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Beautifully Designed 3BHK Home Interiors by Bonito

When it comes to designing homes in Bangalore, Bonito Designs is entrusted with their innovative and creative home interior design ideas. While there are some people who have their own constructed houses, most people prefer to invest in ready-to-move-in apartments in this city. Though people buy such apartments, there are so many times when the residents need something extra in terms of designing and also in terms of functionality. Here comes the role of Bonito Designs. The team has been delivering great designs to several 2bhk, 3bhk, and other apartment owners in Bangalore for over 8 years.

Do you have a 3bhk apartment that you wish to revamp?

Here are some of the amazing features that Bonito Designs offer in a 3bhk home interior design.

Stunning Foyer to Welcome Guests:

Most of the 3bhk apartments in Bangalore have a foyer area that can be turned into something attractive. The Bonito team takes advantage of this and uses innovative ideas to install storage for shoes as well as makes use of creative ideas to turn this place into bliss. In most of the 3bhk apartment foyers, Bonito designers have used stone cladding to create a background over which they have provided a traditional touch with a statue of Ganesha or Lord Buddha or some other artifacts that are well highlighted with the use of focus lights. If there is a good amount of space, then the designers also use a false ceiling along with spot lighting to bring this area more into focus.

The Living Room:

When the foyer area is so stunning, the living room has to be something that complements it. While designing the living room of a 3bhk apartment, mostly the designers of Bonito Designs make the TV unit the focal point of the living area. The designers make use of different materials such as stone cladding, laminates, or even at times, CNC cutting to create the TV unit on which the huge flat screen television can be mounted.

But the TV unit is not just a background and a stand for the television. The designers of Bonito Designs offer various minute details to the unit to make it stand out in the entire living room. In maximum projects, you will find ledges at the sides of the television on which the house owners can install artifacts to make the entire area look pretty. In some cases, you can also find pebble beds on the floor that are well highlighted using focus lights. Of course, the use of green plants in some apartments makes this entire view a pleasing one.

Bonito Designs also takes care of other elements in the living room apart from the TV unit. There are many 3bhk projects in which the designer has come up with beautiful ideas for the false ceiling in the living area. Some have a PVC false ceiling with a chandelier in between while some others also have a CNC cutting false ceiling that matches the TV unit. All these look really well with the nude shade that most designers offer on the walls of the living space.

The Dine In:

Some apartments may have a spacious dining area while in some cases they are not. But the plus point of Bonito designers is to create space and this works out great in the case of the dining area. There are many 3bhk houses where the designer has used the trick of installing a CNC partition to grab more space from the living room and use it for the dining area.

At the dining area, the designers mostly have kept things minimalistic. They install hidden cabinets for crockeries and cutleries and have made use of a huge mirror on a single wall in the case of a small dining area. Also, for some apartments, the designers have also used chandeliers just above the table and greens here and there.

The Kitchen:

The designers of Bonito Designs take the kitchen or the energy source of the 3bhk apartments quite seriously. Everyone today wishes to have a clutter-free kitchen. If you are looking for something like this, then Bonito Designs is the best interior designer in Bangalore to offer you a spacious and functional kitchen.

In order to make the kitchen spacious and functional, the designers make use of diverse storages such as over-the-head cabinets, tall units, hidden drawers, and many others. In most cases, the designers love to make use of quartz or granite. A good number of under-cabinet lights make chopping and other tasks much more convenient. Also, the colour of the kitchen is usually kept white or any other lighter shade to provide a brighter and spacious look to the kitchen.

Another feature that the Bonito designers use in the kitchen is that of providing a breakfast counter. This counter is usually highlighted by either focus lights or pendant lights to make it appealing.

The Bedroom:

As the name denotes, there are three bedrooms in a 3bhk apartment among which one is the master bedroom, the second one is for the kids and usually, the third bedroom is used for the guests.

The designers have worked on different projects depending upon the space available in the room and the theme liked by the house owner. In some projects where the bedroom area is smaller, the designer has installed mirrors on the doors of the wardrobes to create an illusion of more space in the room. In most of the master bedrooms, the false ceiling is kept simple.

The kids bedroom designed by the Bonito designers is always in contrast to the master bedroom. The designers love to play with colours and they experiment in the kid’s bedroom. In most 3bhk apartments, the designers have used the favourite colour of the child to decorate the room. Also, there are some other ideas too that are used such as floating a false ceiling in the shape of a cloud or a star or so on.

The guest room is also kept minimalistic in case of designs similar to the master bedroom. But there are also some projects where a bit of funkiness is added to the guest bedroom to make it more vibrant.

The Pooja Space:

The designing of the pooja space highly depends upon the space available for it and also the preferences of the house owners. There are some people who may create a small pooja room by installing CNC partitions beautifully. Also, there are some who may prefer to have their pooja space in a wardrobe or a pooja unit anywhere either in the dining area or in the master bedroom.

Some More Elements:

Apart from these common elements, there are many other elements depending upon availability in the apartments. For example, a balcony is a place that can be drastically changed and Bonito designers have used several ways to beautify them like changing it to a mini garden for some apartments while keeping it to be a cozy little place with the use of some comfy furniture and elements.

Similarly, the designers have offered a unique design for the bar counters too. The use of mirror finish at the background or even CNC cutting in different projects has offered a new look.


Bonito Designs have turned out to be one of the best 3bhk home interior design providers in Bangalore due to their innovative ideas and quality service. The 3bhk projects completed by the team as of now are not just beautiful but also efficient. The designers make sure to implement the ideas of the house owners while designing the house and this makes each home different from the other.




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29 Apr, 2022



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