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In the fast-paced city life of Mumbai, the health of her family started worrying Meera more and more. With two little children and elderly parents all under one roof, she wanted to provide the best and healthiest safe environment for all of them. One day, she had read at least one scary report about the ill effects of those chemical cleaners, and that was enough. She went looking for natural cleaning solutions and surprisingly found that these eco-friendly alternatives were far more effective and much safer for her near and dear ones than their conventional descendants. 

These days, how things are going at the set pace, scores of people are getting into the green cleaning revolution. Checking into natural cleaning solutions is not a fad but wise for a healthy home and environment. This blog will cover the benefits of green cleaning, simple DIY recipes, and the best natural green cleaning products on sale in India. 

Importance of Green Cleaning

The Importance of Green Cleaning 

Benefits Overview 

No harsh chemicals and toxic fumes causing respiratory issues, skin irritation, and ill health are contained in green cleaning products. All ingredients used in making the cleaners, from vinegar and baking soda to essential oils, are safe for each family member, including children and pets, since their cleanup time can never be predicted. By making the transition to green solutions in cleaning, you will have reduced your exposure to harmful substances in an environment. 

Environmental Impact 

Traditional cleaning products usually have chemicals that can damage the environment. When washed down the drain, the same chemicals seriously contaminate the water source and bring about aquatic life in extensive danger. Green cleaning products, on the other side, are biodegradable, made from renewable resources, and defined as an “easily sustainable” characteristic. 


Many natural cleaning remedies can be made with some common, everyday household items and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Many ingredients are not only cheap but multi-purpose; for example, vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda can be versatile to use in most areas. 

Section 2: DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes 

All-Purpose Cleaner 


1 cup white vinegar 

1 cup of water 

10-15 drops of essential oil: lemon, tea tree, or lavender 


Combine the vinegar and water in a spray bottle. 

Shake thoroughly after you have added the essential oil. 

Sprinkle it on countertops and in sinks with dirt and grime to remove the latter. 

Glass Cleaner 


1 water glass 

1 cup isopropyl rubbing 

A tablespoon white vinegar 


Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. 

Shake well before using. 

Spray windows and mirrors with the cleaner and, using a microfiber cloth, wipe them clean with no streaks. 

Cleaning and Deodorizing 


1/2 cup baking soda 

1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide 

Put in: 1 tsp. liquid dish soap 


Mix in baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap. 

Spread the grout in the joints between the tiles to be installed in the bathroom. 

Leave it for 10-15 minutes; then scrub and rinse. Voilà. Clean bathroom. 

Floor Cleaner: 


1/2 cup white vinegar 

1 gallon water, warm 

5-10 drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil 


Combine the vinegar and water in a pail. 

Add the essential oil, which will give a nice smell. 

Mop cleaner onto floors for a deep, clean, and fresh outcome. 

Best Natural Cleaning Products in India 

Mamaearth Plant Based Multipurpose Cleaner 

Mamaearth presents a plant-based multipurpose solution that is all gentle on surfaces but magically tough on the dirt. Made with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, this is the safe choice for your family. 

Rustic Art Natural Surface Cleaner: 

Rustic Art surface cleaner is biodegradable, organic-made, and shows excellent results on kinds of surfaces without causing any harm to the environment. 

Herbal Strategi Just Mop Floor Cleaner: 

Herbal Strategi floor cleaner is a mixture of herbal natural oils and extracts of plants, which, in addition to leaving an amazing fragrance, helps in effectively fighting germs. So, it’s a wonderful replacement for synthetic floor cleaners. 

Mitti Se Natural Liquid Detergent 

Mitti Se provides a natural liquid detergent that helps in the effective cleaning of dishes without any chemical fragrances and ingredients. Since harmful ingredients are not present in this detergent, it is safe for not just your dishes but also for you. 

Tips to Green Cleaning 

Begin Slowly 

Going green in your cleaning routine can be a transition rather than a sudden overall change. You can just replace a product, then another, with some of their natural alternatives, and slowly make changes until you can finally adapt to the new routines. 

Enlighten Your Relatives 

Ensure the inclusion of every member of the household by actually sharing about the benefits of green cleaning. Talk about the health and environmental repercussions that follow the use of traditional cleaning implements with the members of the household and show how penetration can be made with natural solutions. 

Do Some Crafts Together 

Green cleaning can be quite a blast by inviting a couple of friends over to share in a DIY cleaning product party. Share recipes, make products, and exchange tips with friends for how to incorporate green cleaning into one’s everyday lifestyle. 

Keep Posted 

Stay informed about the latest in green or natural cleaning products through blogs, online communities, and careful label reading, designed to help make the best choice for your home and family. 

green or natural cleaning products

How Can We Help: 

More than a movement, it would be a lifestyle call for health, sustainability, and savings. Switch to natural cleaning solutions to make your home safe and contribute to the well-being of planet Earth. 

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The green cleaning revolution is sweeping the country. You, too, can take a first step toward a healthier, more sustainable home.

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