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Latest Update: Jan 19, 2021

Are you looking for the best kitchen corner storage solutions? If yes, then you have logged on to the right place! This is the continued version of our previous post Kitchen baskets.

You must be thinking of redesigning your traditional kitchen according to modernized trends and designs, and surely this is the best thing you will do this year.

It’s true that designing a kitchen is not much tricky but what is most daunting is utilizing the corner space to best possible use. For this reason, there are different types of corner kitchen storage units introduced in market.

These units are designed to not only provide you with more storage in your kitchen area but also to make it look more appealing and ordered. Now the next thing in your mind will be what these distinct types of kitchen corner storage units are, how much they cost, what are they made of and more!

But don’t worry as by the end of this article you will definitely be clear with all your doubts.

Different Types of Kitchen Storage Corner Solutions

As soon as you will enter a kitchen accessories shop or a similar place you will be provided with multiple types of storage units for your kitchen corner. The whole situation can even confuse you! So, it is better that you get full information about such units before you actually go into market to buy them.

The top most kitchen corner storage units available these days are as follows:

Magic Corner Kitchen

This is an excellent corner solution that can fit into the kitchen of any size. All you have to do is simply pull off the door towards you, and just like a magic, all contents inside the cupboard will come to you.

It is a clever storage unit that gives you maximum level of storage as well as easy access to entire stuff placed in it. It is available in different sizes and so you can get it fit to maximize your kitchen corner usability.

Le Mans Kitchen

This is another version of the above type of kitchen corner unit which is designed to meet requirements of small size kitchens. This is similar in functioning like the Le Mans Studio Heights but have one difference, and that is the number of trays or shelves.

It is comparatively low in height and can therefore keep taller but less number of items as compared to the previous version. The quality of this storage unit is very high and even it can bear up to 20 kg of weight conveniently.

Le Mans Studio Heights

This is the most sought after storage solution for keeping bulky pans and pots in systematic manner. The entire storage unit is designed in form of different trays that are layered one above the other.

As soon as the door is opened then each tray swings completely out of the cabinet so as to deliver easy access to all items. It is very much impressive as it can withstand weight of 20kg.

Since, the shelves are designed in form of trays that completely come out so you no more have to stretch yourself to take out and keep hefty stuff of your kitchen.

D-Corner Unit Kitchen

It is one of the amazing corner space storage solution invented so far. You can utilize the kitchen corner space to the maximum with this unit. But it’s quite expensive.

With this wonderfully designed kitchen corner storage unit you can now swing all items of the cupboard towards yourself. This type of unit is also available in tray forms that offer 3/4th space of entire circle.

You can increase or decrease number of trays in the unit according to your own requirements.
It is well suitable for storing pans, pots, crockery and large size items that may weigh up to 20kg.

This is more advanced version of the ¾ carousel unit. Even this unit spins all items towards you as soon as the door is pulled off, but while the above unit offers 3/4th space for storage the Revo Carousel provides entire circular space for storing different items.

As soon as you will open the door then entire circle shaped tray will come out and you can even spin the tray round in order to place items at different areas. Items such as juicer, mixer, toaster, glasses, sandwich maker and more can be perfectly placed in it.

Twister kitchen

If you want a spinning corner solution for your kitchen that can easily fit in small size items then this is it! It is small sized carousel that is cleverly designed to deliver systematic and easy accessibility to small items of your kitchen. Spices, glasses, crockery like cups and more can be conveniently placed in it. Since, it is small in size so it is suitable for finer things only.

Magnia Powerslide Kitchen

This is the newly introduced pull-out system for kitchen corner that allows complete usability of the under bench space in the corner area. With a width ranging from 450mm, 500mm to 600mm the shelves of the cabinets can be easily pulled towards front of the cupboard and then straighten out so as to enable access to back of each shelve.

There is no space utilized by the shelves to right or left when the door is fully extended and so it is ideal to install next to another kitchen appliance. Different kinds of kitchen appliances can be placed in it easily.

Mondo II kitchen

There is another fascinating revolving Mondo II kitchen corner solution that allows you to place different varieties of items. This unit has anti-slip bases that supports in stopping of pans and pots from moving while the shelves are rotated.

Even you are only required to place a gentle push to close the door inward, rotating it our pulling it out. You can therefore keep any kind of item in this unit with ease.

So, these are the latest kitchen corner storage units available at present. You can select any of these units according to your preference and requirement. While you will step inside the market, you will see that there are multiple brands that are offering such products.

It is therefore essential for you to be sure for which type of unit to select and of which company. In order to make sure that you buy only the best corner unit for kitchen then you can even consider following tips as follows.

Tips to Buy Best Kitchen Corner Unit

Now that you have understood about different types of storage solutions for your kitchen’s corner the next thing is to select the best out of it. Surely the choice is only going to be yours, but still there are some tips that you can consider as they can simplify the entire task for you.

  • Choose Wisely – The corner of the kitchen is most difficult to reach. So, you must select a unit that can provide you with easy accessibility to all items stored in it. Be sure to buy an item that can beautify your overall kitchen appearance as well as you provide maximum storage capacity.
  • Uphold Capacity – This is the most crucial factor to consider if you really want to beat the dark blind space of the cooking zone. First decide for which all items you want to keep in corner of the kitchen and then buy a unit accordingly. If nothing clicks in your mind, then you can even buy a unit that offers storage capacity for items of different sizes and weights, like a Le Mans or Twister.
  • Selecting an item that is flexible and fancier – If you are willing to spend a little more than your earlier budget then there are some great options available like Mondo II or Revo Carousel or Magic Corner. These units will not only provide you much fancier appearance but will add great flexibility to your day to day work.
  • Think and Rethink – Remember that you have the complete freedom to design your kitchen and so you must think again and make a sure final decision. This way you can get a perfect kitchen design that you have always wanted.
  • Design the Budget and Other Costs – Finally, you must investigate for market price of different storage cabinets and then pick one that is not only beneficiary but fits into your budget as well. In case you get a stuff that is most promising but little expensive then there is no worrying in spending a little more.

No matter which type of kitchen organizers you pick, all of these are made with high quality stainless steel that is dent free, corrosion free and can deliver you lifetime service.

So, with such complete information on different kitchen corner cabinets, tips to select them and materials with which they are made, you will definitely be able to redesign your kitchen to most stylish, accessible and eminent way.