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by Subhapriya Dutta December 3, 2020 In Interior Designers in Bangalore

The Pooja room, or prayer room, is and must be one of your home’s most auspicious and sacred places. But this most auspicious and holy room needs to comply with Vastu Shastra’s rules and guidelines. Bonito Designs tells you how to create a pooja room for your home that is Vastu compliant.

What is Vastu, and how it affects us?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that came from the need for peace and happiness to live. To reinforce positivity around us, it removes negativity from the home setting. As it was named in ancient texts, the Vastu Shastras are rules and regulations based on which a house becomes a portal to channel-specific positive energies. The influence of wrong Vastu can be recognized by troubling health complications for family members, unexpected business losses, or even daily relationship disturbances. Exploring Vastu Shastra’s different aspects is essential to protect your family’s health and happiness in the best possible way.

Pooja room with vastu

Why maintain Vastu for Pooja Room?

Since you worship in this room, hold religious books, idols, pictures of gods, and other godly possessions, you must also protect this room from negative energies. The “room” immediately begins to attract positivity and peace once you have created a pooja or prayer room in your home. However, suppose the pooja room is left unprotected. In that case, it may also attract too much positivity or even negativity. Causing the harmonious equilibrium to collapse due to the effect of harmful energies present in your home. Therefore you must take all the appropriate measures and make sure that the pooja room in your home is consistent with Vastu shastra to enhance and attract positive energies in and around your home.

Vastu is essential even for the kitchen. Know all about the tips and tricks of having a Vastu compliant healthy kitchen in your home here.

Vastu Shashtra for Pooja Room

As you can see above, your home’s North-East corner is the best place to locate the pooja room. However, if the North-East corner is inaccessible for some reason, then you can render the pooja room on your home’s east or west side. The next and last step in building a Vastu compliant pooja room is to follow all of the following vast tips and guidelines for pooja room.

11 Tips to Observe for an Auspicious Pooja Room

  1. As per pooja room Vastu, pooja place is ideally situated in the north-east corner of the house.
  2. Hold your pooja spot on the ground floor.
  3. Two wooden shutter doors of the highest quality for the prayer room is preferable.
  4. The Pooja Room may have northern or eastern walls with doors and windows.
  5. White or light yellow colored marble work makes it more auspicious in the prayer room.
  6. For the pooja room walls, use white, light yellow, or light blue shades.
  7. A lampstand may be put in the pooja room on the south-east or eastern side.
  8. If the pooja room roof in the form of a pyramid, so it’s very promising.
  9. An Agnikund can be put in the prayer room in the south-east corner.
  10. The pooja location entry must have a threshold.
  11. If the place of prayer is in the kitchen, then keep it in the kitchen’s north-east corner; when praying, you should face east.

9 Things to Avoid for a Pooja Room

  1. Pooja room should never be in the direction of the South.
  2. Do not have your pooja spot in the storage room. Avoid basements or first floors or above levels.
  3. Do not have a place of prayer above, under, or near any toilet or kitchen.
  4. Never construct a pooja space under a stairway.
  5. Do not chisel off the wall to build a platform for idols to be placed.
  6. Idols should never be directly in front of the praying room’s entrance door.
  7. In the pooja spot, scenes or pictures that convey negative emotions are a strict “no.” In your whole house, avoid them.
  8. Do not hang images of birds and animals or deceased family members in the pooja region.
  9. Never keep a dustbin in the place of a pooja; it decreases the room’s positive energy.

Pooja vastu idol face ideas

Which direction should the idol face?

The positivity of the space is enhanced further with the correct placement of the idols to be worshipped. According to Vastu, small details need to be kept in mind while establishing the prayer room’s idol. The best direction for the idol to be facing is anywhere but the North, making the worshipper face South while praying, which is not ideal. Idols radiate positivity when they are placed on the Eastern or Western walls of the room. A few inches away from the wall is also recommended.

direction should the idol facing

What can be done to maintain positivity around the pooja place?

As the center of positive energy, maintenance of the place is required with dedication, of course. Making sure that all the idols are in excellent shape and clean is also a method. A clean space has a bright aura that easily attracts positive energy. Broken or damaged idols must be replaced immediately. The same goes for idols that used to be at old temples. They will only carry over the previous place’s bad energy into the new spot and harm the equilibrium.

Just like the pooja room individually can be designed to align with Vastu directional elements, you can also make your home the same way if you have the opportunity. Here is the guide to having a Vastu compliant new home.

maintain positivity around the pooja place

Following is a quick overlook of what you should follow to have an auspicious Pooja place in different Vastu complacent directional homes:

Pooja Room in East Facing Homes

East facing homes are usually taken as the most auspicious ones, but it is not the case. The placement of the rooms in this type of home is what brings out the positivity. And what is more auspicious than a pooja room. In this case, the North-East corner of the house can help enhance positivity. Also, this corner is regarded as the most auspicious place in any type of home.

Pooja Room in North Facing Homes

Like the one in East facing homes, North facing homes can also have their Pooja Rooms in the North-East corner. Additionally, having windows on the North or East walls helps with the house’s flow of energy.

Pooja Room in South Facing Homes

South facing homes have a bad reputation of being inauspicious – but one can follow specific rules of Vastu Shastra to get rid of the defects. One such practice is having to compromise, putting either the kitchen or the pooja room in the North-East corner. Whereas other options in placement are available for a Vastu compliant kitchen, one must make sure that it is not adjacent to the Pooja Room.

Pooja Room in West Facing Homes

The North-East corner being the most promising location, continues in this type of home too. But you will not have to compete with the kitchen as the South-East, and North-West corner of the house is better for it.

For so many of Vastu’s rules and regulations, proper planning and the right kind of architecture are required. Our designers at Bonito Designs recognize this, and when planning your home interiors, they also include Vastu’s values. Today, get in touch with our design experts to have an in-depth look at how your family will have a positive and auspicious home while living in style!