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Working from home is an option many choose, if given a choice, as it gives them the option of looking after their home and family and at the same time, not compromise on their professional goals and career.

In such a scenario, one doesn’t get lost for another and hence work from home is a popular choice for those who are looking forward to a balance in work and family. At the same time, decorating home office is not that easy as it sounds. There are many factors that need to be taken into account to make working from home a comfortable activity.


The first and foremost thing to take care of is the furniture. There might be those who might just use the dining table to work on or just sit on the sofa with their laptop and choose to type away, but in the long run, these options will do only harm and cut work from home.

Even if a person is working from home, there is a need to adhere to deadlines and hence a good level of professionalism is required to be able to work from home. So we have given you ample of home office design ideas in this article.

Following are the essentials of the home office furniture: 

A suitable place and good furniture

A suitable place and good home office furniture is all that will take to ensure professionalism and ensure that work is done efficiently and effectively. First, let us see what space is available in a home office interiors.


There are some who might have an entire room to themselves to set up their office while others might have to do with a corner in the house to use as the office space. In both cases, it is the furniture that will complete the home office decor look.

The type of furniture and their size will depend on the space available.

Those who have a good space can go in for large and more furniture and other accessories. Whatever the space might be, the three basic essentials of a home office are a good desk, a comfortable chair and spacious shelves.

The size of each of these can vary from small to big depending on the availability of space. Yet, there are certain points that need to be considered while looking for this furniture.

Home office Desk furniture:

A desk is the most essential part of any office furniture and it is more important in a home office. Nowadays, many options are available for desk designs so one can either go for a ready-made office unit or can order custom-made furniture to fit the available space in the home office organization.

The size of the desk depends on what are the things that you need to keep handy. If there is a need for reference materials, stationaries, files, books, notepads, etc., then the desk has to be enough spacious to accommodate such things.


If the home office layout is being set up in a corner, then it best to have a L-shaped table customized according to the space. This will ensure enough space to keep things and also provide the required working space to keep the computer or books, or whatever is required to work on.

Such a desk can even have storage units underneath it so that there is enough space to keep files, books and other materials, nearby and yet concealed. This will de-clutter the space to give it a neat look.

The important point to be kept in mind while getting the desk made, or even while getting a ready-to-use desk is that it should ensure there is enough leg room.


A comfortable position is what a good home office furniture set should provide and if there is no space to keep the feet and legs, then it won’t be a convenient place to work.

Thus it is necessary to think of all these factors while getting a desk suitable to your home office. At the same time, the design and utility of the desk depends on you at the end of the day. So look for a desk that suits your necessities and comfort. All the same, your desk should be such that it helps in the relaxation of body and mind and not add discomfort.

Chair is a significant unit in a home office:

The most important unit in a home office is the chair. The design of the desk can be compromised upon, in case, but the quality of the chair should never be neglected. Since it is a home office, some people tend to put in long hours disregarding the clock and that means sitting in one position for long duration.

If the chair is not comfortable, then it can give rise to many health problems including back pain, neck pain and lower back pain. Some may even get wrist pain if there is no proper place to rest the arms. If neglected, these problems in the long run can pave for slip disc problem and arthritis.

Invest in a good chair and this is certainly the most important part to consider while setting up an office at home. You should consider getting ergonomic chairs because these chairs are scientifically made to give comfort to back and body.

Home Office Chair Design

Such chairs help keep the back in the desirable position and that is straight and it also supports the lower back. Sitting on ergonomic chairs also ensure that your feet and arms are in right position.

Ergonomic chairs come in different sizes, so get such a chair that will suit your space and requirements. Ergonomic chairs ensure that you do not get any back pain in the long run and your body remains healthy and this will surely enhance your productivity and creativity.

After all, it is only in a healthy body that a healthy mind can function and only with a healthy body and mind that you can give best inputs.


If there are wall shelves above the desk or near the work space, it will be of great use since it can help store needed materials that are required for work. Shelves can either be concealed or open.


A concealed shelf can keep books and files while an open shelf can be used to place photos, pictures, or any art work that can serve as an inspiration.

The size of the shelves can depend on the user’s requirements. Today, many designs are available when it comes to wall shelf. Thus, either one can go for ready-to-use shelves or get one made as per the space size or the shape of the corner.

Extra furniture:

By extra furniture, it is meant that if there is more space than the required space for desk and chair, then one can even place a bean bag or a small sofa within the home office so that this place can be used for some relaxation in between work.

Home Office Furniture

You can sip your tea or just unwind for some time to rejuvenate your mind before heading back to work. After all, what is use of working from home if you can’t take a break and relax? All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and Jane a dull girl, remember?

Color of the furniture:

This is your domain completely.

Choose any color that you like that can act as a motivation. Some might choose black because it is an elegant color and apart from looking good, black colored furniture can even conceal dirt and dust to some extent.

You can also go for bright colors since bright colors can brighten up mind and enhance creativity. Those who neither like bright colors or black can consider monochrome or light colors. You choose the color as per your likes and enjoy working from home.

The right material for office furniture :

While wood is the preferred material for office furniture, today, the options are many for those who do not want wood. They can either choose steel, fibre, plastic or glass furniture. It will be nice if all the furniture are co ordinated, as it would be appealing to the eyes.

What appeals to eyes usually appeal to mind too so pay attention to an attractive home office set up.

office furniture

Now that you know what points to keep in mind while setting up your home office furniture, you can go ahead and set up a suitable, convenient and attractive furniture set. Keep convenience and comfort the basic principles while deciding your home office furniture. Wishing you a great working atmosphere at home and hope the home office interiors brings the best in you.