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by Sravani Padmanabhuni November 17, 2021 In Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is the primary source of all positive energy for the home. According to Vastu, the Lord of Fire resides here and influences energy flow through the food produced. The Fire element that prevails in this corner of the home is quite beneficial. But keeping it in a controlled environment is a task that requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Is Vastu for the kitchen important?

The kitchen in an Indian household is a sacred place where energy transformation happens – from raw and uncooked items to nutritious meals that instill energy into the family member’s body upon consumption. These meals that are the source of life for the family need to be produced in a positive and wholesome environment. If the same meals are cooked in negative territory, the food cooked becomes the carrier of negative energy. This negative energy is harmful to the family’s well-being as this imbalance in energy starts to affect the family members physically and mentally. One begins to feel the negativity on their body and mind.

Problems caused by a Non-Compliant Kitchen

Summarising the above, we can conclude that many problems arise when we have a kitchen in the house that is not Vastu compliant. But the following 3 issues are the most frequent:

  1. Loss of Health – weak core energy developed from consuming food with negativity lowers the immunity for the family members and exposes them to lethal diseases and even untimely death
  2. Monetary Loss – with a weak constitution, family members are unable to focus on their financial condition and leads to a loss
  3. Dispute between family – it is often said that a healthy family is a happy family that stands right in this case where prolonged misfortunes of the family lead to frequent clashes that disrupt the home’s harmony.

Vastu is not only confined to the kitchens but also applies to your entire home. Learn more about the right Vastu directions for your new home here.
By involving Vastu for the kitchen, one can apply specific rules to help change the space’s aura. Having a kitchen as per Vastu ensures that you can dispose of all negative energy by enhancing the positive powers already available in the area.

4 tips and tricks to construct a kitchen as per Vastu guidelines

Tip #1: Identify the perfect location

If you have purchased a bare home and have the freedom to make changes to the floor plan, then you are already halfway done. The ideal kitchen location, as per Vastu, is the South-East corner of the home. The Fire element is said to reside here and channel good energy – making this the perfect corner for constructing your kitchen. But if due to some issues, construction cannot be done in this corner, the second-best kitchen location as per Vastu is the North-West corner.
But if your kitchen is pre-installed in a corner that is not favorable, then one must implement remedies that will reduce the ill-effects of these Vastu defects.

Tip #2: Make the right entry

One must locate a kitchen in a Vastu-compliant corner of the house, but its entryway will determine the flow of the positive energy generated here. One of Vastu’s strictest rules for a kitchen is that the main door must not be placed in any corners. The ideal locations for the kitchen doorway are in the East, North, or West wall.

Tip #3: Place the stove in the correct place

Along with constructional rules, another rule that must be followed for safety reasons is never to place cooking gas burners or stoves directly in front of the entrance. More than a principle of Vastu, it is a safety measure that one must abide by. Also, keep in mind the direction the cook faces while cooking. The cook must never face West while cooking, according to kitchen Vastu. To ensure the good health of the family members, the cook must always face East while cooking.

Tip #4: Placement of electronics matters

Kitchens are the place where most electronic products are used. And ensuring that all of them have a long life is crucial, considering the investment you make in them. Use the platform near the South wall to keep microwave ovens, mixer/grinder, and operate them at their designated spot only. Install drinking water equipment on the North-East or North walls. Refrigerators in the North-East or South-West direction should be avoided to prevent frequent break-downs.

3 Must Do’s for Kitchen Vastu Improvement

  • If you have the freedom to design your kitchen from scratch, make sure to install platforms along the East and South-East corner. An “L”-shaped platform is the most preferred as it will cover both the suggested sides.
  • There should always be a distance between the stove and the wash-basin or sink in the kitchen. According to Vastu, the two elements, Fire and Water, repel each other, and the result is never good.
  • Storage units meant for grains, pulses, various spices, etc. should always be constructed on the South or West walls.


3 Things to Avoid in the Kitchen according to Vastu

  1. We know black or dark-colored finishes make any kitchen look classy and makes it easy to maintain. But dark colors in kitchens as per Vastu is a big no-no. Auspicious colors like red, green, orange, and so on can be used in the kitchen.
  2. Do not construct the pooja/prayer room directly above or under the kitchen. Same with bedrooms.
  3. Having no windows or exhaust fans in a kitchen must be avoided. At least 2 windows in the kitchen’s East and West walls are recommended to have proper ventilation.

These are some of Vastu’s very basics for the kitchen that one should be mindful of when designing their space. It is best to consult a professional or even employ an interior designer for the task for further detailed information. Our designers at Bonito Designs understand your need to have a happy and healthy home. The principles of Vastu are included while designing your home interiors. Get in touch with our designers today to get an in-depth look into how you can have a positive and auspicious home for your family while living stylishly!

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