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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 19, 2021 In Modular Kitchen

Is it mandatory to follow Vastu tips for kitchen? Here is something you need to know.
The kitchen is the power spot of your home. It is from the kitchen that you get all the energy that keeps you going throughout the day. Also, this is the place that attracts the most energies, both positive and negative. Hence, as you design the entire house with Vastu tips, it is important to implement some Vastu tips for kitchen too.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen:

Getting started with Kitchen Interior

Incorporating a good interior in the kitchen does not just make it look charming but also helps in maintaining the energy. One of the important elements of the kitchen interior is the colour. Most designers suggest using white colour for the kitchen walls for two different reasons. The first is that it makes a dingy kitchen appear spacious. Secondly, the white colour also makes the kitchen look brighter. Vastu experts also suggest white shade for the kitchen as it helps in absorbing more positive vibes. It is also a great idea to use other vibrant colours such as green and orange in the kitchen as per the kitchen Vastu tips.
Design and Color for Kitchen Interior

Plan the Kitchen Layout

You are quite lucky if you get to construct your home in place of buying a ready-made apartment. This is because you can actually build important areas such as the kitchen in the right direction. If such is the case, the south-eastern corner of the plot is the best kitchen Vastu direction. The fire element has dominance over this corner that maintains positivity in the kitchen. But if somehow, you are not able to get to the south-eastern corner, then you can also go for the northwest corner of the plot or the house.
Plan Kitchen Layout as Per Vastu

Plan Your Kitchen Entrance

After you have selected the right layout, you should also pay attention to the kitchen entrance. According to the experts, the entrance of the kitchen should be always there in the directions east, west, or north. It is very important to make a note that the door or the entry to the kitchen should be at the corner.
Plan Kitchen Entrance Following Vastu

Place the Stove in the Right Place

A kitchen is not a kitchen without a gas stove. So, quite obviously, it is the most essential element in this room. It is already mentioned above that the fire element dominates the south-eastern corner. Hence, you should surely place the gas stove at the south-eastern corner of your kitchen. Also, while installing the gas stove, you should also make the provision that the person who will be cooking should face towards the eastern direction while cooking. This is because the eastern direction is very auspicious according to Vastu.
Plan to Place Stove Based on Kitchen Vastu

Sinks are Important According to Vastu Shastra

As the element fire is important in Vastu, so is the element water. Hence, as you have installed the gas stove according to the kitchen Vastu design, you also should install the sink accordingly. Water and fire are two contrasting elements. Hence, according to Vastu also, they should have two distinct directions. If the gas stove is installed on the south-eastern side of the kitchen, the sink or any other water elements should be there on the north-western side of the kitchen.
Sink Placement as Per Vastu Shastra
One of the most important Vastu tips for kitchen sink to keep in mind is that the sink should not be installed within close proximity to the gas stove. There should be enough gap in between them even if they are being installed on the same line.

Choose Right Location for Your Kitchen

While you must have selected the right layout for your kitchen by checking out the kitchen Vastu location, there are also many other elements to check out while selecting the right location. Apart from the location of the kitchen in the right direction or keeping the entrance of the kitchen in the right direction, you also need to check out the direction of the windows and the exhaust fan.
Choose Right Location for Your Kitchen
The windows are eminent in a kitchen as it helps in eliminating the negative energies from the kitchen. Thus, it is very important to give importance to having windows in the kitchen. There are many kitchens that have windows on all sides to make the kitchen airy and open. But if you have provision to have the window just at one side, make sure to have it in the eastern direction. Vastu experts say that kitchens having windows in the eastern direction eliminates out or the negative energies immediately. If you do not have the provision of having windows at all, you should try to install exhaust in this direction.

Place Your Electronic Items At Right Place

The modern kitchen comprises an endless number of electrical gadgets such as microwave, grinder, juicer, and many others. As per the Vastu tips for the kitchen, these electrical gadgets should be placed in the south-eastern direction of the kitchen due to the same reason of fire element dominating the south-eastern direction. Make sure that you do not install any of the electrical items in the northeast direction of the kitchen. The Vastu experts believe that this might create a rift in relationships in the house.
Place Your Electronic Items At Right Place
While you are installing the electricals in the south-eastern direction, install the refrigerator in the south-western direction. This is because the refrigerator is a combination of electricals and storage. Also, make sure to keep the refrigerator at least a foot away from the corner to welcome good luck.

Plan Your Storage Units

Whether it is storage cabinets, storage units, or a small storehouse, you should always arrange them either in the southern direction or the western side. Vastu experts strictly forbid the installation of any storage units in the northern wall or the eastern wall.
When it is about Vastu, homeowners restrict to only a few tips such as which room should be in which direction and so on. But Vastu has a lot of details to follow, especially for crucial areas of the house such as the kitchen. There are some eminent Vastu tips for the kitchen to follow that the Vastu experts believe to bring good luck prosperity to the house.
Hiring the right interior designers will guide you on these Vastu tips for your dream house.
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