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by Sravani Padmanabhuni January 6, 2014 In Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore Uncategorized


Mirrors are the best way to reflect the beauty of a home

Mirrors are the versatile decorative ailments that polish the look and feel of a room. Mirrors play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of a house. Mirrors of different sizes, shapes and designs are available in the market to cope up with the individual choices either it may be modern or classic.

Selecting the best suited ones according to the place in which it has to be fitted is truly a smart choice.

One has to measure the length and breadth of the area in which mirror has to be fitted before choosing it.

Less space.. More spacious..!!

Dark rooms generally look more crowded and less spacious; in such cases placing a mirror opposite to a window lighten up the room by reflecting the sun light.


In case of lack of windows, by covering the entire ceiling with mirrors at dark rooms, dark corridors, pantries, toilets and bathrooms can enhance the light throughout the surrounding area and create bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Placing mirrors at the either side of fireplace brings a glow to the entire room and the reflecting flame creates the spaciousness in the room.

Place a lamp in front of the mirror and turn it on when ever light is needed in the room so that it brightens the room, but it should be made sure that the lamp is placed exactly opposite to the mirror at the eye level then only one can make use of its service.

Mirrors shall be placed at exactly opposite to the entrance where a person entering looks at it first so that it creates an illusion of spacious area for a person entering inside. Also it is good to place few full lengthen mirrors in the hall which revives the total space across the hall.


When it is about dining hall fixing a mirror to the one of the walls of dining hall and pushing dining table towards the mirror so that both gets attached to each other makes dining hall and dining table look more expanded and makes additional luminosity.

Create an illusion

If the rooms or the living area is very small by placing one big mirror at one side of wall can create an illusion of doubled area and one can feel the widened space inside the room by reflecting entire image of the room.

Bold mirrors at the room can be focal point which can attract every one towards it also it will serve as last minute check place before a person heading out.

Mirrors can also act as movable decorative window by reflecting the shades and creating special effects of art work if placed at proper position at exactly next to art work or designers.

mirrors as decorative

Antique framed mirrors at the back drop of sofa, bed and table can give a gorgeous outlook for a room.

If many framed mirrors on the wall are used then they has to be neatly grouped together to give artistic look.

So we can say mirrors play versatile role right from illuminating a room, widening a room and also as a decorative art to build well designed interiors.

The stylish reflective framed mirrors can serve the purpose as well as can give decorative touch to house if planed and placed at proper locations. Thus mirrors play an integral part in interior decoration.