define luxury, you often think about the kinds you’d find in magazines, and this three-bedroom apartment looks like its straight out of one. A lush sectional and open living space showcase unique elements, leaving a lasting impression in every corner of their home. 

A floor cushion in the living room and tucked bar stools create a warm and communal vibe in their home. Minimalistic bedroom designs induce relaxation, while a clutter-free layout enhances the overall sense of comfort in their home.

Smart storage and integrated wardrobes balance practicality and aesthetics in their home, achieving the perfect blend. After all, that’s what homes that define luxury do best, as we mentioned in the introduction.

How Can You Turn Your Home into a Haven of Luxury?   

These four homes stand out for their sophistication and opulence, and if you’ve ever wondered how yours can be a home that defines luxury, we’ve got a few handy tips that you can keep in mind.   

  • Choose a colour palette that’s warm and relaxing and complement your options with others to balance the mood. Orange infuses energy into your home. Balance it with neutrals like greys and beiges for a perfect harmony.   

  • Decorate your walls with art and murals that can also serve as interesting conversation starters. India has a wealth of talented artists whose work can truly transform your home in more ways than one.   

  • Incorporate statement furniture across various spaces in your home’s interior design. These can be the ideal focal point that draws your attention and gives your home a sense of luxury. 

  • Always prioritise good lighting. Lighting has the magical power of adding depth, character, and a sense of sophistication to your space. Seek advice from your designer for optimal fixtures, ensuring your decor efforts yield the best results in every room.

homes that define luxury

In Conclusion   

As we draw the curtains on this tour of some of the most opulent homes, one thing that’s clear is that homes that define luxury are more than just a collection of beautiful furniture and decor. They involve careful planning, a strong vision, and the expertise of a skilled interior designer.   

Bringing your dream luxury abode to life is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences, and we at Bonito Designs are here to turn your dreams into a reality. Elevate your home with personalized comfort and luxury. Contact us for a consultation today!